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Mabel - Ok

Stop! Making shitty covers ...

                                source: pexels
I see that is a trend right now to make covers after 90s famous eurodance hits, not even is a harassment to our ears but also disrespectful for the original.
 Recently I saw the new version of Jam El Mar of Right in the night. Wow, I was for one minute without words ... and I stop to continue to watch this monstrosity.
The nice version, and more original was the one done by Whigfield , and was not done by a famous DJ.

Another monstrosity was the cover of Jennifer Paige - Crush. Some are so disparate  to find success without looking of the atrocity they made, this  make me think that being stupid is the new trend .
Anyway not even is horrible but also a disrespectful to the original artist ... I think when they watch those covers they also took some pain killers ....  ! :)

Headless ft. Simona Barbieri McKenzie - Say Why

Say why it's the new single from Headless the new artist from OffLimits  portfolio and Simona Barnieri McKenzie.
Simona collaborate with Armin van Bureen and it's the first collaboration with the italian label Offlimits "
"This is my first collaboration with Off Limits and its producers and - since the very first moment - HeadLess and I have entered in tune." - said Simona -

About this track she said that it's a song  that you can listen without getting bored.
Headless ft. Simona Barbieri McKenzie  Say Why can be found on all digital megastores .

Eurodance history

An documentary about how all start in eurodance, it's about to happen. A young finnish crew is doing a documentary about eurodance from the beginning till now.. If you want to get involved share the video bellow

Breathe - Annely Cole

After of Shalala a music anthem about the positive things in life, Annely Cole decide that it's time for a new tune - Breathe.
The romanian singer adopted  for this new tune a new look, that remids me a little bit of japan geisha's, dressed in red, Annely is ready to fight for real love. Are you in!?
The new single was launched under SprintMusic label, and was wrote by  Alexandru Serbu and Emanuela Oancea.

AnaMaria Ferentz - Mai are

Ex vocalist of romanian dance project DEMMO - AnaMaria Ferentz came on music scene with an amazing song entitled Mai are Has. The song was inspired by her departure in US and was wrote by her and recorded in Laurentiu Duta studios(3SudEst).
The video was shoot in America on  indian reservation Supai, Havasupai Falls and Grand Canyon from Arizona.

I love this song so much it's so perfect and it's my favorite.. definitely . I dreamed to make a song in romanian, and the inspiration came from my traveler soul . The idea of the video was mine, i wanted to do the filming here in America Arizona  because fits very well with the song, and i also wanna it to bring something fresh to romanian viewers.  said the singer

Alvino - Outta Your Hands

Another masterpiece from Flat Frog  is out and comes from italian project who has begun his career in the electro music scene thanks to "The S" project.
Outta your hands comes from his debut material entitled All Began With A Castle launched under Sony Music Italy and Flat Frog . A material made in collaboration with candian singer Andrea Godin vocalist who wrote the tracks.

I'm so excited to be a part of this album with talented artist Alvino! Andrea Godin

All began with a castle including this single can be found on all digital platforms
Buy it

Nabiha launched a new video

US has P!nk and Europe this singer - Nabiha, who comes from Danemark who succeeded in european tops with Mind of Gab.
Animals is her latest single who comes after the promotion of her latest single and 2014 European Men’s Handball Championship anthem “Bang That Drum“.
the single it's a combination of drums and electronic sounds that makes you dance like an animal, and it's the second single taken from her new studio album who has no name yet, but will be release later this year.

But we know who co wrote this smash dance hit - Luciana from BodyRox.
The song is also included on Nabiha’s upcoming international debut EP for the American market called “Mind the Gap“, scheduled to be released in October.
The music video, directed by Carl Ryden, was premiered on VEVO on Friday September 26th.
Source: Ultimate Music

t’s confirmed as the second single taken from her upcoming fourth studio album, still untitled, scheduled to be released later this year via disco:wax.

Short news

Nadia Malm is recording in Norway a a new tune, is very excitited about the result and soon will reveal the title of the new single.

Simone Denny gave an interview  to Canadian magazine Crew were she talked about her career and about the music project that she works now. More infos here

Alexandra Stan launched #Unlocked Deluxe edition world wide and can pre order here .

Lady Danii put on sale for Mr.President fans the original golden single Coco Jambo, the money collected from that sale will be donated to a foundation more infos can be found here

Da Buzz launched today the new video Bring Back The Summer.
 We can say everyone looks great! The music feels awesome! September 22 it's time to Bring Back The Summer! #dabuzz #bringbackthesummer Preview here

The Top 40 Mania

Is also known the fact that many radios mainstream are promoting songs from top 40 it's fact but that top doesn't reflect the listeners option. The listener is forced to listen a playlist made by some guys who put their own interest and not of the listener ...
 You also know the controversy behind of german producer David Brandes who bought cds of Gracia and Vanilla Nija to be in top 100.
I also known the fact that many record companies are investing money in tops to promote their artist like in Armin van Bureen case, it's not only the fact is the reality that many great artists are fighting to be in this top but doesn't have the necessary resources
Right now i shared the confession of a program manager who revealed how a playlist is made
[Source: Andrea Berghea FB]

Heartbreakfree by Ji Nilsson

The music factory - Sweden doesn't despondent neither this time, because their inspiration is strong and hit Europe with their unique style . And Ji Nilsson confirms that with her single Heartbreakfree, a mix of modern and old style that makes you love this song.
The single is promoted by video shoot in 80's style, at first  is said what a ridiculous video shoot by a newcomer !! My mistake because she transformed in something amazing....
Enough with naked girls in dance videos there is another way to promote your dance tracks and this artist from Stockholm is showing how!

Recommendation for this Fall

A tune that fits perfectly with this period of  time -Autumn, let's not be so nostalgic but the track is amazing, a combination between slow and dance with amazing vocals done by the singer -Shaya. Who kept my attention whit this tune, and  remembers me,by the way of Alexandra Prince.
The project comes from ancient country - Greece.
 Dino MFU is a famous greek dj who came from New York and in 2010 after Iversia International Dj Roster she started the collaboration with Shaya who wrote the lyrics of the track I wonder..
The video story is a ghost man who's trying to communicate with his love - Shaya. 
A beautiful collaboration who also fits pretty well with their motto: “Doing what you love is a blessing. If you work hard and do it right, that’s all that counts”.

Buy it from here

Lyrics: I wonder
All you had to say wasn't enough for me
All you had to do was to show me

How much you care 
how much you want to be with me 
how much you need to be with me
but the you chose to hurt me, crush me 
And now I wonder


If I tried enough would I forget you
Would all the dreams that I made disappear
Would all the dreams that I made disappear
I wonder, I wonder

If I cried enough would I forgive you
Would all the pain that you've caused disappear
Would all the pain that you've caused disappear
I wonder, I wonder

Every time I see you I remember why
I just fell so deeply in love with you

You had your ways to make me smile
You had your ways to make me feel 
that I'm the one
But then you chose to hurt me, crush me
And Now I wonder


If I tried enough would I forget you
Would all the dreams that I made disappear
Would all the dreams that I made disappear
I wonder, I wonder

If I cried enough would I forgive you
Would all the pain that you've caused disappear
Would all the pain that you've caused disappear
I wonder, I wonder

Music By: Dino MFU, Poito
Lyrics By: Shaya

Summer: The best periode of time for eurodance artists.

Summer is the period of time where people are going in holiday to get rid of the  accumulate stress from work, but summer means also to spend more time with your beloved and is the case of our eurodance artists who recently posted one FB pictures with their family.

Multi platinum selling eurodance artist - Pandora

Simone Angel partygirl from MTV Europe singer and sonwriter.


Eurotrance singer Dee Dee

Linn Maria lead singer of Sonic Dream Collective 

Kiss you

Sasha Lopez made a collaboration with Broono and Ale Blake for the song "Kiss You", a song that comes with great video.
The single "Kiss You" was produced by Vlad Lucan, the lyrics were written by Thomas Troelsen and Corey Chorus. The video was directed by Bogdan Daragiu from Global Records, the label who launched Inna.
About this collaboration the romanian dj explained :
"For a such energetic song, we needed a video, and I'm glad as Bogdan was able to express this with beautiful girls and boys, choreography. Is the video that we spend so much time to shoot the right scenes, but I love this song and I hope to be an inspiration to lovers and anthem for many parties this summer.. "

Indian Summer

Simona Nae (ex Sistem) is coming this summer with a hot clip and single entitled Indian summer. Simona is known after her collaboration with Sistem but her debut on european scene was with Ciao launched  in 2012.
Simona Nae "I grew up, And i trust my  instincts, and  with the release of Indian summer I decided to show to my audience the power of seduction ... So I created Indian Summer along with my team, a summer song with a special emotion that reveals the real me...  actually the real us, when we love, we are free and very spectacular... 

Cuba by Jazzy Jo

From Haha Production comes this new artist Jazzy Jo. Her summer song Cuba is an invitation to this exotic country ,and surprises us with a cheerful song and video who takes us d to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean.
Cuba is a summer song, very energetic and joyful. In the video I tried to surprise the playful side of the song and I try to imagine, in a fun way, the scenes that describes the best the life and peace in Cuba, and all the beauties that we offer this country. It's a funny clip,  sweet and relaxing  says the singer

Jessy Jo is a popular jazz singer, her debut was in 2013 with the song Mi-ai intrat in cap who reached 2 millions views on youtube.

Shalala the new single from Annely Cole

Annely Cole is a singer born near Danube river in Galati her music activity started in the 90s with dance project Sweet kiss. But the singer decided to take her own road. 
Shalala it's her new single that wants to conquer Europe market  

"The song" Shalala "is my everyday mood; represents my personality and way of thinking. Everything in this song is positive, volcanic and passionate, just like me, "said Annely

The new single signed Annely Cole talks about how music makes you forget everything and makes you live simply, the moment.
Shalala talks about some of her feelings, including feeling you have when you are on stage, in front of fans. 

How eurodance singers celebrate New Year!

If you are curios how eurodance artists celebrate the new year i have some photos to share.

 Jacky from Culture Beat choose Romania to celebrate  the New Year - working 

Heidi Francoise Unique II choose to celebrate a red party in Austria with her friends

Petra Marklund Celebrate for the 1st  time New year with her close friends .

Dhany celebrat the New Year  in Chelyabinsk with  Katherine Ellis

Ray Slijngaard +2unlimitedlive celebrate with family .

Sil celebrate in Belgium the 2014

 Jelle Lasgo celebrate 2014 in Belgium working.

Edmée Daenen DHT celebrate with her friends

Engeline Dj Encore celebrate the new year and with her husband Mads Wegner who recently( on Christmas) asked her to be her wife.

Terri B! house diva worked in the night of 2014

and Lin Maria Sonic Dream Collective with her family

The nudity in music videos

The times we are living are the  rush ones, gadgets  invaded  the markets :  smartphones, tablets smart tv's and high speed   internet are in every house.
It's the era of  new technologies, and it's nothing wrong because this gadgets are part of our life somehow.
 I will start this article saying a story that i was part of. A few weeks ago i saw a children watching music videos is nothing wrong no!? Yeah nothing wrong when you have  a5 year old birthday, and all the quests are watching  dance videos with naked girls.
And the father was very proud saying that it's her boy birthday and it's not the first time when he's watching this..
We all know that at this age the children are very receptive and are copying what they see on tv.

So i decided to do some research and talk with people about this matter: nudity in mass media in music video especially. And i found in a research made by University in Hawaii   and  RAND corporation Study about this problem, and they say:

Children are easily  influenced and will often model what they see, this is why age is important factor to consider when children are watching tv. Young children cannot differentiate between what is real and what is not.
Because of this they become vulnerable to what is shown to them on Tv, frequently adopting the attitudes and behaviors portrayed. Other negative effect are disinhibition the bystander effect and fear.
Disinhibition is when a person has a reduced ability to restrain themselves in a impulsive situation. Also the presence of sexual activity in a video can also greatly influence the attitudes of children mainly adolescents.
Sexual activity has been portrays more of recreational activity leading many  youths  to behave more promiscuously and engage in sex at earlier age. 
Within the past few years the amount of sexual content shown on television has doubled and in those portrayals little is said about the consequence of unprotected sex. Although there are other factors that influence teen pregnancy the journal of pediatrics recently established a link between television viewing  and teen pregnancy. Adolescents  who have high levels of exposure to media that contain sexual content are twice as likely to be involved  in a pregnancy over the following three years as their peers who watch few such shows according to a RAND corporation Study.

Sexual content  shown on Tv especially in music videos has a bad influence to the youth especially the 4-5 years old.

So i asked people about the sexual content shown in music videos and their negative effect on children.

Dr. Ana Neamtu : Yes of course letting your child watching Tv especially music videos with mature content, on long term the side effects is sexual inhibition.
Inhibition : A mental state or condition in which the varieties of expression and behaviour of an individual become restricted.  

Alina Cojocaru (psychotherapist & study abroad  counseller) :  Yes,the  problem letting your child watching tv on mature content that now is everywhere especially on music videos .The parents must do schedule with hours spent on tv  combined with fun activities . 

Catalina Neata (psychotherapist):  Off course are the bad examples and one of side effect are  habit disorders that on long term are producing anxiety, sexual dereglation - inhibition. Are of main causes of mature sexual content shown in music videos and on tv. 

Loredana Ungureanu (parent ): I decide what my little girl is watching, i have the remote, but also i'm very pleased that she is in a kindergarden were activities are full with programs for her age so from this part i'm not so concerned. 

Irina Isac(teacher) Is a big problem because, for parents is so easy to let you child in a front of tv and you, parent are free for few hours to do what you want, but also a problem  for those who are promoting this kind of music letting on the first place the popularity of the video, or the show without knowing that children  can watch this with or without permission. 
Parents must do many recreative activities with their children, we all know that we leaving in times where work is on the first place, but the more important is the health of your child who later are  becoming grown man with some issues, big issues.

Get ready for this

22 years past  since this single was released by the producers Wilde & De Coster, and  was remixed among the years by various dj's but  none of them  did a special  one, like the original. Now the american dj Steve Aoki is trying his luck with this track, but not alone with 2Unlimited
2Unlimited will appear in the next video of Steve Aoki for this remix Get Ready!, pictures from video shoot was shared on Twitter by Ray Slijngaard.
The video will be ready in couple of weeks under the belgian record label Byte Records, a famous label who launched on eurodance scene artists such as: 2Unlimited, CB Milton, Ice MC, Sash!, RED 5, Zippora and Sylver.
If i had to say the difference between this remix and the others ! My answer is the original, nothing can take that  style of 90s and re edit over and over.