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Holding on..

The danish Gaga - Medina is preparing a new single after a long break. The message was posted by the singer on Facebook:

It’s been a while... But you kept holding on, asking for more music, I love you all so much for that...“Holding On” IS OUT AUG 2 💕

More infos here

Medina in studio with Terri B!

The danish singer Medina shared on her official FB account that is working on forthcoming english material with Terri B! (2Eivissa, Future Breeze). It's not the only collaboration of this divas, Welcome to Medina the first english album was also wrote with Terri B! and had a lot of success world wide. 
It was a pleasure.... she is a lovely human being, we have done so much cutting edge good stuff.... and can i say her new man is hot hot hot! said Terri B!
Terri B! also known after the collaboration with  2Eivissa & Future Breeze and the most recent success is Big Fun and Blind Heart who are still climbing the billboard charts .
The new album from Medina will be out later this year.

Medina and Anton Ewald

                                           © Starwatch Entertainment/ Roxy Recordings
Danish Gaga - Medina join forces  with the hottest Swedish pop export - Anton Ewald. The singer will collaborate on Anton's new  EP On My Way on the track This could be something, that will  be out with the video tomorrow on July 5th according to german channel Viva. Anton wrote the track together with Medina  who brought something new to the EP, and he hopes to conquer the rest of the world. 

 Anton Ewald explains: 

"We wrote the song together and it's no surprise that the video had to be very sensual, but where it comes to aa one-night stand ... (laughs). But everything was very relaxed, Medina was so professional, and  it was easy for me to work with her. I hope that the music video makes the song completely, as it should be.

The new track On my way that involves the danish singer Medina will be a hit why ? Because all the Europe will be on Anton Ewald feet and will be conquered by his charms like Nick Kamen did in the 90s.
Video preview

Medina - Arrogant

The danish singer Medina is coming with a new song called Arrogant. The new single was performed live, and for the first time, this year on Zulu awards where the singer left with an award.
Arrogant was made with Højer Øye and will be included on Medina next album. Right now is shooting the video who will be ready in a couple of days ...  preview of the song 

Medina or Medina ?

In this crazy world of music where everyone is "very talented", but not through his work, but borrowing   others names just to gather popularity - Medina is coming with something new.
 Jeg Venter  - I'm waiting is a song that i really like very much, because was wrote in her native language danish, and  it's about love, i think  that's her glitter in her songs, to sing in your own language because  is original and she gets something fresh.
The new single was performed this year at  Danish Music Awards, and will be included  For Altid the album.

Coming to my  first phrase i really appreciate why new artists are borrowing  names just to get public attention,  i'm talking about Medina from Germany a group of rappers, and are not the first example, are so many ( Mr.President, Pandora, Spike etc.) who are borrowing   names to get attention or to borrow synths from famous 90's hits.
I can compare  all this stuff with the things made in China! We can call them  Made in China, because they are nothing to do with the original are just a fake.
So stick with the originals :)

Danish Lady Gaga is back

After a little break the danish singer Medina is coming this days with a new smash single entitled "Junkie". The tune was not included on her latest album Forever (Special Edition), but was made with DJ duo Svendstrup & Vendelboe.
Junkie makes clearly references to opiates but is not that explained Medina  "It's a song about love and how addictive can be"

Asked how the ideas came out for the single Medina said :
Well, the ideas just pop into my head!!! I instantly have a film in my head when I write a song. That's the film I got when I wrote "Junkie." Little fashion junkies waiting for love... hunger for love, hunger for acceptance, waiting it out in the club! That old slaughterhouse we shot the video in was just a perfect location. It's a direct shot into my mind, how I see things."

The premiere of the video was on August 20th, and it's amazing because was well done made of course in Medina style.
For more infos check Vmagazine  

Short News

Medina launched the new material "For Altid (Special Edition)", the material includes 21 tracks in danish but in the same Medina style. For the moment the material is available on itunes for danish public only.

Verona  announced last week that she has a third member, Peter one of the lead members become a father to beautiful boy called "Petya". Congrats Peter. Right now the team is concentrated over the new release "Fallin in love".

Jack Holiday  made a remake after  Nik Kershaw 80's hit "The riddle" the same song that was remixed in 00's by Gigi D'Agostino.

Ida Corr is coming this day with a new material called "Singled Out" who gathers the most famous songs of Ida.

The Lights In The Dark

"Lyser i mørke"(The Lights In The Dark) is the new smash hit from danish Gaga - Medina.
Like the other releases Medina came with something fresh a new. I wonder why is keep trying to translate  this masterpieces  into english because they lose that glow and originality, and becomes something ordinary ..
"Lyser i mørke" was released this week in Danemark and will be included on her material called "For Altid". For more infos check this page



The danish singer Medina is preaparing the new material " Forever" right now is on tour promotion in Germany and in September the single will be released  in US.
 "Forever" is her recent single is the english version of her danish single "ForAltid" released this year. The new single "Forever" can be found on

Medina, Ida Corr

Medina release a new single for the danish public called "12 Dage(12 Days)" the story of video is about "wrong love" and was release this days. The single was official presented last week at "X Factor final in Denmark" also there Medina presented the english version of"For Altid" "Forever".


Ida Corr came with a new single called "Naughty Girl". Corr got her professional singing start in the Danish girl group Sha Li Mar with Christina Undhjem (formerly the lead singer of YouKnowWho) and Engelina Larsen (formerly the featured vocalist of DJ Encore); the short-lived trio released a self-titled album in 2002 before disbanding. In 2004 Corr she wrote her own career releasing many songs but the international success came in 2007 with dutch producer Fedde Le Grand and now is trying to conquer the public with this new single..

Jade Davies is back!

Jade Davies Unique 2 lead singer just dropped out her new single - "Hooked". The tune is the result of collaboration between Jade with King Richman and General Sens.
"Hooked" is a passionate love song that unites musical genres from Indian percussions to soul to R'n'B and of course-reggae music, and can be found on all digital megastores.

Medina just release a new single, "K10" is called and it's from her danish material, that will be release on itunes.

LayZee(Mr.President) is working on new material with Fabiola the single will be out shortly, "Up 'n' Way 2011" his latest production will be release in US this days on all digital megastores.

Medina is sorry for you

The danish electro/pop singer Medina is really busy cause recently she release for danish market her 2nd single "Synd for dig" Sorry for you, an amazing single that will be included on Medinas danish album.
"Synd for dig" has also a video that story takes you to vikings times with a nice love story many are comparing Medina with Gaga because in her songs is present the sadness and the black emotions of life, the only difference is Medina did it without scandals just with hard work and a good team behind who knows the key of success....
The new single was released on September 19 and can be found here.

Dance News

Alexandra Prince the house diva is working also an a new single the news was shared on her official FB account. Alexandra Prince was one of the voice behind of europop project Sqeezer till 1999 when she close the deal with the record label, now is working on her solo project and for sure will a success..

Schiller got a new track on his official Fb Christopher von Deylen aka Schiller announced that it's in the studio working on new songs. The new material will be released probably next year.

Medina was choosen by the danish Reebok to be their image we don't know the check value but i think he has many zeros, right now the danish artist is working on her 2nd album that will be ready next year, till then you can enjoy her recent single "For Altid".

Ready for the next singles

Medina aka Medina Valbak born in Århus, Denmark is preparing her next single. Medina was known after her huge single "Kun For Mig" (U &I) with whom participated at Eurodance Web Awards in 2010 but the commercial breakthrough came from Tiesto when he promoted the single in his show.
"For Altid" is the new single from Medina and is made in collaboration with Svenstrup & Vendelboe, the tune will be soon available worldwide.
(thanks to scandipop)

Belle Perez came with a new single, the belgian singer presented on Vlaanderen Muziekland her newest song "Shake it out".

Zippora announced on her twitter account that she is in studio working on her future material.
The new single will be launched soon on itunes.

News updates

Susana just announced in a small interview that is working on the new material. The new album will be out probably later this year.

Basshunter On Sandra Gee blog i discovered that Basshunter will make a new song for swedish reality show big brother the single will be out in the couple of days...

Stay-C from Twenty 4Seven made with Jeronimo a nice summer song called " I am no Superman". The video can be watch here

Jessy the Eurodance Web winner in 2003, made a cover with Dj Rebel after Alexia & Ice Mc hit single "Think About The Way" .

Absolom made a new song called "The 90's" and was presented last weekend on "I love the 90's" a preview here

Toy Box Another comeback is planned this year from Toy & Box part, Aneela lead singer told in a message to Bubblegum Dancer that they were"currently recording new material and getting ready for the launch…". thanks to kdj

Ysa Ferrer The new video from Ysa Ferrer "Je Vois" was launched you can see it here

Simone Denny (Love inc lead singer) released a new version of "Broken Bones", the tune was made in collaboration with Chris Sen and can be found on all digital megastores, a preview here

Melody Castellari( DEAR, Lady Violet, Jessica Jay) said on her official facebook account that is preaparing new tracks, for which project we don't know!? From 2008 till now Melody was the voice of euroreggea project Jessica Jay but in parallel is working on her rock project MELODY SQUAD.

Sylvia Tosun After a long break Sylvia Tosun came with a new single "World Keeps Turning", a tune made with french dj - David Vendetta. more info here

Medina is in the studio working on her future material that will be out later this year, tthe news was posted on her official facebook account.

R'n'G, Jessy, Ameerah, Medina

Ameerah  The belgian idol Ameerah is back in studio, after her fruitful collaboration with Regi and Madcon, Ameerah announced on her twitter account that a new material is on the way, on this album is working with american producers.
Her debut single "The Sound Of Missing You" had a huge success in US the single entered in top ten U.S. Dance Charts given to this artists her "first top ten single".

Jessy is back in studio preparing her future material the news was posted on her FB account. The material will be out probably later this year.

R'n'G lead singer Jay Delano made a new song with Base Attack, the track is called "Love &music", recently released 2 new tracks on Legends & Diamonds compilation more details here.

Medina just announced her next single will be called "Gutter" and for this single Medina is shooting this days a video. The track is from her debut album "Welcome to Medina" and can be found here.

Dance updates

Nadia Ali was nominated this year at Grammy music awards with "Fantasy", the single comes from her recent material "Queen Of Clubs Trilogy: Onyx Edition", Nadia Ali is the second dance artist after David Guetta who won ...

Susana Armin favorite vocalist Susana is ready to release a new single called "Connection" a tune made in collaboration with Espen Gulbrandsen and from Susana debut album "Closer".

Medina is back in studio working on her 3rd album, the news was posted on her official FB.

Sharon May Linn release her new single called "Take It Up" a tune made with Marco Fratty and will be available worldwide soon. A preview of the song here .

Fragma said on her official FB that is preparing a new song. The tune will be included on her future material, "Oops Sorry" the new video, gather almost 200000 hits via utube, the video was made by kontor media.

Tranergy made an interview with "Mr. Vain" songwriter Nosie Katzmann, the interview can be seen here

Dance updates

Whigfield was brought in the front of the mic to record this new single "To feel Alive", an uplifting track in her own style made in collaboration with german team Oral Tunerz, and can be found on all digital megastores.

Luciana(Bodyrox) explained in recent interview that the new material is almost done, the new album includes songs wrote by her in unique style, at the moment Luciana is busy with gigs in Russia, after that is going back in studio to prepare the future material...

Dj Aligator is working on his future material, the internet is full with rumors that the new genre of his material will be vocal trance and would include also and the hitsingle "Gi Det Til Dig" .The new album will be probably out this spring .... more infos soon

Medina Great news Medina just got platinum for "Addiction" more than 500.000 units were sold. "Addiction" is the second single from Medina english material "Welcome to Medina" and the second success after "You & I."

Eurodance News

Ice Mc release a new single called "Party With Us" and it's made in collaboration with DJ Sanny J, the single was official launched on November 23.(thanks to Karine Sanche)

Whigfield future single will be called "To feel alive". (Thanks to Sebastien Peyretout)

BG the Prince of Rap will collaborate with BPM on a brand new track that should be recorded in January 2011.(thanks to Karine Sanche)

Lane McCray (La Bouche) has a new song in collaboration DJ Blaine and Barona, the new song it's called "Pump It". The tune was released on October 28 and can be found here.

Medina's new single "Addiction" is # 1 on Danish Itunes dance charts.

Sylvia Tosun new single "Above all" is # 3 this week on Billboard Hot Dance Club Chart.

Double You single "If  Could Fall" was played on David Guetta radio show, so my question is ... this will be a new collaboration for the Grammy winner!? Will seee...

Eurodance News

Medina  next single will be called "Addiction". The tune is the 3rd song from her international album "Welcome to Medina".

Regi is preparing a new compilation "Regi in the mix vol.9" and will be released on all digital platforms.

Nexx are working on new songs for the future album who will be launched in 2011.

Kristine W released "Walk Away(Remixed & Remastered)" and can be found here.

Cascada released the new video "Night Nurse". You can watch it here.

September decided to release also and the song "Mikrofonkåt" the single had over 500 000 views, so Petra decided to release it as a single.