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Sil impressed by Sylver fans.

I think every artist wants, fame and appreciation from the public, it was the case of Belgian group Sylver when they play last night on  gig in Belgium. The public sung all Sylver songs... Sil was amazed.


Big reunion from Sylver

                                          Source: MNM
The belgian radio station, prepared for their listeners a surprise. On the morning show  they invited John Miles Jr., Silvy De Bie and Wout van Dessel the members of Sylver to perform together one of their hits. And the miracle happen, the band had intention  to release some new stuff  as Sylver.

The word is out ! Sylver is back for the BIG REUNION ! Follow us on our official instagram page SylverMusic Hope to see you there !! The Big Kick Off starts March 26th in Sportpaleis Antwerp !! wrote Sil on Instagram

Sylver is belgian euro trance project who made their debut in 2000 with Turn The Tide, Skin , and mega success Forgiven.  The album that this tracks were extracted it's called Chances with lot of success in Germany but also in other countrys. The band release 5 albums and 2 best of albums but in 2012 after their last release City of angels decided to take a break till now...

Thank you

The hot blond fromSylver -Silvy da Bie express her gratitude  on a social network. It was a message addressed to people who vote for her last night at eurosong preselection.

"Nog is bedankt aan iedereen voor de lieve berichtjes en tweetjes #eurosong2014 Thanks for the support everyone. Zondag gaan we knallen " said SIL

Silvy participate Sunday night at Tweede casting with a cover,  SIL got just 84 points from public.

The result can be seen here

Studio Time

No no it's not me who's recording but the half of belgian project Sylver - Silvie de Bie. The singer said in recent post on Twitter that is preparing the first solo album, the singer forgot to metion when this new material will be launched and what style would be..

Sil also announced  that the curtain dropped for Sylver project, we hope that she will think  at this decision because Sylver is nothing without her like Lasgo without Evi Goffin and David sounds.
The last single made with Sylver was called City of angels and was a anthem song adressed to american city Los Angels.

Her colleugue Dj Wout is woking also on his project and 24h is his new tune preview here 

Family come first for SIL

                                            Photo: Sylvie Official
For Sylvie De Bie  the half of belgian dance project -Sylver, family comes first! . The singer recently posted on her twitter account a message were she explains  tha she miss her "little princess" because she was not able to fallow her in China and was left home in Belgium.

"Missing the best hugs and kisses in the world of my princess ❤ love you my little Noor"  said the singer
Noor is the name of her fifth year old little baby, known as Little SIL :).

Silvie she is in China to promote her project SIL and to sign a record deal with EMI China.
About the record deal the singer explains ..." never give up and have faith in God because he knows what is good for you ."

You raise me up

Silvy da Bie (Sylver) is releasing a song!! It's a cover after Josh Groban called "You raise me up". The song is played in Peters Pan show were the singer playes the role of"Tinker Bell the hole music of "Peter Pan The Never Ending Story" was composed by Matt Dunkley, one of the world's most famous film composers and arrangers who in the past worked on films such as Moulin Rouge, Black Swan, and Pirates of the Carribean. This British grandmaster also took "You Raise Me Up" and adapted to Silvie style.
"You raise me up" will be available on digital stores starting from November 27th, and if you want to see Silvy here are the places were you can buy the tickets at the show


The half of Sylver project - Silvy De Bie is concentrated over Sil project. The announce shortly comes after the Dj Wout (the other Sylver half) release "Entourage".
"Feelin' like i wanna work on some more SIL music" said the singer on her twitter account.
Let's hope that the new single will be more different and popular then the last ones.

Peter Luts and Sil

Peter Luts new single is called "Everyday" and will be release this March. Peter Luts is the producer of begian dance projects Pearl, Lasgo, Ian van Dahl, Groovewatchers and AnnaGrace. "Everyday" his new single will be available on all digital megastores.

Sil is very busy lately between Sylver and David Latour project. For the last project Sil shoot a video that will be available on Belgium only, the song is called "Without You",regarding Sylver Sil & Co will release this Friday the new single"City Of Angels".Thanks for the infos to KDJ

Sylver a new single

Sylver aka Silvy De Bie and Dj Wout are back after a little pause, the team are ready to trance you with the new single "Stop feeling Sorry", a song that will be dropped out next week on July 11.

Shaun Baker continues to amaze me with another master piece, after his last one "Frontline", the german "baker" came with a tune made in collaboration with Discomakers and Jessica Jean called "Addiction". "Addiction" will be out soon on all digital megastores.

Pandora made a new collaboration with estonian singer Stacy, the tune is called "Why", aand at this moment is #1 in Estonian Chart. Soon Pandora will do a video for Europe only.

Mylene Farmer "Lonely Lisa" is the new single from french diva Mylene, the tune is from recent material "Blue Noir" a material wrote by her and mixed by Chew Fu, "Lonely Lisa" is the second single from that material and was released in France on June 20.

Stay C lead rapper of eurodance band Twenty 4 Seven got a good feedback for "I am no Superman" from Dutch press. The single was made with with Jeranimo and released at the end of March.

Whigfield is ready for another hit, "C'est Cool" the video was released on utube.

Eurodance News

Sylver team are in the studio working on their future material till now they finished 7 tracks, the message was posted on John Miles twitter account.

Carolina Marquez After a long absence from music scene, Marquez came out with a new single called "Wicked Wow" the tune will be released on all digital platforms in the couple of weeks.

Pandora open the box and said the name of the future single, will be called "You Woke My Heart", and it's a collaboration between Pandora and JS16. The single will available soon on all digital platforms.

Velvet it's in the studio working on her future material, soon i will come with more details when i have ...

Mylène Farmer second single will be called "Blue noir", the same title like the album released last year in November. more details here

Jenny Berggren participate at ESC preselection this week with a new song called "Let Your Heart Be Mine", probably will be her future single. A preview here

Aqua's new single will be released soon the message was posted on their official account right now are working on the remixes..
"Looking into remixes for the new single ... And sorry you all have to wait a bit more before we can play it for you all ..."

Selfish By Silvy De Bie

Sylver lead singer Silvy De Bie released her 2nd single as solo, the tune is called "Selfish" a nice tune very different from what Sil did in Sylver.
"Selfish" will be called also and the album that will be launched this year, right now Sil is shooting the video for this  song.
Sil scored last year with "Love Don't Come Easy" and now is trying with this new single "Selfish", you can buy the single here
About Sylver don't worry the team are still the same right now are preparing a world tour more details on Sylver site.

Sylver, Eiffel 65,Squeezer, Dhany

Sylver Sil and Wout are releasing a new single, the tune choosen for June 11 is called "Turn the Tide 2010" and is a remix of their hit from 2001.( thanks to Tom)

Effel 65 released Golden mixes of their hit "Move your body", these are mixes with electro flavour (thanks to Ivan) info by Karine Sanche

Squeezer A new single made by Jim Reeves and Alexandra Prince called "Lonley Nights" was posted on youtube you can listen here.

Dhany(Benassi Bros) decided that it's time to release a new single called "Dangerous" and is made in collaboration with Damian William and was released on June 2nd. More infos here

Sylver, Nexx, Basic Element

Sylver's new single will be called "It's my life", and will be included on "Decade (The Very Best Of Sylver)" an album who contains all Sylver's hits and this new single. The material can be found here

Nexx released in Romania the new single "Paralyzed" for more infos check this page.

Basic Element made a new single called "Got You Screaming" and it's included on the Absolute Dance Summer 2010. ( Thanks to Eurokdj & Klems)

Ultra Nate, Bellini, Sylver

Ultra Nate "Cause you're free/To do what you want to do/ Youve got to live your life/Do what you want to do" do you remember this chorus !? Ultra Nate is back with that single from 90's but this time she dressed that song with some nice remixes by Bob Sinclair , Teo Moss & Daniel Shems more infos you can find here.

Bellini released the single "Samba de janeiro 2010", the tune is # 4 in Beatport Top100.

Sylver are adding a second date for their special 10 Years Sylver concert in Antwerp Lotto Arena, on March 26th. Among the guests, John Miles Sr (original performer of their current single Music) and AnnaGrace (former Ian van Dahl).(info by Karine Sanche)

Sylver, Haddaway, Tiesto

Sylver You can discover Sylver's videoclip for their new single Music. The video features John Miles, the original artist, as well as his son John Miles Jr, who has been collaborating for so many years with Milk Inc and Sylver. Watch it here

Haddaway Remember the German real-TV show Comeback Die Gross Chance that was broadcasted on Pro7 in 2004 ? Haddaway and CC Catch, as well as the other competitors, recorded a collective single entitled Survivor and a double best of album, both released under the name Comeback United (Thanks to Dance Music News) Buy it here

Infos by Karine Sanche

Tiesto every monday you can download the english version of Tiesto Club Life 136, this edition includes remixes of:

01. Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes (Thin White Duke Remix)
02. Tiësto feat C.C. Sheffield - Escape Me (Marcel Woods Remix)
03. Mike Koglin vs P.O.S. – Autumn (Original Mix)
04. Activa - Transmission (Original Mix)
05. Tiësto - Adagio For Strings
06. FKN feat. Jahala - This Is The Only Time (Smart Apes Remix)
07. Carlo Resoort - Revelations (Original Mix)
08. Josh Gabriel presents Winter Kills - Deep Down (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
09. Super8 & Tab - Irufushi (Original Mix)
10. Three 6 Mafia Feat. Tiësto - Feel It (Tiësto's Feel It On The Floor Remix)
11. Ernesto vs. Bastian - Killer Tone

You can download from here

Milk inc, Kate Ryan, Naan

Linda vs Sil According to Milk Inc fansite there are rumors according to which Silvy and Linda argued, because Sil wasn't at the last Blackout concert of the series.
Of course Milk inc fansite says this is not true, and as a proof they tell about the P-magazine photos...
The big enigma is that they say they were published in last week's P-magazine, whereas we all know it was in the P-magazine of mid-September.
Let's hope that it's only a rumor.

Thanks to Karine Sanche

Kate Ryan was yesterday on the belgian show Celeb Take Over were she presented the new album and she sung live her newest single "Evidemment" .
The album "French Connection" will be launched in Canada and in France this month.

Naan (aka Sannie Carlsson from Whigfield) was featured on a track by Monofono entitled U Wanna Have It.

Thanks to Karine Sanche

Pandora, Leila K, Sylver, Tiesto

Pandora's current single Kitchy Kitchy, collaboration with Bloom 06 (former Eiffel 65) is #10 in Sweden this week.

Leila K In 1998, Swedish channel SVT did a report about Leila K. The report is now available internationally on DVD, with English subtitles and 4 bonus videos.
Infos by Karine Sanche

Sylver after the TMF Award for the best album,"Sacrifice", Sylver have decided to launch a new single called "Music", the single will be dropped out next month and it's made in collaboration with John Miles.
(thanks to Dance Vibes & Karine Sanche)

Tiesto filmed a new video with Three 6 Mafia, Sean Kingston & Flo Rida for newest track "Feel it", the tune will be released next month in U.S.

Sylver, X-Perience, Waldo's People

Sylver will celebrate on March 27th 2010 ten years since the band released their first single on music scene. And for this purpose the team will hold a big event in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp (Belgium) on Saturday March 27th 2010. You can pre order tickets here.
Also Sil(Sylver) just released her first video.

X-Perience The search for a new vocalist have ended. X-Perience are back in studio working at the new material who will be launched in the fall.
The new girl is called Manja Wagner and they recorded and a single "Strong (since you're gone)" who will be released soon. You can listen a preview here

Waldo's People released a new album called "Paranoid" and includes 12 tracks inclusive their hits "Lose control & New Vibration"

Sweet box, Freemasons, Milk inc, Tina Cousins, Benni Benassi, ATB, Sylver

Sweet box Jade Villalon (Sweetbox former vocalist in 2000) and his music producer Roberto "Geo" Rosan left the project to make a new one called Eternity a new project with the same classical themes .
Their new single in this new project is called "LOVE" and it was released in Japan, for more infos check this site

Freemasons the new single will be called "Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) " and for this song the Freemasons team thought to brought the one and only Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who recently close a contract with Rimmel London the cosmetic company, the single will be release on June 21st 2009..
For more infos check this site

Milk inc Linda Mertens was invited May 1st on Late Night Stars of Poker a show from belgian television Jim Tv. Unfortunately Linda was eliminated after the 1st round.

Tina Cousins It's official the next single from Tina will be called "Sex On Fire" and was played for the first time Friday on Radio 1 .

Benni Benassi , the italian DJ and producer of Benassi Bros, released a new cd The Remix Sessions. Its a compilation of his remixes and collaborations and contains the singles of his last album RockNWave as well as the newest one Come Fly Away.
Infos by Music Express

ATB choose to promote his new album in unconventionally way he release three tracks representing to promote the album at the same time the names are "What about us" and "L.A. Nights" and 3rd is unknown yet...

Infos by Music Express

Sylver the time's come for the Sylver 5th album release, after a year of hard work, the band delivers 16 amazing tracks. Though "Resurrection" was the working title, they decided in the end to name the album "Sacrifice". Including the hitsingles "Rise Again" and "Hate You Now". The album will first be released in Belgium and then in Europe.
Rumors tell that the next single will be "Foreign Affair" a song originally by Mike Oldfield ...the track was played Friday May 1st on Regi show.
You can hear the samples here

Thanx for this info to Karine Sanche

Sylver , Ace of Base

Sylver finally Silvy & Dj Wout aka Sylver released the new video.
Here it this the making of...

And here it is the clip and the text of the song:)

By the way i really don't know why Silvy divorced!!Misunderstanding !!
The private life of the eurodance stars it's not our problem !!
Are many blogs with gossip .... ask friend google about that ;-)

Such a perfect day
I swept you from my heart
it's such a perfect day
I take a brand new start

You broke my heart and you crushed my soul
You put me close then you let me go

I hate you now
and it feels so good
I hate you now
never thought I would

hate you now
hate you now
I hate you now
gotta hate you now

I don't know who you are
you whole love was a lie
I don't know who you are
you kill me from inside

You broke my heart and you crushed my soul
You put me close then you let me go

I hate you now
and it feels so good
I hate you now
never thought I would

Hate you now
Hate you now
I hate you now
gotta hate you now

Tonight I'm gonna let you die
Coz everything you said was a fucking lie

I hate you now
and it feels so good
I hate you now
never thought I would

Hate you now
Hate you now
I hate you now
gotta hate you now

I hate you now...

Ace of Base an dutch artist recover the hit of the 90's "All that she wants" from Ace of Base, the name of the artist is Salemme.
Her single it's played all ready on TMF but my opinion i prefer the classic version from Ace of Base.
For those who wants to hear the song here it is... enjoy it!!
Thanx for this info to Karine Sanche

The news was copy from Eurodance Blog

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