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Alexandra Ungureanu a new step.

After of Crush departure, Alexandra Ungureanu the voice of the project continues what she started - music. Interviewed on popular radio show the singer confess that now she do what she loves the most - real music, and with the new single "Mămucă - Mother"  accomplished what she started.
It's a song about mother and the relationship with her daughter,  who are in some cases "overprotecting". 
 Be free you, Mom
 Then, i will follow ..
 To be, just like you
In the video appears her real mother, just to make the song more powerfull in message.

Alexandra Ungureanu impressed by a video

Alexandra Ungureanu from romanian project CRUSH was impressed by a fan whit a video made for their latest single "Children inside us". 

Wow, i was so touched... i cried when i see it, it's exactly what we felt when we wrote this track...
Let's smile nicely to past and to wait with trust the future... best Alexandra Ungureanu

Words by Crush and Alexandra Ungureanu

Last summer the clubs were invented by O iubire de-o vara and now are ready for another hit entitled Words.
Crush said: As we grow  we feel the need to change, and become more creative. When we unite our minds we are more creative and would be a shame not to use our imagination to the fullest. The change began with the single released last summer " O iubire de-o vara Love of a Summer". I quit for a while to house beats and tried to compose new ones. We like to surprise "
The song was wrote by  Kisczuk Gabriel, Seniuc Sorin and Alexandra Ungureanu, and can be heard below

Where Is The Love

Alexandra Ungureanu & Crush is launching today the new video "Where is the Love'.
The song is much different from the other releases, cames with a new image and a new electro sound.

"We continue to bring a new sound then other previous singles, without being entrenched in a recipe that already worked." Where is the Love " is courageous, and the joy of being different. Visually, I think we detached from other music projects that now are on the market, and our new single promotes- love. 
The love for the one million things around us, which can make us happy every day, and in the end too see, that small things can make us happy. With love you can pass all the limits and enjoy the life to the fullest." said Alexandra to Pro Fm

The new single was released under Roton music label. More infos about this project here 

Lasgo, Alexandra Ungureanu

Lasgo The new video "Lost" was released, about the album release Lasgo said on official facebook: "We don't have given any exact date yet, but expect the album between the second week and the end of september! Your waiting will be rewarded big time!!! " Lasgo

Return to 90's Another 90's event will take place in Belgium called Return to 90's with Dr.Alban, Culture Beat, Jessy, 2Fabiola and many more, more infos here

Alexandra Ungureanu (Crush) made a cover after Da Buzz hit single "Wonder where you are", the song will be played with her new project Undercover. more here

Alexandra Ungureanu it's very known romanian artist she collaborate with big names in Romania like Paula Seling, Holograf & Sistem.
Her international success came with "Plang Noptile" who was released in 2005, also Alexandra is working with Crush on new material who will be release later this year...