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Ellie White is going trance!

The lead singer of DJ Project - Elena came this days with a new single entitled "Bring my Spirit". What's so special about this track !? The genre approached by the singer is trance, and it's a little bit strange because i hear Ellie's voice on this kind of music made by Lithuanian dj Anske and release on Markus Schulz label.
The release was yesterday and had the premiere on Markus show Global DJ Broadcast: In Bloom 2019.

Ellie White a new single

It's been a while  since ex Dj Project vocalist didn't release  something new, being very busy with the new member of the family. Elena aka Ellie White shared with her fans the new song that in the couple of days will be release with the video and it's called Zi ceva Say Something . 
For those of you who are really Dj Project fans the song has the same style and for sure will be a summer hit.

"A woman needs to feel that is the center of the universe from his partner, and when this does not happen, there are uncertainties, questions, regrets that the relationship is not what it should be..." says Ellie White 

The song was recorded on Fonogram Studio, and wrote by Ionut Radu & Alex Cotoi. 

Ellie White ready to "Love Again"

Ex Dj Project lead singer finally decided to release a new video called "Love again"(the english version of "Nu te mai vreau"). The video cost ex Dj Project member almost 10000 euros and was shoot in Media Pro studios in format 16:9 HD, the official release of the video will be near Christmas Eve.
Ellie White aka Elena Baltagan wrote the songs with Inna's producers Play &; Win, and the romanian version already climbed on romanian charts on the poll positions. More pics from video shooting here.

Ellie White ( Elena) One step to One love

Ellie White ( Elena) One step to One love
After a long silence Elena Ex Dj Project ,decided to release "One Love" the new single. Elena was invited on Europa fm to talk about Elli White project .
Elena explains:

"I think this break was one more constructive... to think about my project and to find the real "hit" to release.... So when i was in studio with the guys from Crush we all agree that "One love" is the perfect single to release."

Ellie White was the lead singer of romanian dance group Dj Project and on the end of 2009 said good bye to this project to fallow a solo career.

"One love" was released this week and can be heard here