The Top 40 Mania

Is also known the fact that many radios mainstream are promoting songs from top 40 it's fact but that top doesn't reflect the listeners option. The listener is forced to listen a playlist made by some guys who put their own interest and not of the listener ...
 You also know the controversy behind of german producer David Brandes who bought cds of Gracia and Vanilla Nija to be in top 100.
I also known the fact that many record companies are investing money in tops to promote their artist like in Armin van Bureen case, it's not only the fact is the reality that many great artists are fighting to be in this top but doesn't have the necessary resources
Right now i shared the confession of a program manager who revealed how a playlist is made
[Source: Andrea Berghea FB]

Lie machine Jelle Van Dael

No is not a goodbye from Lasgo, is just a project that Jelle Dael wanted for some time, to release a solo single. And Lie Machine was born, a song that everyone can relate to:
Everybody will be disappointing because i choose this genre, but will understand the meaning of the song 
Typical beats were largely absent in the song, but there's been replaced by a ballad with a lot of pop influences.
Lie Machine can be found world wide on all digital platforms

A message to Fun Factory Seniors

Toni Cottura,Balja original vocalist, Steve and Ski are back as Fun Factory The original. But is not that the news, rarely we comments of appreciations from the persons who were involved in dance projects but was not in the case of Fun Factory. Recently Al Walser the one who replace them in 1999 shared amazing message to  Fun Factory Seniors :

If you want to give your greetings to Fun Factory Seniors you can do it here

Hey Mr.President are you planning something!?

I can't deny the fact that i'm  one of their fans, but this time i would write what i just been witness, T Seven is preparing something  BIG,it's  a project and includes music !!
I wonder what this will bee!? Hmm Mirror mirror on the wall ...this girls  are prepare something, i know it, it's for sure!!
A few hours ago Judith Hildebrandt aka T-Seven posted a message : Safe this date live music sooon
Ok you'll say is just a message.... but look who liked the message!
A short after, Daniela Haak shared this message with a fan:
Now are you convinced !? Those girls are preparing something i think for election, maybe for Mr.President !?

The Fall came also on Pandora's garden

Pandora it's enough to say that she's one of eurodance pioneers !? I think not, but Anneli Magnusson show us again another face of a superstar a one more human in compare with Kpop idols i think Pandora is leaving in Heaven because she has the opportunity live the life to the fullest .. And recent shared with her FB friends the joy that this period of season gives the opportunity to work in her garden

 A garden keeps your mind from troubles, give you physical strength and fresh air. You'll receive true pleasure to enjoy of it, for free  Anneli said the singer