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Christina Bianco celebrate 16 years of Cash n Go

Christina Bianco from Pandera celebrate a few weeks ago 16 years of Cash N Go her actual project. 
Christina was the studio vocalist of euro reggae project Pandera with them she release Hits like: "I love you baby" , "Joy and Fun" , "Summer felling", "In my dreams", "We've got the power" to name a few and were very popular on Eastern Europe.


Pandera back on stage

I wonder why Christina Bianco she never talks about her this case Pandera who was a succesfull euro reggae project in Eastern Europe..
Christina was the studio voice of this project  releasing 3 albums but only this year we found out who is that voice,  every summer cheering up with her happy summer songs.
The singer mention on her FB account that is promoting her debut album "More Soul Secrets" and can be seen performing live on 31.10. / 02.11. and 03.11.2012 in BÜRGERSAAL/Germany ...

Pandera aka Christina Bianco

Photo: Mo'Acid

It was an enigmatic music project who made many great summer hits in the 90's but the project had no face only the voices cause was concepted by producer Franz Merwald as a studio project no scandals no egos between members just music summer music ...

But everyone keep asking who is behind of this project who they really are !? So in the 2012 the secret was revealed who stand behind of the project:  rapper Markus Schuster and the lead singer Christina Bianco.
So finally the Pandera project has a face not only the music that promoted the project..

Christina Bianco after the project she concentrated doing radio and tv spots,  but she has also a music project called Mo'Acid that plays various hits more infos here.