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N-Trance a new song

N-Trance team announced on their official twitter account that a new song is ready to be released. The new song will be included on their future material that will be available soon but they didn't say who did the vocals...

Fragma Damae from Fragma did a collaboration with Plastik Funk the new single is called "What Love Can Do" and was presented for the first time on Mangalia Festival in Romania.

CID D KID Please discover this new dance act CID D KID and their new single "Slaves To The Beat", the project has the support of Todd Terry. Watch the video here

Gina G is back for a quick "Just a little bit"

The Australian eurodance singer is stuck in time cause she still looks amazing i don't know what's her secret but she thought to come back this days after 6 years of break with a new material.
Gina G aka Gina Mary Anne Gardner came with a new single called "Next 2U" which will be soon released worldwide, and today on Joy Radio Australia will be the premiere of the new tune.

Soundlovers aka Nathalie Aarts is preparing a new single release with Kim Lukas, the new tune will pe performed on Luca Zeta private party this June and it's called "Breathe Again".

Love Inc Simone Deny lead singer recently was asked if she thinks to do a remake of Love Inc hitsingle "Superstar". Simone "If my fans want that song why not".
Right now canadian diva is working on her future material that will be released soon on all digital megastores.

N-Trance lead singer Kelly Llorenna is shooting a video with Freak Asylum, the material will be released next month and can be seen on Clubland TV.

Double You aka William Naraine is releasing his first video "If i could fall" and will be released soon on armanda tv channel.

Milk Inc a new single

Milk Inc producer Regi Penxten, just announced a few days ago that it is in the studio, working with his collegue Filip Vandueren at Milk inc new single, which single will be release!? we don't know but let's hope will be one from "Nomansland" album.

RIO (Tony Dyer's current project) will release a new album entitled "Sunshine" on May 13th under Tiger Records. Album contains the first singles as well as some new tracks. (Info Karine Sanche)

Cascada Yesterday May 7th Cascada launched on Clubland Tv the new video "San Francisco", the new single is from Natalie new material who's gonna be released soon, but it's a different style. "San Francisco" wants to fallow the "Evacuate the dancefloor" success with a new look and voice from Natalie's part. The video was shoot in US and will be promoted also in Europe.

Captain Jack new single is called "How does it feel" the single is promoted on dance tunes radio more details you can find on their website. The single is from Captain Jack New recent material "Back to the dancefloor".

JK Sovrana prod made a new remix of JK single "Go On". preview here.

Andreea Britton The new song from Andreea Britton ( Sunfreakz) it's called "Sad State" and can be listen here
Kelly Llorenna N-Trance lead singer is back on dancefloor with a new project called FreakAsylum, soon will release with this project and a new material more details here

William Naraine (Double You) single "If i could fall" was remixed Nick Corline and can be found on armada music site.
Fragma On beatport appeared a new version of "Everytime you need me 2011" by Fragma vocals - "were made and still are by Maria Rubia" - the tune can be found on beatport and other digital megastores.

Eurodance News

N-Trance After of departure of Kelly Llorenna who take the road of solo career, Kevin O'Toole and Dale Longworth aka N-Trance choose another vocalist,Lynsey Jane Barrow is the new voice of eurodance project from Oldham, Greater Manchester(UK), the new single "Is this Love" is pumping out in the world charts.

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Kirsty Hawkshaw released on digital megastores 2 songs one it's a The Felt Dolls song but wrote by Kirtsy and it's called "Halloween" and 2nd one it's called "Skin" released on 25th October on "Beauty 2 : Music that touch the soul".

Ace of Base recorded a new tune while were on promotion tour in New York, the track it's called "All Night Long" and will be included on the future material and was played on Sirius Radio. Right now they are on promotion tour for "The Golden Ratio Album".

Terri B! she "put the hands" on the new song from Dj D.O.N.S & Shahin. The brand new pack will be available shortly and it's for clubs. Till then you can enjoy the new single "Keep on Knocking".

Nadia Ali it's filming a new video for "That Day", a song made in collaboration with Dresden and Johnston and will be included on "Queen of Clubs: Onyx Edition CD".

Kim Sozzi , N-Trance

Kim Sozzi finally, after her success with "Feel your love, decided to launch a new single from her first album "Just one day", the tune is named "Cry Tonight (Kiss Me Back)" and soon the track will have and a video.

N-Trance made a new song called "Stronger", the demo can be listen on N-Trance official facebook

Eurodance News

Regi Penxten released his new Regi In The Mix compilation, a double CD including all the hottest dance tracks of the moment (and of course the new Milk Inc and Sylver tracks).

Kelly Llorenna's Dress You Up had reached number one in the upfront club chart and she will soon be releasing a new single with Love to Infinity project.

Cascada There are rumors telling that Cascada's next single from the new album could be entitled Dangerous, as the album advert featured a small clip of the video for Dangerous, though nothing has been confirmed, as there have been several videos produced for future singles.

Infernal's album "Electric Cabaret" reached platinum status. They went back to studio to start working on the following album. Concerning the style of the future album, all they know is that "we want it to be a little less feathers & sequins and a bit more jeans & T-shirt’ish", as they announced on their official website.

Prezioso feat Marvin's new single is entitled Happy Flight (The Never Ending Story). It was included on the new compilation Prezioso In Action, released in May.

More news here.

Hadise The Turkish/Belgian singer Hadise released her third album from her career called "Fast Life", the material was released in May and includes 12 tracks and the hit single "Living in Dreams(Düm Tek Tek)" who reached the final and finished fourth on ESC 2009 from Moscow.
Hadise released and a Turkish version of this album called "Kahraman".

Elize lunched her new album called "More Than Meets the Eye", the material includes hits like "LoveSick", "Hotstuff","Can't You Feel It" and her new single "Get Up (Do It Now)".
The album was released 26th June 2009 and can be found here

AnnaGrace This week AnnaGrace is # 1 in Official USA Billboard Dance Airplay Chart & #1 Music Week’s Upfront Club Chart in the UK, and his second success after "You make me feel" who also was in this top.

Eurovision 2009, N-Trance

Eurovision the winner of the 54 edition of Eurovision song contest was Norway and it was followed by Azerbaijan and Estonia. Alexander Rybak said that he won because: "I had a story to tell." not because the song had strong russian influence ....
This is the top 7 of the show:

1. Norvegia

2. Islanda

3. Azerbaigian

4. Turcia

5. Anglia

6. Estonia

7. Grecia…

N-Trance their newest single "Nothing Lasts Forever" will be released as a digital download on the 18th May. You can pre-order the track exclusively on itunes

Ice Mc, N-Trance, Milk Inc, Lasgo, Abigail, Dj Bobo

Ice Mc after a long silence Ice Mc came back on music scene with a new track called "Could you be loved". The track si made with the greatest singer Katherine Ellis guilty for Freemasons succes "When you touch me".
The track can be listen on Ice Mc myspace.

Photo N-Trance website

N-Trance find a new vocalist her name is Lynsey-Jane Barrow. The N-trance team said: "The re-invention of N-Trance continues in 2009 with Lee Limer & Lynsey-Jane Barrow. Lee Limer the original dancer & showman from the infamous stage performances back in the early 90’s , and….. T-1K, the original MC & Rapper who performed on tracks such as ‘Set You Free’ & ‘Turn Up The Power’".
N-Trance are performing now in the UK.

Milk inc i have an announce from official Milk inc website, for all the people who pay it the tickets of Milk Inc concert from March 20th. The Full Live Show at the Brabanthal at Leuven will be postponed till December 19th, 2009 and all sold tickets for the show on March will still be valid at the show on December 19th, 2009.

Lasgo "Gone" was choosen by Radio 538 their dancesmash hit. The new song still goes up in tops this week on UltraTop is # 5 and on MNM dance chart still # 1.

Abigail Zsiga is back in 2009 with a new single "Forever Young" the song is club track and it's on the CD Compilation "Big Muscle Of The Rhythm". The track was produced by DJ Bill Bennett and is a cover version of "Forever Young" originally by "Alphaville". Abigail will be releasing "Forever Young" as a single with remixes by various international DJ's in early 2009. Abigail will be touring in early 2009 with a new line-up, new songs and a very new sound. The track can be order here
More infos here

Infos EurodanceBlog

Dj Bobo has announce for his fans ...

N-Trance, Robyn, Dj Jean, Sylver, Claudia Cazacu, Dj Bobo, AB Logic

N-Trance The guys finally decided to upload the unreleased album from 1997 entitled 'The Mind Of The Machine' to itunes & other download sites with two new tracks, ' Free Running' & 'The Earth Is Dying ' to complete the album & tried to produce the tracks in a similar style that recorded in 1997.
More infos about the album check HERE

Robyn the swedish pop girl lunched an acoustic EP called "The Cherrytree Sessions" available NOW at Borders stores and the following retailers:
On the EP you can find also LIVE acoustic performances of "Be Mine," "With Every Heartbeat," and "Bum Like You"!

Dj Jean an exclusive interview with Dj Jean you can read here

Sylver released the new single called "I hate you now".

Claudia Cazacu the romanian dj who made it to be promoted by Tiesto released her single called "Earproof" .. More infos here

Dj Bobo On DJ Bobo's official website you can vote for DJ Bobo's next tour's title. More details here

AB Logic a great interview made by Klems to Marianne Festraets (AB Logic vocalist) can be read here

Thanx for this infos to Karine Sanche

Cascada, Plavka, Brooklyn Bounce, Neja , N-Trance

Cascada will release in US and Canada a single called "Perfect Day", the release date will be on 24th February. Natalie was nominated at winter conference awards for the best dance act you can vote for her here
Her impressions about the Perfect day tour 2008 are in this video.

Thank you for the video to CascadaWebsite

Plavka ( Jam & Spoon) will release a new material called "Plavkalicious"on an independent label based in Los Angeles called Wheat Recording .

Brooklyn Bounce the Brooklyn Bounce dj released his 3th compilation called "Bounce vol. 3", you can buy it from here

Neja was invited on Radio Monte Carlo at the end of December, the material can be viewed here

Baracuda with her song "Where is the love" is # 1,
NovaSpace with "Dancing into danger" on #3 place,
Micheal Mind - Baker Street on #6,
Alex C & Yass - "Liebe zu dritt" on #8,

Eurokdj News
Kandystand's new single is entitled Love Invasion. Discover all the mixes as well as the new video on their official website

Kelly Llorenna( N-trance) should be releasing a new solo single in 2009 (no precise release date yet), a cover of the Madonna classic Dress You Up. This track along with many others was sung at the Clubland Live tour at the end of 2008.

Smile-DK Apart from their album track Koko Soko, another Smile-DK track will be included on Konami's game Dance Dance Revolution X. It's a collaboration between Smile-DK and NAOKI titled A Geisha's Dream.
Infos brought by Eurokdj

N-trance, Ultra Beat, Samantha Mumba, Cascada....

N-trance After a long silence and promises,the guys from N-trance lunched a new single called "Nothing lasts forever"..
The new single can be listen here

Ultra Beat Discolights: The Album is the second studio album by Ultrabeat. Self named after the title track "Discolights" and it will be released on the 1st of December. The album contains 16 tracks including 14 brand new compositions that cover a variety of styles but predominantly stick to the Ultrabeat style that we all know and love. It marks the continued success of Ultrabeat more than five years after they first broke through and became one of the biggest commercial dance acts in the UK and beyond.

After the first album became something of an enigma, the guys have come up with the second album in very short order after the lead single and title track Discolights came out during the summer. Out of the 16 tracks on the album, fourteen are original compositions, two of those feature Darren Styles as a third writer in addition to Mike and Chris. The two covers are brilliant versions of Patrick Swayze's 'She's Like The Wind' and Richard Marx's 'Right Here Waiting'

Highlights from the album are of course Discolights, which is still one of, if not the biggest, tracks in Clubland. It's popularity carrying through the entire summer season and well through right into the darker months. Never Ever is the next single, Starry Eyed Girl is another gem and The Stalker takes things onto a slightly different tip with an injection of some classic rave.

1 Intro
2 Discolights
3 Starry Eyed Girl
4 She's Like The Wind
5 Never Ever6Simply The Way
7 You & I
8 Don't Wanna Let Go
9 Alright
10 The Stalker
11 Runaway
12 Pocketful Of Love
13 What Will It Take
14 Wonderland
15 It's My Life
16 Right Here Waiting

Infos from UltraBeat Facebook

Samantha Mumba After a long break in music, Samantha came back with Micky Modelle and made a remix of her first single "Gotta Tell You 2008"
The single was lunched on 14th June in UK.

Cascada After touring the UK last year following the massive success of their debut album Everytime We Touch and appearing as the headline act at Clubland Live earlier this year, Cascada have returned for another UK tour featuring all the hits from the Platinum selling Perfect Day album.

You can check out all the pictures on the tour blog gallery over on the AATW site - just click here!

Roger Sanchez made a song with Terri B (2Eivissa) called "Bang That Box"

Bodyrox The next song from Bodyrox & Luciana will be called "Brave New World"