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News: Smile, Scooter, Fabiola, Sabrina, Gunther's album Party Around the World was once again postponed, due to a problem with the CD manufacturer. As an apology for the delay, the Smile team would like to give its fans a small, but satisfying treat, a free download of the album's first track, Doki Doki, on their official website.

Scooter On October 3rd, there will be the release of an extended version of Scooter's last album, renamed Jumping All Over The World - Whatever You Want. The standard version includes all tracks from the album, plus 7 "Hands On Scooter" bonus tracks (Scooter songs performed by well known artists such as the Bloodhound Gang). There will also be a second CD with the new single, the greatest Scooter tracks of all time, and another bonus track.

2 Fabiola A new 2 Fabiola single is planned for mid-October.

Sabrina will release a new album entitled Erase Rewind Official Mix on October 3rd under Edel Music Italia It will contain 26 songs, half will be remixed songs, the oter half will be unreleased songs (thanks to ARG)

Gunther The teaser of a new Gunther and the Sunshine Girls song called Pussycat, a very nice dance song, can be heard on his official website. The future forthcoming single ?

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News Elena Paparizou, Playahitty,Infernal,Gunther

Elena Paparizou earned a Platinum record for her new album "Vrisko To Logo Na Zo". At the MAD video awards, she was awarded for best pop video clip (for To Fili Tis Zois) and elected Artist of the year.

Elena Paparizou a castigat un premiu la Mad video awards pentu noul album "Vrisko To Logo Na Zo" si pentru cel mai bun clip pop (To Fili Tis Zois)de asemenea a mai fost nominalizata si la cel mai bun artist al anului.

Playahitty released The Summer Is Magic 2008.
Se pare ca in acesta vara ne puteam bucura de o noua varianta a piesei "The Summer Is Magic 2008" lansata de cei de la Playahitty.

Infernal's upcoming single will be entitled "Whenever You Need Me".
Noul single lansat de Infernali se va numi "Whenever You Need Me"

Gunther and the Sunshine Girls will be touring in US in the Fall 2008. At the moment they are on a European tour.
In toamna Gunther va face un turneu in America, momentan sunt intr-un turneu in Europa.

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