Magic in the air

Headless is coming with a great tune entitled Magic's in the air. A tune that has what it takes to be played on all radios.
This is not the only track launched bu dj and producer Headless Hey girl was another song with a lot of success in Europe.
About the new tune Magic's in the 
air, Emanuele explains: Magic's in the air talks about my passion for music" - said Emi - "that makes me lose and find in a world where only singing and happiness really count.
The tune can be found on all digital megastores under Offlimits label and was co wrote by Annerly Gordon.

Medina in studio with Terri B!

The danish singer Medina shared on her official FB account that is working on forthcoming english material with Terri B! (2Eivissa, Future Breeze). It's not the only collaboration of this divas, Welcome to Medina the first english album was also wrote with Terri B! and had a lot of success world wide. 
It was a pleasure.... she is a lovely human being, we have done so much cutting edge good stuff.... and can i say her new man is hot hot hot! said Terri B!
Terri B! also known after the collaboration with  2Eivissa & Future Breeze and the most recent success is Big Fun and Blind Heart who are still climbing the billboard charts .
The new album from Medina will be out later this year.

RazMaTaz bothered because was left out!

We all know or at least E-Rotic  fans know, that Lyane Leigh (original vocalist) is coming this year with E-Rotic. The official news was wrote here, but what it seems to bother is  that the original rapper  was replace bor not even asked if he really wants to join this project again. And RazMaTaz "express his opinion" on facebook:

Ok ..if you have a new rapper, and new release. Why are you sharing my picture? Again!  RazMaTaz.

The comment was made at an article about the E-Rotic comeback were a photo of Lyane & RazMaTaz from S.E.X Appeal period was posted.

PowerFrancers - Sabato Sera

Sabato Sera or Saturday Night is the new single from italian electro dance project PowerFrancers. A single that makes you have fun with your friends on Sabato Sera. What i love on this project is because Antonio Golden Trash, Davide Pacchiani e Caterina Katerfrancers aka PowerFrancers are enjoying what they do! And everytime they surprise me with this kind of unusual tracks!
Sabato sera is addressed to all the people who wants to have fun, but also to the ones who want a new Saturday anthem!

More infos:
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Terri B! another success

Terri just landed the number 1 position Billboard Club Songs chart in America with the infectious, Big Fun - D.o.n.s &; Terri B!, as well this week takes the #9 spot with Blind Heart (Cazzette ft. Terri B). 
She has also grabbed beatport #64 position in the House Charts and things are getting really busy for her. Terri is planning her arrival at WMC in Miami's South Beach and joining important parties this March, but first up, will be several special appearances in North America to support her current success. Tours in the Middle East, Brazil, Europe and North America are well in planning for this performing MC/DJ/Vocalist and she is very proud of all of the teams who had a hand her current success, including team PRMD, Christian Rosen of Lifted Records, Reservoir Publishing, and of course MidnightBeats, her booking agency. 
Terri will be in the studio in two weeks with Danish superstar Medina and a few up and coming acts as well penning new music for the summer dance floors.

Source: B Music Entertainment