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Novaspace not a secret anymore

The project initiated by Felix Gauder in 2000 - Novaspace, had a big success in 2000, not only by the trance sounds but also by the blonde "singer" who later was revealed that was a good actress, and never sang for this project.  By mistake i found out who really was.. but and that time  nobody believe it, till now when the real voice confirmed that she was the voice behind of the project - Rita Orlando . More infos about Rita, and what is doing now" here "

On the Radio

Jenny Marsala aka Novaspace came with a new single called "On the radio", it's a tribute to her music mentor and disco legend Donna Summer who died a few days ago by cancer.
The song like a said it's a cover after Donna's single realesed in '79, and Jenny gave a new sound to that song, and will be released  on June 15th, more details here.

Da Buzz next single will be called "Got this feeling" the tune will be available soon on all digital megastores(

Don't Look Back by Novaspace

Felix J. Gauder project Novaspace is back this year with a new single called "Don't look back", and the 4th song with Jenny Marsala as vocalist.
The funny part is that Jenny was choose after Felix saw her performance on utube, and decided that Jenny is the perfect voice for his project - Novaspace.
Felix it's a big name in eurodance industry from his hands launched projects like E-Rotic, Apanachee, Aurelia, Love Message, Malixx, Missing Heart and of course Novaspace.
"Don't look back" will be release worldwide in March.

Sonic Dream Collective, Novaspace, Verona, Ace of Base, Robyn

Sonic Dream Collective Anders Wågberg Sonic Dream Collective member and on of Betty N'Boop producer, came back on music scene after a long silence with a new project and a new song, called Patronic and Natten Änglar "8(Night Angels 8)". The song can be listen here.

Novaspace aka Jenny Marsala and Felix J. Gauder, the famous eurodance producer of E-Rotic, Masterboy and Fancy, release the 4th single and the video "Close your eyes". The video was shoot on Ibiza last month.

Verona the Czech duo made by Markéta Jakšlová vocalist and Peter Fider producer, released a new song called "Up to the stars". Verona is famous band from Czech Republic known for their hits like "You got to move on", "Stay with me" and "Do you really wanna know". Recently the project  had an promotion tour in China. More infos here 

Ace of Base aka Ulf, Jonas and the new vocalists Clara and Julia made a song called "Mr Replay" the date of release is unknown yet. You can listen a preview here

Robyn gave an interview to Dummy site were is explains the turn that she take from classic pop to dance, the interview can be read here.

Future Breeze release in February a remix of their hit from '97 "Why don't you dance with me". You can listen the song here 

Novaspace, September

Novaspace Jenny Marsala the new Novaspace vocalist recorded a new single called "Love Changes (Everything)" cover after pop duo Climie Fisher from '87.
Jenny filmed and a video for this tune,"Love Changes (Everything)" is already launched on iTunes.
The track will be fallowed by a new album called "Novaspace the 4th". You can listen the tracks who are included on the material can be seen here

September Petra Marklund is preparing a new material, right now is recording in studio the new tracks, the material will be launched next year. Photos from recording session can be seen here

Milk Inc , Novaspace, Marcel Woods.

Milk inc Don't miss tonight at 20:00 CET on MNM Dance - Regi, the world premiere of the new single - Milk Inc's "Blackout".
Thanx for this info to Karine Sanche

Novaspace released a new single called "Time after time rebirth" it's cover after Cyndi Lauper hit from '84. The single was released today 22.05.2009 and can be found here. On the single are included:
1. Radio Edit
2. Big Room Radio Cut
3. Extended Version
4. Club Mix
5. Big Room Mix
6. Shane Evans Remix

Marcel Woods Woods started to DJ in 1990. Over the past years, he has, among other things, played at Dance Valley, Defqon.1, Innercity, Sensation and Trance Energy. In 2006 Woods produced a huge hit Advanced which has become, with the help of fellow DJ Tiësto very popular, and thus became the anthem of the 2006 Trance Energy event. He has produced many singles under the pseudonym Mr. Rowan and a remix of the Sensation Anthem 2002. (Wikipedia)
His new single is called "Inside of me" and was released on 18th May 2009 and can be found here

Dash Berlin, Kim Sanders, Novaspace, Laura Pausini

Dash Berlin after his succes with "Till the sky falls down", Dash Berlin continue his collaboration with Armin, his new master piece is calle "Man on the run" and was presented for the first time on Armin's radio show State of Trance.
The new album from Dash will be lunched on May 2009..

Kim Sanders known from her collaboration with Loft,Captain Hollywood, Culture beat, Schiller, will release a new material. The album will be ready in 2009.

Novaspace Finally, Novaspace producers find a "winner"..
The new vocalist si called Jenny Marsala and she has 20 years old is from Germany and took Jessica's Böhrs who decided to do movies.
The new single with the new voice will be release in January 2009 and it's called “Dancing into danger”

Thanx for this info to CrazySexyMarvellous

Laura Pausini released her new single called En cambio no.
It's a spanish version lunched on Warner Music Spain