Enemy by Velvet

Music Factory aka Sweden doesn't stops to amaze me, and she launched a new masterpiece from Jenny Petterson part aka Velvet. the new single from Velvet is entitled Enemy and it's about the beautiful things in life that we don't give attention and we are our own enemies because we find ways to destroy ourselves and not to enjoy the life ...
Enemy was launched this month on  independent label Ninetone Records and and can be found on itunes and on spotify . It's a strong europop with a strong message and this little absence from music scene of Jenny makes it Enemy stronger and a comeback song.

Recommendation Get It Right

Today i want to present you an artist that conquered me it's about Shawnee Taylor,  and her masterpiece Get it Right.
Get it right is the single that for sure will be heard on Europe clubs, why ? because the tune has strong influences of 90s sound, and the vocals of Shawnee Taylor makes the track unique, but also  reminds me of Alex Party voice.
The tune was produced by  Harry Choo Choo Romero & Joeski and written by Shawnee Taylor in Defected Records.
The producers Harry Romero and Joeski have been hugely successful in the house scene since the early nineties, and Get It Right looks set to continue that tradition.
It's song that combines soulful and ‘feel good’ house with the darker, deeper sound playing across dancefloors worldwide for a perfectly balanced result. The Club Mix employs the powerful and soulful vocals of Shawnee Taylor, with the bassline lending the track dancefloor weight. The Dub takes the vocals in a different direction; less intense, but with added reverb a bouncier beat, the track maintains the old school sound.
Get it right will be out  worldwide on November 10th. Preview bellow

Anita Doth a new look

Lead vocalist of 2Unlimited - Anita Doth came with a new look. The singer recently made some photos with William Rutten and some of them are made with symbols that for those who loves the theory of conspiracy would say that Anita joined the illuminate and the new world order grup. But the singer has a message for those who can suspect her about Illuminati
Not illuminati symbolism but the symbols of our ancestors and i will wear them with pride. said Anita
About the new materials with 2Unlimited, Anita answered that will be and the fans will be the first to know...

Terri B! New release

TERRI B!, Vocalist/Producer and Songwriter, has been considered one of the most sought after voices in Electronic music, with hundreds of remixes and singles to her credit, as both writer and performer. Her extensive discography includes singles with names like Roger Sanchez, John Dahlbäck, Stonebridge, and Henrik B has lead her to her ever growing stack ofbonefide club smashes. The legendary rework with Henrik B of Soul Heaven, went straight to the top of the every deejays playlist. Classics Get Down (Avant Garde) and Bring it Back (Global Deejays) reached Billboard Dance chart status. She has taken the #1 spot on Traxsource charts three times this year with the infectious, Rise Up! (Paul Ridney, UK) and Saxophonist Toddi Reed. Now the solid songwriter lends her raspy, unique identifiable voice to the brilliant, sure to land on radio smash, “Blind Heart”, as a featured vocalist on Cazzette’s brand new single. Liftedrecords (Ida Corr) and PRMD (Avicii) found a way to optimize this soulful blues tinged number by pairing Terri with the Swedish Duo, Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer and they do not disappoint. With soulful vocals, a lush production and groovin' breakdowns, the duo and the diva nail the project with a unique twist that set this one apart from ordinary electronic releases.

Blind Heart already has almost 70,000 spins in the first day of release and picked up all major stations.
The track is set to be the US invasion for Terri, who has comfortably enjoyed international success for many years. check out the song on spotify and see the front page review on Fuse TV, one of America’s most important video channels exclusively spotlit on their webpage.

Aqua members are really busy

One of lead members of Aqua - Rene Dif is really busy, besides of the fact that is the a Aqua member Rene is also a producer recently launched in Denmark a girl group and recently release a snacks line called Rene Chip, and can be found in all danish supermarkets.
Her colleague Lene Grawford is also busy with the Scandinavian tv show THE Voice, recently Lene and Rene were cut together and the picture was shared on Aqua official account.