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Daddy K is back

After many years of silence belgian dj Alain Deproost came on dance scen with a new song,  a cover after Boney M's classic, renamed "Daddy Kool". The tune was released on November 14th and will be included on his compilation "DJ Daddy K in the mix" (thanks to Karine Sanche). preview here

Sash new single will be called "Life Is A Beach". preview

Sin with Sebastian A new comback from Sin with Sebastian the one who sung "Shut up and sleep with me", now came with a new video "That's all? (I'm not satisfied)" released on November 30. preview here (Thanks to Mike)

Peter Luts is very busy lately doing Lasgo & AnnaGrace tracks and now got some time to make his own single called "Everyday" the shoots for this video were made in Miami and will be soon released. (thanks to Karine Sanche).

RIO next single will be called "Animal" and was made in collaboration with U-Jean. The tune will be included on the album "Turn This Club Around". (thanks to Karine Sanche)

Milk Inc a new single

Milk Inc producer Regi Penxten, just announced a few days ago that it is in the studio, working with his collegue Filip Vandueren at Milk inc new single, which single will be release!? we don't know but let's hope will be one from "Nomansland" album.

RIO (Tony Dyer's current project) will release a new album entitled "Sunshine" on May 13th under Tiger Records. Album contains the first singles as well as some new tracks. (Info Karine Sanche)

Cascada Yesterday May 7th Cascada launched on Clubland Tv the new video "San Francisco", the new single is from Natalie new material who's gonna be released soon, but it's a different style. "San Francisco" wants to fallow the "Evacuate the dancefloor" success with a new look and voice from Natalie's part. The video was shoot in US and will be promoted also in Europe.

Captain Jack new single is called "How does it feel" the single is promoted on dance tunes radio more details you can find on their website. The single is from Captain Jack New recent material "Back to the dancefloor".

JK Sovrana prod made a new remix of JK single "Go On". preview here.

Andreea Britton The new song from Andreea Britton ( Sunfreakz) it's called "Sad State" and can be listen here
Kelly Llorenna N-Trance lead singer is back on dancefloor with a new project called FreakAsylum, soon will release with this project and a new material more details here

William Naraine (Double You) single "If i could fall" was remixed Nick Corline and can be found on armada music site.
Fragma On beatport appeared a new version of "Everytime you need me 2011" by Fragma vocals - "were made and still are by Maria Rubia" - the tune can be found on beatport and other digital megastores.

Eurodance News

Mario Lopez finally release a brand new single called "Always &; Forever 2K10" a nice dance track who was drop out on September 24 more infos here .

Micheal Mind Project is "Delirious" not him just the new single who was launched on November with Mandy Ventrice & Carlprit and  has a great video more infos here.

Natural Born Groove's producer Frank Tiaya released a new single called "Discotex", infos here.

Dj Bobo's single "Together" was covered by Sifam project Marton and can be found on itunes.

Fragma  just announced on her facebook account the release date of her new single "Oops Sorry", the tune will ready next year in January.

RIO is preparing a new single but we don't know if Tony will be involved, the tune will be called "Like I Love You" and will be released under Kontor label.(Thanks to KDJ)

Medina, Alex C, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Cascada, RIO, Velvet, Solid Base,Dj Aligator

Medina Valbak released the english version of her album "Welcome to Medina", the material includes 13 tracks 4 of the tracks were wrote by Terri B! and the others by Lisa Greene & Adam Hersland Powers (who wrote also some tracks for Infernal). "Welcome to Medina" was launched in Germany, Austria, & Switzerland on 23 July 2010. You can get it from here.

Alex C produced the new album "Tried and true" from Clay Aiken (American Idol), the album was released in June.
Alex also is working on his album with Yass because 2 new songs "Teufelstanz" and "River flows on you" were posted on his myspace account. You can listen here.

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor You can see them live because D-rock & Des' ree will join Anita & Ray (2Unlimited) on the world tour in 2011 ( Thanks to Karine Sanche).

Cascada went in studio to work with her team on the new material, the album will be release later this year. Natalie won this year on Viva Comet the award for Best Female Artist.( Thanks to Karine Sanche).

RIO aka Dyer Tony former rapper of eurodance act Beat System recently recorded the video clip for RIO's new single "Hot Girl" in Mallorca. The story : Tony works as a pizza boy, is bored and falls asleep... in his dream he becomes a superstar cruising through the island enjoying the sun and attracting a lot of beautiful girls.(Info Karine Sanche).

Velvet release a new single called "Victorious" a nice summer song in collaboration with Linda Bengtzing winner of Fame Factory in Sweden. "Victorious" was originally wrote for Melodifestivalen 2010 preselection but was rejected, even that, the song has a huge success in Sweden being  the most played song on radios all over the country. The single "Victorious" was official released on April and can be found here.

Solid Base's single "Sha La Long" was covered last month by SAIFAM eurodance project Varaderos. They also recentely covered E-rotic's "Chico Chaco".(Info Karine Sanche).

Dj Aligator made a remix on Safri Duo's newest single "Helele". The song was the official anthem for the world cup 2010 in South Africa. You can listen the remix here

BG the Prince of Rap will perform on Eurodance Party in Frankfurt (Germany) on August 7th. If you want to see them and to listen „Colour Of My Dreams“ , "The Beat is Hot" , "Can We Get Enough", "The Power Of The Rhythm" and more don't miss this event,  infos  here.

Vengaboys, RIO, Dj Chuckie

Vengaboys a new comeback on eurodance scene, the party people are back this year , Kim & Co are preaparing new songs who will be launched later this year.

Rio the new album will be called "Shine on" and will be released on February 19 2010. The material will contain all RIO & Tony hits: "Shine on, De Janeiro, After the love, Serenade" also and Liz Kay songs.

Dj Chuckie
Dicover this great Dj Chuckie, i don't know if the name was choosen because of that horror movie with the doll but his single "Let The Bass Kick In Maimi Bitch" i think would make you kill the dance floor for sure..

Anna Nordell(E-Type) discover this interview with Anorah

Infernal, RIO, Kristine W

Infernal are working hard on their forthcoming album. Lina is pregnant and should give birth to her baby around March 2010.

Tony Dyer was planned to performed with his current project RIO at the World Music Awards 2009 in Monte Carlo one week ago... but the event was postponed to May 18th 2010.

Infos by Karine Sanche

Kristine W released a new material for holidays, the material includes 6 tracks plus an unplugged version of Kristine's hit “Wonder of it All” featuring Jim Brickman. The material can be found here

Scooter , RIO, Millennium, Age of Love

Scooter's new album comes in three versions : standard (1 CD or digital). The limited edition contains one bonus CD + a DVD featuring all the darker songs Scooter had produced till now like Am Fenster, Marian, She's the sun(thanks to Christian Ohrens).

Their new video was launched and the result is this.... enjoy it!

RIO feat Tony Dyer presented a new track entitled "Serenade". It will be featured on their forthcoming album "Shine On".

Infos by
Karine Sanche

Millennium it's a project made in Spain with Juanjo Martin & Rebeka Brown(vocalist) , and their first single was released on October, so take a look and listen this new cool project

Age of love was the best new trance project from 90's , now in 2009 big names such as Paul Van Dyk, Jam & Spoon, Emmanuel Top and Cosmic Gate brought to light this project and the song. This track was also covered by Scooter in '97.