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It's confirmed - Erika is coming

The italodance singer Erika de Bonis is coming with a new material this year. The news was confirmed this week by the singer on her FB account.

Yes, is true.. i'm working on new stuff more details.. said the singer

After the comback of Magic box this year i think was also the time for Erika to comeback with new stuff. 
Erika started this mystery in 2001 with Ditto, when her brother Tristiano de Bonis(Magic Box) thought  that a project that involves a female singer will be a good idea, and Erika was the perfect girl.
For the new material Erika is working with Magic Box and Dj Ross, but the details will be posted soon on Erika's page.

Erika will be back

Erika Another comeback this year will be from Erika's part, the italian dance singer and Tristano De Bonis( Magic Box) sister, will be back with a new material . The first appearance was on November 31 at Odissea. Antoher news is that - her single "Save my heart' was included on Eurodance Web Compilation.

Alexandra Prince said in a interview that she is planning to have a 2nd baby soon, but she will keep doing and producing music. Her next single should be a collaboration with Supafly inc.

Sylvia Tosun gave an interview to Fashion news were she spoked about her future projects: "a new material soon with David Vendetta and Alex Sayz".

Nadia Ali new single it's called "Call my name" and it's made with Sultan and Ned Shepard and was included on Queen of Clubs Trilogy: Diamond Edition (Extended Mixes).

E-Type signed a contract to have his songs broadcasted on French and US radios. Does it mean a comeback in these countries ? He was a guest in the TV show 'Rum för en stjärna med Simon & Tomas' last Monday on TV3. This days E-type is filming his new video "Back 2life".(Info KDJ)

T-spoon Shamrock (T-spoon rapper) teamed with John Macraven under the name A.Lua'Sol on the single "Make Me Happy". (Info KDJ)