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Dance updates

Agnes was chosen by N...e to be their image, and is not the first time when she's doing this, MQ was the first sponsor who's appealed at Agnes charms for their holiday spot.
Meanwhile in the studio are made the last preparations for the new material who probably will be released later this year.

Armin Van Buuren is preparing his next single and this one will be  a dance hit for sure, the tune is called "Feel so good" and it's the 3nd single from "Mirage" and was made with IIO former vocalist Nadia Ali.

LaVive the girl band who won the german edition of Popstars covered Akcent  single "How deep is your love", more details here.

Lucky Twice the pop dance duo released after a long time a new single. Lucky Twice are Hannah Reynold & Emelie Schytz and in 2007 launched the smash it "Lucky" and now are ready to comeback with "Love Song".

Armin van Buuren

Just over a month to go before ‘Armin Only 2010 – Mirage’ takes place in the Jaarbeurs venue in Utrecht, Holland, the tickets for the Armin van Buuren concert have already sold out. 15.000 Armin fans and trance-lovers are ready to kick off the Armin Only 2010 world tour with a spectacular show on November 13th.

Early September, the number one DJ released his fourth artist album, ‘Mirage’, on which the Armin Only 2010 tour is based. With at least 15 editions on five different continents, including shows in Buenos Aires, Melbourne and Beirut, Armin will introduce the visitors to his album in a special way. According to organizer Alda Events, the shows will be even more spectacular than the ‘Armin Only: Imagine’ shows of 2008.

Info from

Armin van Buuren

Thanks to a string of high-profile collaborations, house music has been welcomed with open arms into the mainstream. And judging by his latest album, Mirage, it seems like trance icon Armin van Buuren doesn't want to be left out of the inter-genre group hug.

Nestled among tracks featuring the likes of Guy Chambers (a veteran writer who's worked with Kylie Minogue, Tokio Hotel and Robbie Williams) and Nadia Ali is a warm, stripped-down, feel-good electro tune called "Youtopia," featuring Owl City's Adam Young.

Young sings, "I can feel you/ In the rising tide/ Can you feel me/ By the fireside?/ For the moonlight/ Through the cherry trees/ Open the roof and take in the view/ 'Cause you're my sweetest dream come true."

Van Buuren adds an edge that makes the track like an Owl City song on steroids. Young's songs have been frequently remixed in the dance-music world, but Van Buuren told MTV News that he was flattered to learn that the singer/songwriter had named him as an inspiration.

" 'Fireflies' was such a huge hit here in Holland," Van Buuren said. "And I thought his sound was very fresh. Very simple. Very sweet. And some of the staff at Armada [Van Buuren's record label] looked at his Wikipedia and they said, 'Did you know that Owl City was inspired by you?' And I was like, 'By me?' He's selling millions of albums in the U.S., and he was inspired by me? That's crazy!

"So I just sent him an e-mail saying, 'Hey man I'm a big fan of your work, and I'm so proud that you mentioned me on your Wikipedia,' " Van Buuren continued. "And he got back to us and we started talking and we made a track together."

"Youtopia" was made through exchanges over the Internet, and the two artists still haven't had the chance to meet in person. Still, Van Buuren is pleased with what they have built together.

"It's very simple yet effective, because it's such a beautiful, sweet little song at the end of the album," Van Buuren said. "It's the sweet dessert at the end of a beautiful meal. That's how I see it."

Alexia, Ultra Beat, Armin van Buuren

Alexia said in a recent interview: "I do music only for my fans, only they counts for me".
Alexia recently released her 15th album from her career called "Stars" and the story of this material it's very simple : "How TV system is manipulating young people!" more here

Ultra Beat the british group based in Liverpool release a new single called "Bring It Back", the tune was released on September 1st via itunes and beatport.

Armin van Buuren was nominated at Golden Gnome Award in the category ‘Best International DJ’ you can vote here, recently is working with Nadia Ali at "Feels So Good" video and his next single released from  album "Mirage".

Stunt, Robyn, Reset, Armin van Buuren

Stunt aka Molly Smitten Downes is back with a new single called "I'm Alive", made in collaboration with Micky Modelle & Breeze, the song it's on this month compilation "Hardcore Till I Die 3" and can be found on itunes.

Robyn release her new single "Hang with me", the tune is from newest material Body Talk Pt.2, infos about this material you can find here.

Reset after all these years of silence Stig E Antonsen, Camilla Alvestad (Lead Vocal) & Thomas Borgvang (Solid Base)bring back the project Reset, the new single it's called "Just Say Yeah" a song submitted at this year contest Eurodance Web Awards 2010, you can vote for them here.

Armin has joined Paul Oakenfold and Paul van Dyk to make "Remember Love", an homage to the 21 victims and visitors of the 19th edition of the world-famous Loveparade event. All proceeds will be donated to charity.
Armin explains: “For the first time an Englishman, a German and a Dutchman teamed up and became united in the studio, creating a track that I hope people will love and treasure. Our purpose was united in the sense that we wanted to pay homage to those whose lives were lost, and to have their memories live on in the spirit of our record.”
The tune can be found here.

Terri B! , Armin van Buuren, Booty Luv, ATB, Victoria Silvstedt

Terri B! (DONS,Future Breeze, 2 Evissa) wrote for danish singer Medina, the single is called "Lonely" and will be released soon on Medina's new material.

Armin van Buuren is very busy lately after his first single "Full focus" who will preced the future material "Mirage",  his 2nd single will be in collaboration with Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and  it's called "Not Giving Up On Love". The release date is unkwoun yet.
Also Nadia Ali former IIO worked with Armin on "Mirage" album at the song "Feels so good". "Mirage" will be in stores on September 10th 2010.

Booty Luv took a break, because the girls left their label and management but are still together and seeking other new opportunities.

ATB made a song for Love Parade victimes the song is called "In love with you" you can listen a preview here. Atb was nominated and this year at the Ibiza DJ Awards for Best trance DJ you can vote for him here. (thanks to Karine Sanche)

Victoria Silvstedt It's been a long time from her latest album launched  in 97 "Girl on the Run" now is releasing a new single called "Saturday Night" cover after Whigfield hit. The tune will be release in August 3th more infos here(thanks to Karine Sanche)

Dj Bambis Made an amazing mash up of E-Rotic hit single "Dr. Dick" versus Lady Gaga single "Just Dance" You can listen the single here.

Soul Control is an german eurodance project and their single is called Is it really Love? . A preview of the song you can listen here.

Armin van Buuren, Jes

Armin van Buuren will release tonight June 23th 2010 on itunes the next single called "Full Focus" a song who it will precede the next album and the fourth from Armin's career. The date of album's release will be this fall on September 10th.
On his official site Armin says about the single "it's a return to my core sound". The single will be fallowed by a promotion world tour more infos here .


Jes is preparing new stuff for her fans the first Jes podcast with songs from her album Disconnect more infos here

Kopatechnic it's a electro soul project from America, and their sound reminds me a little bit of Bingoboys and Blackbox. You can discover this band here

Dr.Alban, Armin Van Buuren,Jessie Malakouti, Franca Morgano

Lazy Monkeys covered Dr.Alban song "Colour the world". The single was launched last year on itunes.

Armin Van Buuren launched the "State of Trance episode 114", you can grap the podcast here .

Jessie Malakouti It's a 21 years old girl from L.A. her dream was to make a rock band and Shut Up Stella were born. This band had no commercial success but she got a record deal, after that the things changed and Jessie didn't like it .
Jessie explains: "I just wasn’t in the same head space anymore. They wanted to carry on making angry music and I was writing happy pop songs".
Jessie meet Brian Higgins and Miranda Cooper and came in England to the most prolific pop record label Xenomania.
The first single was released and it's called ‘Standing Up For the Lonely’ who si included on "Ministry of sound Annual 2010".

More infos here

Franca Morgano Gave us and exclusive interview you can read it here .

Armin Van Buuren, Alexia

Armin Van Buuren released his forth compilation "Universal Religion". This series has been going strong ever since the first edition in 2004 and includes live recording, straight from the epicenter of dance in summer: Club Amnesia in Ibiza, exclusive tracks and remixes, two new Armin van Buuren remixes are comfortably mixed in with the Gareth Emery remix of Armin's 'Gaia - Tuvan', a surprising collaboration between Roger Shah and Signum, a progressive track by Nic Chagall and the unexpected return of RAM with his 'RAMsterdam'. The compilation was launched exclusively on I Tunes on September 21. More infos here

Alexia was invited this week on italian television Rai Due to sing her italian hits, from Dimmi Come, Egoista, Da Grande, Biancaneve...showing again that she still have the power to conquer the most fierce critics, thus proving that can sing all genre of music not only dance. Today it's the last appearance on the show "I Fatti Vostri" who will start at 11:00 CET.

Armin van Buuren, 2Unlimited , Culture Beat

Armin van Buuren Saturday, July 4th, Armin van Buuren was given the honour to open the TMF Awards! Set to be quite the spectacle, he's in it for something very special. For this special occasion, it won't just be him and his decks, but he'll have Dutch singers Esmee Denters and VanVelzen alongside him.
Together, they'll kick off the TMF Awards, the 4th of July, at 17.00, right next to the Rotterdam Erasmusbridge, in style. Other artist playing there, are The Black Eyed Peas, Chuckie, Quintino, Hardwell, and several other DJ's and singers. Armin is nominated for a TMF Dance Award, for which you are able to vote until Tuesday, the 30th of June, here: . Info from Official Website

2 Unlimited Remy van Rijnmond is a tv presenter in Holland on the local tv station.
Marion van Ivaarden is doing jazz music with her band Stunning also is preparing a new dance track , the name and the release is unknown yet, more infos you can find here

Culture Beat On internet is a fake remix of "Your love". The producer said: "that this remix is not official, Culture Beat has nothing to do with it".
Right now Jacky is working in studio on new Culture Beat songs who will be included on the future album, soon will be lunched and a new single...
Thanks for this info to Culture Beat Fanbase

Armin Van Buuren, Kristine W

Armin Van Buureen lunched his forth single from his last album "Imagine" called "Fine without you", the track is made in collaboration Jennifer Rene who put she's vocal print on the track. The single was released on 23th April..and Armin made and a video to promote this single.. enjoy it!!

Kristine W new album includes 4 #1 Hot Dance Club Play Billboard Hits and 12 brand new tracks featuring some of the music industry's most influential players including Grammy-nominated producers "Love To Infinity UK (Madonna, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Will Smith), Grammy Award winning producer Hex Hector (Donna Summer, Patti LaBelle, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, Shakira), guitar legend George Lynch (of Dokken and Lynch Mob), and a performance by the world renown rapper, Big Daddy Kane ..

The track list will be this:
1. Be Alright 3:36
2. The Power of Music 4:20
3. Into U 4:15
4. Never 4:21
5. Not So Merry Go Round 4:15
6. Fade 3:27
7. Walk Away 3:57
8. Feel What you Want 5:07
9. The Boss 3:52
10. Love is the Look 4:14
11. Window to your World 3:47
12. Strings 4:09
13. Do You Really Want Me 4:20
14. Groove’s Inside 4:43
15. Happiness 4:45
16. Meet Again 3:48
Thanks for this info to Kristine W

Eurodanceclub In August 2010, a Eurodanceclub Festival is planned in Mayence (Germany). About 25 names of the eurodance scene should be on stage. Among them, Captain Hollywood, B.G Prince of Rap, Magic Affair, S.e.x.appeal, Layzee (Mr.President), Captain Jack, Snap, Culture Beat, Black Box, Whighfield and DJ Bobo... More infos on
Info by Karine Sanche

2Unlimited , September , Armin van Buuren, Whigfield, Kristine W, Ferry Corsten

2Unlimited after a long silence Anita & Ray are back together .. yeah you heard are back only for this event from Belgium I love the 90's.
If you want to see them more infos are here
On the event will be also Ice Mc & Gala..
Thanx for this info to Cesar & Karine Sanche

September aka Petra Marklund was invited yesterday on BBC Switch at The 5:19 Show.
You can see the appearance here

Armin Van Buuren
The success of Armin van Buuren’s third artist album ‘Imagine’ rose to record breaking heights, as his sounds reached out to millions of fans all around the world. The album made a great start. Right after entering the Dutch album chart with a number one position, therewith being the first ever dance artist to have achieved so in Dutch music history, first single ‘Going Wrong’, Armin’s team up with Roger Shah and singer Chris Jones, topped the global charts. Second single and collaboration with Sharon den Adel ‘In & Out of Love’ gained another top 10 position on the Dutch charts and it’s needless to say that the next single, ‘Unforgivable’ will probably rock the crowds just as hard.

But a new album is there. One on which the beloved ‘Imagine’ tracks have all received a new approach. Armin personally asked some of the best and upcoming producers to sprinkle their sound onto the already stunning tracks.

Hungarian talents Myon & Shane 54 turned ‘Never Say Never’ into a deep, warm vocal track, while John O’Callaghan peak timed ‘Hold On To Me’. First State added a playful, emotional flavour to ‘Unforgivable’ and Martin Roth smashed around with ‘Face 2 Face’ and gave it all in his trancy, banging remix. Other remixes were done by Paul Miller, The Blizzard, Thomas Bronzwaer, Sied van Riel, Ohmna and Cosmic Gate. Some of the biggest names have remixed beyond imagination.
Another special thing about this remix-album are the cover and pictures in the booklet. They’re made by number one fashion photographer Carli Hermès, with ‘only’ a LG Renoir mobile phone camera. Carli accompanied Armin for 24 hours in Jakarta and made pictures during his gig, while making his radioshow ‘A State of Trance’ and on the way to the hotel. The results are a great example of enhanced technology and thereby forms a perfect link to this remix album. ‘Imagine – The Remixes’ dares you to take a listen, to see it all from a different point of view and listen to ‘Imagine’ in a totally different angle: remixed.

More infos Here

01 - Armin Van Buuren - Face To Face (Martin Roth Remix)
02 - Armin van Buuren feat.
Jaren - Unforgivable (First State Smooth Mix)
03 - Armin van Buuren feat.
Sharon den Adel - In And Out Of Love (The Blizzard Remix)
04 - Armin van Buuren feat.
Jacqueline Govaert - Never Say Never (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)
05 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Cathy Burton - Rain (W&W Remix)
06 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Jennifer Rene - Fine Without You (Sied van Riel Remix)
07 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Vera Ostrova - What If (Ohmna Remix)
08 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Audrey Gallagher - Hold On To Me (John O'Callaghan Remix)
09 - Armin Van Buuren - Imagine (Paul Miller Remix)
10 - Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones - Going Wrong (Alex M.O.R.P.H.
b2b Woody van Eyden Remix)

01 - Armin van Buuren feat.
Jacqueline Govaert - Never Say Never (Omnia Remix)
02 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Vera Ostrova - What If (Arnej Remix)
03 - Armin Van Buuren - Intricacy (Thomas Bronzwaer Remix)
04 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Cathy Burton - Rain (Cosmic Gate Remix)
05 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Jaren - Unforgivable (Stoneface & Terminal Dub Mix)
06 - Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat.
Chris Jones - Going Wrong (Sean Tyas Remix)
07 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Sharon Den Adel - In And Out Of Love (Richard Durand Remix)

Info from Armin official myspace

Whigfield is back with a new recall of the song "Saturday Night" in collaboration with KLM Music.KLM Music did ten new fresh versions of “Saturday Night”. So... do you still remember the steps? ‘Cos it’s time to dance again to “Saturday Night” KLM Music Remixes. Di-di-na-na-na!
Single can be found here

Kristine W the new single from Kristine W "Love is the look" can be found and download for free here

Ferry Corsten released on 6th February the new single "Made Of Love" with the amazing vocals of Betsie Larkin.

Armin van Buuren, Velvet, Gala, Micheal Mind, E-Rotic, Simone Angel

Armin van Burren after his last success with his last single "In and Out of Love".
Armin put his energy and inspiration for a new song called "Unforgivable". The song was made in collaboration with Jaren.
More infos about the new single can be found here

Velvet released for her swedish fans her next single called "Come Into The Night". Also possible tracks are "My Rhythm", "Radio Star", "Sound Of Music", all this tracks are included on her next album "The Queen".

Gala a greek artist made a cover after's Gala song "Faraway" released in 2006, the artist name is Tamta and the song is called "Ftais".

Micheal Mind born 1973, Jens Kindervater it's a german dj and producer, his "products" are The Real Booty Babes, 2 Vibez, 4 Clubbers, Da Franco, Da Loop Brothers, and now trying his success with this song called "Baker street".In the video you can see and Miss Germany.
More infos here

E-Rotic Jeanette Christensen (Face of E-Rotic in 1996-2001) can be seen every Sunday at 18:00 CET on Swiss SFinfo channel a show called Fenster.

Simone The Partyzone girl talks on her blog about his days on MTV .
The story can be discovered here :)