Kate Ryan socked the fans

Kate Ryan the belgian singer shocked the fans with her new haircut. Kate Ryan posted on twitter a photo the the new look, and fans quick replaying asking why she choose that look!
To clarify Kate Ryan choose that look in order to promote the new single Not Alone, the message is addressed  to people who are fighting with wellness, and the new look fits with the theme of the single.
Not alone  will be included on the future album who will be out in 2015.Preview of the single here

New songs from Mel Jade and Betsie Larkin

The australian singer Mel Jade is preparing  a new video for the single Bliss. the news was shared by the singer on twitter. Bliss is the new song that will be included on Mel Jade future material.

Betsie Larkin also is working on the new single with Ken Loi . The singer didn't say the title and when will be release the new single, but is really excited about the result.


Ice bucket challenge hits eurodance

The phenomenon Ice Bucket Challenge arrived in "eurodance garden" if i may call it this way, Ak Swift lead rapper of Magic Affair was nominated to drop a Bucket full of ice and water by his daughter Cleopatra Latifah.
Ak accepted the  challenge and also donate to ALS cause and he challenge Angela Merkel, Bernd Waldst├Ądt, Franca Morgano of Magic Affair, and Penny Ford of Snap. The video can be seen here

The  Ice Bucket Challenge according to Wikipedia  is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on someone's head to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or short ALS . Many people in the world  answered to this challenge but the videos who had many views were the failures...

A new material from Dave McCullen !?

Dave McCullen Lasgo and Ian van Dhal just confirmed that right now is working on a new album. Dave McCullen as known after the collaboration with belgian trance project Lasgo together with Evi Goffin(lead singer of the project) who recently become his wife, and Peter Luts. In 2006 Dave and Evi left Lasgo and now is working on new material. The title of the material and when will be finished is not yet established.

Kyra change her image

From Royal Wife played in german dance project Pharao , Kyra aka Claudia Banerjee came on dance scene with a new image as Goddess of Peacock - Isis, Hera in Greek mythology, Juno in Roman mythology, and Saraswati  in hindi.
Why this turn of image, because Kyra things that is the time to evaluate, to change, and Isis represents what she is now.
Isis was the goddess of  health, marriage, and love in Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs and represented by a  peacock.
 Preparation for the new project are still  under work, and the fall will came with big surprise from Kyra - sorry Isis!