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Fire by Sil

   The hot blond from Sylver - Silvy de Bie is back with an amazing tune. I think the break that she took from dance scene was a good one, she helped her very much for the new track Fire worked with dutch dj Nils Van Zandt.
If you are still miss the sound of Sylver i think this new collaboration of Sil with Nils definitely change your mind... is the sound that every eurodance fan is been expected, and we hope that will be promoted enough to be heard all over world!!
The single can be found on Nils Van Zandt album #BassAddiction, an album who involves many famous singers like: Sil and Anita Doth(2Unlimited).

Sil enjoys the summer

The half of belgian trance project Sylver - Silvy de Bie showed her sexy body in the new number of belgian magazine TvFamily. The hot blond was very impressed by the results and shared the photos with her fans.

SIL for Eurosong

The sexy blond from belgian dance project Sylver - Silvy De Be is trying her luck this Sunday, on Belgian preselection for Eurovision. After her music  colleagues Jessy, Nelson, 2Fabiola fight also to have opportunity to represent Belgium this year in Copenhagen at ESC.
What is different from others performance Sil act!? Her song entitled Where are you and her friends from Peter Pan who will help Sil this Sunday to impress the belgium public to send her in Danemark!
You can vote and support her here  

Sil a foot passenger

It seems that for Belgian singer Silvy die Bie(Sylver) the bad lucks are started just from Monday!
The singer announced that she "lost" her   driver licence for a week. I think this comes after the car incident that the blond was involved a few month ago.

Damn, no drivers license for 8 days !  #sucks  wrote the singer on her Twitter.

We have a message for her just take it as a holiday Sil do you know that the walk makes beautiful legs!?

Recently she also released a video a cover after Paula Abdul - Straight up a song who was covered by  Denise (Vengaboys) in 2003.

Two blondes on the dancefloor

Two blondes are coming on dance floor. The first is Ian van Dahl lead singer Annagrace who's coming with a summer song called  "Girls like dancing" a song produced by Peter Luts and Annagrace. The tune is already release on itunes and soon will be available on amazon
This song makes me laugh and dance... said the singer on FB

 The 2nd one is no other then Silvy de Bie (Sylver) whos coming with a new video entitled "Watch out for him". A single who will be included on her solo material as Sil.
Sill said that was fun to make this video because she worked with a wonderful team and the result will be showed soon.

Sil involved in a car incident

                                          Photo: Sil official FB
UPDATE: The lead singer of belgian project Sylver - Silvy de Bie was involved in car incident on freeway in Belgian.
The singer said that only her car had some serious injuries, but the singer it's ok.
 A couple of minutes was taken to hospital for another investigation.
The news accident was posted by the singer on her Facabook account!
When you are in the car leave your phone home or in the bag and concentrate over the road not how many likes you get on social networks! Life cannot be changed with likes and retweets ;-)

SIL a businesswoman


Is known very well that the blond from Sylver she is in love of Fashion. Silvy De Bie thought that a good business is ..when you sale what you love in this case: women clothes & accessories but also a secure future after you finish with your music carrer... so the hot blond invested in a store from Antwerp (Belgium), and it's called StagebySil....
The belgium womens can find there the latest fashion lines from famous designers. At the grand openening event were presented and her Sylver colleagues  Dj Wout and John Miles Jr.

The singer said about this project "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others said you never could."

We wish to Sil break a leg with the new project and we still wait new stuff from Sylver... more details about this check the site

Silicone and small brains

They must come when you say that you clean the zone like the dust, this girls are ...something .. yeah right
I really don't know from where they come but i really need a good detergent to clean up their mess..
I wonder my self this girls are thinking a little bit of... how ridiculous they are?

I will start with 14 years old girl Rebecca and her annoying song "Friday" it is your voice or you are a good joke... but let me tell you stop asking money from your parents to promote your music career... go to school and be manager or something !?

Another fly sorry girl is the plastic one - Lene Alexandra who came from "Silicone Valey" and she forgot also the brain there, no i didn't misspelled is her hit .. i wonder what's next ... i know "My boobs are ok ".

But don't worry i have the solution - Raid spray kills everything!!!

Selfish By Silvy De Bie

Sylver lead singer Silvy De Bie released her 2nd single as solo, the tune is called "Selfish" a nice tune very different from what Sil did in Sylver.
"Selfish" will be called also and the album that will be launched this year, right now Sil is shooting the video for this  song.
Sil scored last year with "Love Don't Come Easy" and now is trying with this new single "Selfish", you can buy the single here
About Sylver don't worry the team are still the same right now are preparing a world tour more details on Sylver site.

Eurodance News

Kate Ryan's new single will be out next year on Jan/Feb, Kate Ryan confirmed on her official twitter account.

Sylver Great news for Sil ( Sylver) the video "Love don't come easy" will be release and promoted in UK by Dance Nation TV. The video gather almost 100 000 views on youtube.

September Petra has a secret recently was discovered on amazon the 1st album signed as Petra Marklund, the material was release in 98' and was called "Teen Queen".

Double You's new single will be called "Definitely Sure" a pop track who sounds like Bobby Mcferrin hit "Don't worry be happy". Thanks to Dance News.

Kim Sanders is working on her future material who will be out next year. The genre of the new material will be Jazz.

Lyane Leigh E-Rotic lead singer and Dani D are taking part to a musical show dedicated to Abba. Lyane is playing the role of Agnetha. more here

Milk inc, Kate Ryan, Naan

Linda vs Sil According to Milk Inc fansite there are rumors according to which Silvy and Linda argued, because Sil wasn't at the last Blackout concert of the series.
Of course Milk inc fansite says this is not true, and as a proof they tell about the P-magazine photos...
The big enigma is that they say they were published in last week's P-magazine, whereas we all know it was in the P-magazine of mid-September.
Let's hope that it's only a rumor.

Thanks to Karine Sanche

Kate Ryan was yesterday on the belgian show Celeb Take Over were she presented the new album and she sung live her newest single "Evidemment" .
The album "French Connection" will be launched in Canada and in France this month.

Naan (aka Sannie Carlsson from Whigfield) was featured on a track by Monofono entitled U Wanna Have It.

Thanks to Karine Sanche

David Guetta, Sil

David Guetta release his new album called "One love", the material was released on 26th August and was made with Kelly Rowland , Estelle, Akon, Chris Willis & many more, "One love" can be found here

Sil(Sylver) performed this week on "Hit the road", the new single "Love don't come easy", soon for this single Sil will do and a video.

EMA 2010. Here you can vote for the best Danish artist at EMA 2010. Aqua or Infernal ? The choice is yours... (Karine Sanche)

Maria Lisa is nowadays a member of the band Soul Addiction. You can listen to a cover of Gnarls Barkleyss they recorded(Karine Sanche)