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Loona, Aqua,Gigi d'Agostino, Prezioso

Loona's forthcoming single will be a 2009 version of her hit with DJ Sammy Life Is Just a Game. It will be released under the name La Mica feat Loona.

Aqua will release Back To The 80s in France. They just published photos of a shooting on their Facebook that could make believe that they shot a video clip for their new song Spin me a Christmas, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

Gigi d'Agostino released 2 best of albums this month : The Very Best Of at the beginning of the month and The Essential Gigi on 20 November. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Prezioso feat Marvin covered the classic anthem The Riddle, already covered a few years ago by Gigi d'Agostino. Buy it here

Infos by Karine Sanche

Eurodance News

Regi Penxten released his new Regi In The Mix compilation, a double CD including all the hottest dance tracks of the moment (and of course the new Milk Inc and Sylver tracks).

Kelly Llorenna's Dress You Up had reached number one in the upfront club chart and she will soon be releasing a new single with Love to Infinity project.

Cascada There are rumors telling that Cascada's next single from the new album could be entitled Dangerous, as the album advert featured a small clip of the video for Dangerous, though nothing has been confirmed, as there have been several videos produced for future singles.

Infernal's album "Electric Cabaret" reached platinum status. They went back to studio to start working on the following album. Concerning the style of the future album, all they know is that "we want it to be a little less feathers & sequins and a bit more jeans & T-shirt’ish", as they announced on their official website.

Prezioso feat Marvin's new single is entitled Happy Flight (The Never Ending Story). It was included on the new compilation Prezioso In Action, released in May.

More news here.

Hadise The Turkish/Belgian singer Hadise released her third album from her career called "Fast Life", the material was released in May and includes 12 tracks and the hit single "Living in Dreams(Düm Tek Tek)" who reached the final and finished fourth on ESC 2009 from Moscow.
Hadise released and a Turkish version of this album called "Kahraman".

Elize lunched her new album called "More Than Meets the Eye", the material includes hits like "LoveSick", "Hotstuff","Can't You Feel It" and her new single "Get Up (Do It Now)".
The album was released 26th June 2009 and can be found here

AnnaGrace This week AnnaGrace is # 1 in Official USA Billboard Dance Airplay Chart & #1 Music Week’s Upfront Club Chart in the UK, and his second success after "You make me feel" who also was in this top.