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Dance Updates: Loft, Kate Ryan, Andreea Britton

Kate Ryan posted on official Fb account photos from her future videocalled "The Next Road", and made with Dj Neno  the song is not included on Kate's recent material Electroshock, an album  who's # 6 this week on Belgium Albums Chart.

Lasgo's vocalist Jelle van Dael mentioned a few minutes ago in a twitt that she is in studio with her producer Peter Luts.. is she working on her future single!?

AnnaGrace just said what is the name of her future single/video, it's called "Alive", and will be ready for release  on July 23nd. Thanks KDJ 

Loft Another comeback on eurodance scene comes from Loft rappers - Courtney and Richiard Williams. The team joined for the single "Love will be forever". preview here Thanks KDJ 

Andrea Britton After she counting the summer days with Sunfreakz - Andreea came back with a new track called "Not Before I See You" preview here.


Ace of base made a new song called "Hold Me", will be the future single?
Ace of Base are now Ulf, Jonas and 2 new vocalists Clara and Julia who replaced Malin & Jenny.
The new material will be probably released later this year.

Peter Luts announced on his official twitter account that he is in studio with AnnaGrace working on her new material that will be ready this September. Let's hope that this material will bring some new sounds very diffrent from what Peter Lust used to produce..

Susana Armin's favorite vocalist is preparing a new single made in collboration with Anej. The tune is called "Dark Side of the Moon" and was presented on Armin's show ASOT 500. Preview here.

Andrea Britton comes back on dance scene with a new song called "Kontrol", a song made with Warner Power. The news was posted on her official twitter account and will be released later this year.

Jessy's next single was revealed it's called "Angel" and it's made with the rapper Kaly Scott. The tune will be released soon on all digital megastores.

Discover this new artist Ricky and his newest single 'Waiting 4 You,' the video was shot in Cabo San Lucas earlier this year and features the creator of 'The Dirty.' Preview here

Milk Inc a new single

Milk Inc producer Regi Penxten, just announced a few days ago that it is in the studio, working with his collegue Filip Vandueren at Milk inc new single, which single will be release!? we don't know but let's hope will be one from "Nomansland" album.

RIO (Tony Dyer's current project) will release a new album entitled "Sunshine" on May 13th under Tiger Records. Album contains the first singles as well as some new tracks. (Info Karine Sanche)

Cascada Yesterday May 7th Cascada launched on Clubland Tv the new video "San Francisco", the new single is from Natalie new material who's gonna be released soon, but it's a different style. "San Francisco" wants to fallow the "Evacuate the dancefloor" success with a new look and voice from Natalie's part. The video was shoot in US and will be promoted also in Europe.

Captain Jack new single is called "How does it feel" the single is promoted on dance tunes radio more details you can find on their website. The single is from Captain Jack New recent material "Back to the dancefloor".

JK Sovrana prod made a new remix of JK single "Go On". preview here.

Andreea Britton The new song from Andreea Britton ( Sunfreakz) it's called "Sad State" and can be listen here
Kelly Llorenna N-Trance lead singer is back on dancefloor with a new project called FreakAsylum, soon will release with this project and a new material more details here

William Naraine (Double You) single "If i could fall" was remixed Nick Corline and can be found on armada music site.
Fragma On beatport appeared a new version of "Everytime you need me 2011" by Fragma vocals - "were made and still are by Maria Rubia" - the tune can be found on beatport and other digital megastores.

2Unlimited,666, Dr Alban, Andreea Britton

2Unlimited A special website has just been created for the promotion of Ray and Anita (2 Unlimited)'s new single In Da Name Of Love. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

666 plan to release a mash-up between Supadupafly and Tag Team's hit Whoomp (There It Is)

Cascada There are rumors about a forthcoming single of Cascada entitled Pyromania that has been remixed by Cahill.

Dr Alban and Haddaway will be on stage of the first 90s concert in France ! We Are The 90s will take place in Paris on February 13th. (Thanks to Klems)

Infos by Karine Sanche

Andrea Britton (Sunfreakz) team up with dutch Ron Verboom aka Earthscape and made this amazing track called "Believe In Me", the tune was released this month and can be found here