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Dee Dee will reward her fans

The singer is releasing a new single called "Give me a sign" i don't know for whom... but i know that DEE DEE  asked her fans to spread the news, but not for free the winner will be rewarded with a special gift said the singer on FB.
The song "Give me a sign" will be released worldwide from January 2013, and if you want to signed into DEE DEE's competion like here.

Dee Dee - The Chosen

DEE DEE is coming back with a new single called "the Chosen", the singer mention it's her 1st  collaboration for Germany  with Kimura.
"The Chosen" will be released on November 23th on Future Trance Vol 62  also on that compilation it's included and the new single from Brooklyn Bounce "Raving" more infos here

Eurodance News

Kim Sanders announced on her facebook account that is recording in the studio new songs with Aural Float team. The new material will be release probably next year.

Robyn was nominated on Swedish Awards this year, she is nominated in 4 categories you can support her by voting here .

Kristine W new single "What i like about you" hits # 1 on Itunes singles Charts.

Nadia Ali single "Fantasy" was nominated on Grammy Awards this year.

Regi and his project Milk Inc were nominated at the MIA awards in the category Dance/Elektronica and Live act, you can vote for him till December 20th. more here.(Thanks to Karine Sanche)

AnnaGrace (Annemie Coenen) is nominated in the category female solo artist at MIA's awards. You can vote for her till December 20th(Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Charles Shaw is back on music scene with a new single called "Mendocino" made in collaboration with Julian Heldt.

Dee Dee just made a new video for "Will I be Free" the shooting was made in Switzerland during first weekend of December. (Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Angel City, Dee Dee, Spagna , Terri B

Angel City aka Lara McAllen, and the dutch producers Aldwin Oomen & Hugo Zentveld are back after a long break, Lara released a few singles as a solo artist, but in 2010 change her mind and she is back on her first project, Angel City, and she release with them a new single "How Do You Sleep" under Hard2beatRecords. Also if you live in UK you can see her live on this event .

Dee Dee made another collaboration with Roni Meller, the new track is called "The Day After (Will I Be Free)" and was official released in March and can be found on all digital megastores, more infos here

Spagna A new remix of her 80's hit "Call Me" was made by Paul Rayner Remix. The video can be seen here.

SovranaProd will release in September "Disco Pusher" the single will contains an Hands up remix and a 90's edit. You can listen a preview of the single here

Terri B! is back with a new single called "Haven". The song was released on 28th May and was made in collaboration with Scream & Shout Recordings.

Pulsedriver, Scooter, Dee Dee

Pulsedriver covered Love inc hitsingle "Superstar", the tune was released on all digital platforms and on amazon.

Scooter the name of the single was revealed, the track will be called "Stuck On Replay", and will be the anthem of the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship in Germany.
Thanks to Karine Sanche & DJ Hooligan

Dee Dee is back ! After a long break the belgian singer Diana Trippaers made a new song in collaboration with Ray & Snyder, the tune is called "I want you Back" and was released this month on digital platforms more infos about the single you can find here.