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Young Love by Alex Price

I would like to present you a great dance track made by Alex Price and called "Young Love". 
I'm in love of this song not only about the positivity of the lyrics but also about of his devotion to this project,  and it's really true when you are devoted 100% in what you do, nothing can stop you....and  Alex proved that.. 
What is more interesting that all the costs of the video were supported by Alex Price... 

What Young Love means for you , and what's her story ? 

The idea of the song came during a recording session in my homestudio in Zurich. I was in the mood to create a song with a "universal theme" which is of course love. I really felt a postive immature vibe on the instrumental, so the lyrics came naturally and quick. My co-writer Michael Bauer knows many gifted singers in the staates, so we chose Shanna Crooks from Nashville for this one. Her voice is incredible!

Why dance music ?

I love electro/dance music because it has no limits. Sometimes I'm in the mood to create a complex song with a chorus and verse and sometimes I'm fine with a Kick and baseline. I don't like to categorize things. To me it's just dance music. In my DJ sets I play everyhting that I feel right now. The genre is in my opinion really unimportant in these days... No rules! 

 Where was shoot the video "Young love"?

Is actually quite funny...My friend Robert Wittmer was inspired by the song and shot the video in New York a few weeks later. All the people in the clip are random picked people from the streets! It's amazing how open minded they are over there... The clip would be nothing without the energy of them, so big thanks again!

Where can be found "Young Love"?

The song will be released soon worldwide! I'm negotiating with a few labels right now.


  For more infos about this project check also his facebook