Spagna hits again

The italian writer/singer, and one of 80s pop sensation is coming on dance scene with her second single this year Straight to hell. A song about the broken hearts and the end of love story. Straight to hell was relesed on 23th june and the video was directed by Theguysthing, and already entred on italian top 10 dance tunes.

The end of Dj Project!?

This days romanian press is full with news about sex scandal that involves no one else then Gino Manzotti lead member of Dj Project. According to ProTv Gino had connections with romanian interlopes,  and payed them to have sex with high school girls.

Their colleagues Dj Maxx and Adela found the news from newspaper and didn't know about this accusation but they call Gino to clarify the news and asked him to police if is not true.

In recent interview gave to Pro Tv Gino Manzotti said  I didn't know what my friend is doing I knew that was fooling around with girls but not to sale them to lawyers, persecutors or djs.

Also Gino said that was involved in this scandal because of his friend who's very well known interlope in Timisoara. Untill the justice clarify this situation, the futute of this project remains uncertain, right now when the bad has a new single to be launched.

Get far feat. Sagi Rei

Italian artist Sagi Rei aslo the lead singer of house project Get Far, is coming back to dance. Sage made the announce on his official account that him and his colleague producer Mario Fargetta are filming the new video for Sing it loud.

Yesterday is just finished the shoot for our single Sing it loud! it's amazing i can't wait to show you guys! said Sagi Rei
Sagi Rei made his debut on dance industry in 2005 with Shining star the first single of Get Far  with lot of success in France and Italy. But all of  you are familiar with him, because he made a cover of Snap!s hit single Rhythm is a dancer, who was also the anthem of belgian event I love the 90s.
Mario is not also a stranger to dance scene, Temper feat. Maya or T42 feat. Sharp were his italo dance projects, and now he teamed up with Sagi Rei to Sing it loud once again for Get Far.

Alexia a new video

Italian singer Alexia known as The Queen of Eurodance (name gave by international press, and not by me) is back with a new material entitled - Tu Puoi se vuoi - If want you can get it. An material wrote by the singer in italian. For me is so strange that she choose italian, because  years ago in a interview gave to italian television RAI...i think it was on promotion tour of Happy, Alexia confess that she hate to hear her voice in italian, and that's why she choose english. In 2015 it seems that Alexia forgot what she said and now is ready to conquer italian public with this,  a material  who demonstrate the 4th souls of the artist: Soul music, Pop, Rock and Dance. Genres that the singer loves and transformed her in who she is now...
It's an album with an unique sound, energetic, true.. any song tells a story of this genre, and the feeling to start a new road... If you want you can get it, and the world don't accept only the words... Alexia

The new video will be out later this month right now the singer is preparing the final retouch of the video

Engelina in studio

The lead singer of Danish project Dj Encore Engelina Larsen confirmed that it's in studio, but is not recording songs for her but for the new danish artist Barbara Moleko. Dj Encore fans wrote to her if she's thinking to comeback on dance scene... but Engelina didn't answered at this question...

Pandora she also wrote on her profile that she's working on her new material. Photos from studio with the recordings session was posted on her Facebook and recently she posted a video with a message Think before you judge .. It's the title of the new song !? We don't know... yet

Alexandra Prince #Sqeezer #Nana #Laava is back with a new song, the singer recently upated her profile saying that a new video is ready to be launched.