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Stay C from Twenty 4 Seven has a new tattoo

If many eurodance artists are busy with their summer activities others are concern  of their look. It's the case of lead rapper of Twenty 4 Seven Stay C, who recently after she took a break from Acceleration tour, tough that it's time for something special - a new tattoo, not a ordinary tattoo a dreamcatcher a nativeamerican amulet that legends says about  Spider Woman, known as Asibikaashi; she took care of the children and the people on the land. Eventually, the Ojibwe Nation spread to the corners of North America and it became difficult for Asibikaashi to reach all the children. So the mothers and grandmothers would weave magical webs for the children, using willow hoops and sinew, or cordage made from plants. The dreamcatchers would filter out all bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter our mind. Once the sun rises, all bad dreams just disappear.
why StayC choose this tattoo because is half Amerindian and wants to keep only the good dreams. 
Thanks Rob & Dennis fromTattooCave Rotterdam, for this painful peace of art!
I love it... 

Make sure to catch your dreams, I know I'll catch mine...

State of mind the new book from Stay C Seedorf

Stay C Seedorf is known as the rapper of dutch eurodance project Twenty 4 Seven who this year is celebrating 25 years from their first release acording to producer Ruud van Rijen.
I don't know if is a coincidence  the release of Stay C book  - State of mind . Asked what this means for him, the rapper expalined:

As you may know, I train and coach artist and other creative people in mindset. I also lecture this at a couple of fairs and festivals like Amsterdam Dance Event and Dancefair. This book is also about the Mindset, but then for people in general, for every kind of branche or kind of work. Also in private life it is important that you have a state of mind that serves you. Nothing is what it is, it is what meaning you give it. Many people have a state of mind that makes them angry, or sad, insecure, afraid, or traumatized for a big part of their life. Just the awareness of the fact that we all decide ourselves what our reality looks like, can make a big difference.

 The book is already release in Holland and can be pre order here , and soon will be released in english too
For more infos check his page

I believe in you - Stay C and Santos Suarez

Stay-C for many eurodance fans is the rapper who brought out the success of dutch band - Twenty 4 Seven. "Is it love", "We are the world", "Leave them alone" and "Slave to the music" are the few hits that dutch rapper with Indianroots  hit european charts.
Now he came back with a new collaboration  entitled "I believe in you" a track made with  Santos Suarez and Pep and Rash, but the most interesting part is that Stay C shows his voice no rappers - just his voice.

The artist explain:
"I Believe In You" is a track that is produced by Santos Suarez and PepandRash. Santos Suarez one of the many young and talented DJ's that I coach in stage performance and Entertainment Mindset. He plays at very huge stages and works with big names in EDM like Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Gregor Salto, Benny Rodriguez and so on.
He asked me to write the vocals for this track, that is likely to be released at Spinnin' Records (one of the worlds leading Dance Labels at the moment). 
It's a somewhat Progressive House track, really catchy, with an international sound to it.
They are currently working on the final mixes, so the release date hasn't been set yet. said Stay-C

"I believe in you" it's a song wrote by Stay -C and will be released soon worldwide on digital platform but the most important is the message that Stay-C wants to transmit to young people is - to believe in their dreams.

Just StayC

                                          Photo: StayC FB Page
Lead rapper of eurodance project Twenty 4 Seven, posted on his fb page that it's working on his solo material. His next single will be about native indians dedicated to his grandmother who was a native indian,  and will be a very different from what he did in Twenty 4 seven.
The recording session was take in Bert Koning studio and soon will release worldwide.

For all my native indian friends: New track, new release coming up, new video in process, dedicated to the Native Indians all over the world and my Indian grandmother ...Ugghhh! said the rapper

The tittle was not yet revealed but the rapper said that it's working on on his video more details will be posted soon..

Update: The tune will be called "Can you feel it Hey yoo" preview here

News updates

NEXX are back but without their lead singer - Johanna Eriksson who is busy whit her newest project Cloud 9, but Rob and Sebastian are still working togheter and they found a new vocalist - Celeste is her name.
The new single under this formula is called "Put Your Hands" and was made in collaboration with their friend Marius Nedelcu, the tune was already released in Russia and Poland. preview here

Dj Aligator was invited last year on Superdoscoteka 90s where he performed one of his newest singles called "Starting Over", the tune will be included on his future material that will be released this year.

Twenty 4 Seven are shooting this days their newest single- "The Reason". The new video will be posted on their official utube channel.

Pandora After Alexia who has her own online radio also Pandora took her example and made a radio. You can listen here.

ATC The Disco Boys made a remix after ATC hit "Around the world", the single is promoted by Armin van Buuren label - Armada.

LayZee(ex Mr-President) said that 2012 will be a fruitfull one for his project : "This year we will be starting work on many different features including artists from around the world." said LayZee

The Roy made a new song called "The Age Of Wisdom" you can listen here.

United Passion are ready for the new material. "Made with Passion" is their new album and will be released on February 17th.

Discover this new project White Noise Machine and their new single "Dirty Love" who is a nice dance who has the hole support from Marcia Juell. You can listen here

You are a dj  ?and you're unknown !? Eurodance Blog wants to gave you a "homework". Choose one of Samira Besic classic eurodance tracks and do a mash-up ...if we like it, the winner will be promoted on our sites... Good luck!!

Twenty 4 Seven, Dhany, Captain Jack

Twenty 4 Seven Stay-C lead rapper just said on his facebook account that Rudd Van Rijen made a new song for him and Li-Ann, the tune is called "The Reason" and will be dropped out in January 2012 on all digital megastores.

Daniela Galli is busy - her latest collaboration was made with "brilliant" canadian dj and producer Marc Mysterio and it's called "Everything is all Wrong".
Marc Mysterio ft Karl Wolf & Dhany - Everything is all Wrong (Mark Instinct Remix) - Amerada Music by MARK_INSTINCT

The team from Captain Jack si back with two releases the 1st one is called "I was a Fool" a Christmas song and the 2nd "Saturday Night"  a song  mixed with Culture Beat & La Bouche sounds. more here

Kim Sanders (Culture Beat, Captain Hollywood, Schiller) was choosen to be in a jury of german production "The Voice of Germany" the show will be broadcast on Prosieben infos.

The summer is gone but soccer championships are still on, and Cristiano Ronaldo & Marcelo
Santos anthem is this song song called "Ai Se Eu Te Pego" "There... If Catch I You" sung by Michel Telò.
Michel Telò is a brazilian singer "adopted" by Energy Production and labeled by Xenergy the song will be  probably the next Macarena.

Stay-C back in track

Twenty 4Seven lead rapper Stay-C is working this days on his solo material that will be released later this year, from that material will be and this tune "Good Time" made with Dirty Ztylers.
A video will be shoot soon and the released date will be on September 3th under BIP Records.(thanks to Stay-C)

Sylver a new single

Sylver aka Silvy De Bie and Dj Wout are back after a little pause, the team are ready to trance you with the new single "Stop feeling Sorry", a song that will be dropped out next week on July 11.

Shaun Baker continues to amaze me with another master piece, after his last one "Frontline", the german "baker" came with a tune made in collaboration with Discomakers and Jessica Jean called "Addiction". "Addiction" will be out soon on all digital megastores.

Pandora made a new collaboration with estonian singer Stacy, the tune is called "Why", aand at this moment is #1 in Estonian Chart. Soon Pandora will do a video for Europe only.

Mylene Farmer "Lonely Lisa" is the new single from french diva Mylene, the tune is from recent material "Blue Noir" a material wrote by her and mixed by Chew Fu, "Lonely Lisa" is the second single from that material and was released in France on June 20.

Stay C lead rapper of eurodance band Twenty 4 Seven got a good feedback for "I am no Superman" from Dutch press. The single was made with with Jeranimo and released at the end of March.

Whigfield is ready for another hit, "C'est Cool" the video was released on utube.

Stay-C "Ruud van Rijen is actually Twenty 4 Seven "

In recent interview gave by Twenty 4 Seven lead rapper - Stay-C told us that "Ruud van Rijen is actually Twenty 4 Seven ". In the same interview said that his positive energy came from his family "my 2 boys keep me young." said the artist.

Right now Stay-C is working on his future material with Dominicus & Helguera and the first single will launched this summer, and will be called "Positivity". More details in this interview.

News updates

Susana just announced in a small interview that is working on the new material. The new album will be out probably later this year.

Basshunter On Sandra Gee blog i discovered that Basshunter will make a new song for swedish reality show big brother the single will be out in the couple of days...

Stay-C from Twenty 4Seven made with Jeronimo a nice summer song called " I am no Superman". The video can be watch here

Jessy the Eurodance Web winner in 2003, made a cover with Dj Rebel after Alexia & Ice Mc hit single "Think About The Way" .

Absolom made a new song called "The 90's" and was presented last weekend on "I love the 90's" a preview here

Toy Box Another comeback is planned this year from Toy & Box part, Aneela lead singer told in a message to Bubblegum Dancer that they were"currently recording new material and getting ready for the launch…". thanks to kdj

Ysa Ferrer The new video from Ysa Ferrer "Je Vois" was launched you can see it here

Simone Denny (Love inc lead singer) released a new version of "Broken Bones", the tune was made in collaboration with Chris Sen and can be found on all digital megastores, a preview here

Melody Castellari( DEAR, Lady Violet, Jessica Jay) said on her official facebook account that is preaparing new tracks, for which project we don't know!? From 2008 till now Melody was the voice of euroreggea project Jessica Jay but in parallel is working on her rock project MELODY SQUAD.

Sylvia Tosun After a long break Sylvia Tosun came with a new single "World Keeps Turning", a tune made with french dj - David Vendetta. more info here

Medina is in the studio working on her future material that will be out later this year, tthe news was posted on her official facebook account.

Eurodance News

"Slave to the music 2011" from Twenty 4 Seven entered on TMF NL playlist. The tune is a comeback of this project on european dance scene with Rudd Van Rijen producer, Stay-C as rapper and Li-Ann vocalist. A new material will be launched soon.. till then "Slave 2 the music Reloaded".

Helena Paparizou The winner of Eurovision Song Contest Helena Paparizou presented on X-Factor the new single "Baby It's Over". The performance can be seen here

Nadia Ali released a new single called "Pressure" made with Starkillers & Alex Kenji more infos here.

Matthew LeFace remixed Britney Spears new single "Hold It Against Me" you can listen here.

Eurodance News

Alexandra Prince release the new single it's called "Treat Me Right", the EP was made in collaboration with Chic Flowerz and was released officially on November 5.

Twenty 4 Seven released on itunes a "Best of". More infos here

Marcia Juell and the project CyberSutra were nominated at IDMA,and you can vote for them here

Gabry Ponte made a mash up of "Barbra Streisand" and can be listen here.

Susana( Armin Van Buuren) release a new single called "If I Could" from her recent material "Closer". The EP was made with Bart Claessen and will be official released on December 20. More infos here.

New staff from Twenty 4 Seven, T-Spoon, 2 Unlimited

2010 was without doubt an year of comebacks, Ray & Anita(2 Unlimited)gave the start with the new single "In da name of love" and soon was fallowed by other eurodance acts such as 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Twenty 4 Seven & T-Spoon.

Twenty 4 Seven In a recent interview gave to ParisGay, Stay C lead rapper explains about this comeback:
"I never planned to return into showbizz. But Ruud van Rijen asked me several times and also did I feel the artist in me wanting to get back on the stage. I love to perform and I feel like a fish in the water once I’m on stage with a mic in my hand. Of course the revival is an important reason as well. But we are working on a new album now, so even without the revival we would probably be back. " says Stay C
So in 2011 a new single will be on the away with Captain Hollywood and also a new album from the band who continues to say "Is it love".

T-Spoon Remy de Groot T-Spoon producer gave an interview to ParisGay were he said why he choose 3 acts with the same name T-Spoon.
Remy : We have the past, present & future, the past is T-spoon Reloaded with Shamrock & Linda, the present is the fresh young talented T-Spoon with Raw Jawz & Blondi, and The future is T-Spoon Dj Squad, for every generation there is something to enjoy about T-Spoon."
A new song will be launched in 2011 by T-Spoon with Raw Jawz & Blondi as the  new members.

2 Unlimited In a recent interview gave to Ape Magazine Anita and Ray explains that next year it is possible to use in gigs the name who made them who they are 2 Unlimited.
Anita : "We partly made that name what is, so why wouldn't be allowed to go and get to work with it again."
Ray also revealed then ame of their second single that will be soon released, it's called "Nothing to loose" and the new album will be fallowed in 2011.

Eurodance News

Mylène Farmer just release the album "Bleu Noir", the new material has 12 tracks wrote by Mylène, Moby, RedOne and Archvie. The first song released from this material will be like i said in my previous post "Oui mais... non".

Jessy the winner of Eurodance Web Awards in 2003, it's preparing her 2nd material who will be released soon. Let's hope that on the future album will be also included and this masterpiece "All is love", "Getting out" & "Another Me" .

Twenty 4 Seven Stay-C &  Li-Ann they finished the shooting on the new Twenty 4 Seven video "Slave To The Music 2010" pictures from the shooting here. Thanks to Krassik

Kate Ryan it's working hard on her new material with a Swedish team, the new material will be out next year.

Twenty 4 Seven, Karma

Twenty 4 Seven Miss Cherry the new member left the group but in her place came the one and only Stay-C, Twenty 4 Seven rapper from 92 when he joined the group with Nance, but in '99 Stay C took a long break till now ... when the producer Ruud van Rijen ask him to join again with the new vocalist Li-Ann.(thanks to Kdj)

Karma the croatian eurodance band release a new single called "Točno u ponoć"(Exactly at midnight) from their new album "Party do zore"(Party till dawn) a preview of the song can be listen here.

Twenty 4 Seven, Anita Doth, Regi

Twenty 4 Seven Ruud van Rijen, Twenty 4 Seven producer thought that it's time to bring out this project, it's been almost 3 years past from "Like Flames" the single who announced Twenty 4 Seven comeback but was for a short time, now in 2010 Ruud join forces with Li-Ann (Raffish a girl band collegue with pop sensation Eva Simons, as solo artist release "Friday" a song produced by Regi and Filip Vandueren and Pop the Cherry ), and Miss Cherry.
The song choosen for this comeback it's the new version of their hit "Slave To The Music", a version remixed  by Ruud & Dj Rockz, and will be available soon on all digital megastores, more infos here. ( Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Anita Doth (2Unlimited lead singer) made an interview for the dutch magazine "Beau Monde" were is talking about her disease and how she get through...
Anita : "Now, I live the day" said Anita in that interview.
Anita and Ray will perform live on 4th September at Beach Break from Slam Fm. Infos here.

Regi shoot a new video in California for "Runaway" the new single from his recent album Registrated 2. The  track was made in collaboration with Tyler.

Twenty 4 Seven Is Back!

Dupa o pauza de aproape 8 ani, grupul Twenty 4 Seven s-au intors cu singleul "Like flames"( un cover dupa piesa lui Berlin).
Singleul are un aer modern dar nu suna diferit de ce faceau si inainte singura noutate este vocea feminina data de Elle.
Cu siguranta ne vor lipsi Stay C & Nancy, dar noul single alaturi de aceasta vocea ne fac sa uitam putin de ei:-D