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Edun Interview, Podcast

Edun it's a very talented singer, was one of the girls from Offlimits Records but i will let to discover her in this interview.

Alice, how did you start to work in this industry ?

I started music for quite some time now, mainly working on pop, gospel and chillout genre in different projects. It was only in 2004 that I thought it would be great to work on the 'dance genre' too.

You’re the one who answered at Benny Benassi contest ?

Yes I did, here's how it all happened;
it's actually quite a funny story cause I didn't know many producers who did dance music at the time. So one day I googled the words 'Deejay looking for singer'and funny enough the first website that came up was Benny Benassi announcement that he was actually looking for a singer for a new project, I didn't even know who he was, believe me but I felt it was a good move and I replied sending my demo to his production company. It was not until I saw his video on MTV some days later that I realized how big he was! The rest of the story you already know... lol more here

The news are up on my podcast, you can listen here


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