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Feel the breeze

Do you still remember the song about Jackpot !? The Czech Republic project - Mista who sung that song  is back  this summer with a nice eurodance song called "Feel the Breeze".
The singer is very famous in Czech Republik, she also opened Kesha concert in Prague. Feel the breeze  supported by Bunch Tv, and is #1 in their charts.
"Feel the breeze" is a mix between Ice Mc and Cappella , and if you are a true eurodance fan this fact cannot be passed away right! ?
But it's a nice song with good vibes to bring out to youth the 90's flavor...

Jack Pot - Mista

This summer will be one very hot ..not only by the temperatures from outside but also by the new singles brought by new artists that are trying to achive the ears of their listeners .. and the hot blond from Czech Republic - Mista did.
The single that capt my attention is called "Cash out", and like a gamebler that i am, i play it ! and she won and i lose :)
"Chash Out" is a catchy song very fresh and ready to blow all the parties! Cause is a hit not because of that but also because of the "brains" behind of the project - two romanians - Marius Moga (Morandi known in Romania under the nickname - Little Beethoven, 'cause from his hands launched many hits) and Sore Mihalache.
"Cash out" you won the Jack Pot! more infos here

You see it only here !:)