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A good advice

Pernille Georgi  is one of girls from Me and My, and  the singer posted a message to  fB adressed to people who want to embrace this job. 

Never force your creativity. Respect the silence of your soul. Always go with the flow- even if it takes a bit longer to get there! It's in those moments when you forget about time and space you create the best art. And that's when you know your true call in life! #homemadequotes

Recently the singer also mention that 2014 is the year of Me and My comeback more here

Me & My reunion!?

Pernille Georgi one of the Me & My lead members, announced on her Fb official account that 2014 came with something great for her fans. But she didn't tell what...  

This year is starting amazingly well. Really good news within 2 weeks! That MUST be a first!
Can´t wait to share it with you all! 

ALWAYS keep believing there is something great waiting for you around the corner! said Pernille

Asked by a fan if that surprize is a new Me & My material, the singer smiled, and liked the comment.
What does it mean!? Me & My is ready to reunite for a new material?
You'll find the answer in couple of weeks like Pernille said.
Me & My was a famous danish pop dance group who hit the international charts with songs like Dub i Dub, Baby Boy, Let the love go on, Fly High,  but in 2007 decided to take a break .

Angelic music or Dumbstruck!?

Do  you still remember the 90's hit "Dub i Dub" from Me & My !? The sisters Georgi took a break in 2007 with Me & My project when they release the last material Me & My The Ultimate Collection, after that each girl took her own road...
But now one of the girls - Pernille Georgi is back... because i think dance music for her is like a virus, and accepted the proposal to do a collaboration with the newcomer Michael Kaye at Dumbstruck, and the result is amazing ... it's really sad that only now i discovered this song - Dumbstruck....