Salvation will be called the next single from belgian singer Jessy. The singer posted the news on her official FB account. Salvation is made with DJ Frank producer of dance project Natural Born Grooves. He also known after the collaboration with many eurodance singers such as: Thea Austin from Snap or Terri B!.
The new single can be found on itunes and soon a  video will be out to promote this single.

Petra Marklund says hi from Spain!

The swedish singer Petra Marklund aka September left behind Sweden for a trip on sunny beach from Malaga Spain. The singer together with her production team went there to celebrate holidays but also to work on her future album that will be launched in 2015. Petra decided Malaga because is beautiful place and she feels  inspired for the new songs.

Hi darlings !! How are you ?? it's been awhile since you didn't get any news from me. I'm still here! I 'm not dead! Now i'm busy working on writing songs.. I'm full ! Oh ! Really looking forward to playing music for you, although it will take some time to .. Now i'm Malaga New album soon.  I 'll keep you posted ! Big hugs ! Petra

Tommy Schleh and Enrico Zabler real Superstars

After the comeback of the old team of Masterboy, the producers Tommy Schleh and Enrico Zabler once again gave a good example how an artist must be. In recent concert that they have in Germany as Masterboy, Tommy and Enrico invited on the concert also the girls who replace Trixi Delgado, and Linda Rocco was one of them.
Tommy Schleh and Enrico Zabler deserve an award because they didn't forget those who help them in Masterboy project.
Is also known the fact that many eurodance projects didn't live long because of members divergences or producers egos, but was not the case of Masterboy  who are an example for young artists that in front of our fans we are artists and fans made us what we are now....
Tommy Schleh and Enrico Zabler are superstars because they demonstrate how is to be a real superstar, and is more important to be human and down to earth 2 characteristics in real world is hard to find especially in this industry ...

Photos from Sunshine90s show here

Evi Goffin is ready to attack the belgian charts

Lasgo ex lead members David McCullen and Evi Goffin finally revealed the project that been working on. It was a song for Evi Goffin, who recently came back on music scene after a short break, composed by Evi Goffin and produced by David McCullen. 
The single it's called Kus Me and it's a pop/rock song who already took the attention of beligian critics and soon will be heard on all belgian radios. 

Andrea Britton account was hacked

The holidays are only for us because the hackers are still working to mug honest people. Recently dance singer Andrea Britton complained on facebook that her friends accounts from facebook were hacked. And many message were sent to her account saying that  her friends are stuck in Turkey and they have mugged. She also talked with a hacker.