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Smile, Ace of Base, 4 Strings, Alexandra Prince

Smile will release on July 20th in Japan the new album "Party around the world". The material includes also and 2 bonus tracks, remixes of "Koko Soko" and "Butterfly".

Ace of Base The new single from Ace of Base will be called "All For You" and not "Mr. Replay". The song will be released on July 16th and will be serviced to radio stations in Europe this Friday. Soon will be posted and a sample of the song. Right now Ulf and Jonas is working in studio in Poland at Ace of Base material the date release is unknown yet.

4Strings After Samantha Fox collaboration, Carlo Resoort & Jan De Vos made a new song called "Sundown" a single who will be launched soon on all digital megastores under Spinnin Reccords label. A preview of the song can be listen here

Alexandra Prince(Nana, Dj@Work,Laava, Sqeezer) preparing new songs for her first solo album, on the material Alex worked with Melbeatz,Till West & Eddie Thoneick, Syke'N'Sugarstar the date of release is unknown yet.

Luciana from Bodyrox launched her official website . "I like that" was used by german television RTL2 their tv anthem, and was also invited to sing this track on The Dome 55 in August 27th. The show will be broadcast in August on RTL 2.

News: Smile, Scooter, Fabiola, Sabrina, Gunther's album Party Around the World was once again postponed, due to a problem with the CD manufacturer. As an apology for the delay, the Smile team would like to give its fans a small, but satisfying treat, a free download of the album's first track, Doki Doki, on their official website.

Scooter On October 3rd, there will be the release of an extended version of Scooter's last album, renamed Jumping All Over The World - Whatever You Want. The standard version includes all tracks from the album, plus 7 "Hands On Scooter" bonus tracks (Scooter songs performed by well known artists such as the Bloodhound Gang). There will also be a second CD with the new single, the greatest Scooter tracks of all time, and another bonus track.

2 Fabiola A new 2 Fabiola single is planned for mid-October.

Sabrina will release a new album entitled Erase Rewind Official Mix on October 3rd under Edel Music Italia It will contain 26 songs, half will be remixed songs, the oter half will be unreleased songs (thanks to ARG)

Gunther The teaser of a new Gunther and the Sunshine Girls song called Pussycat, a very nice dance song, can be heard on his official website. The future forthcoming single ?

News brought by Karine Sanche

Eurodance News

Corona A new version of Corona's hit single The Rhythm Of The Night was recorded and will be released under UK label AATW as Frisco vs Corona. It will feature the original Jenny B vocals. A video was shot, featuring Olga.

Channel X A single entitled Burning Train was released under the name Channel X, but it does not seem to be the same project.

Smile-DK's new album Party Around the World release was postponed to September 9th.

A new remix for DJ Roby Pinna feat TJ Fastor Slave To Space is available from August 25, 2008.

Groove Enforcer Don't miss Groove Enforcer's A Little Closer 2008, with 14 brand new mixes from some of clublands biggest names like The Klubjumpers, Rimini Project, Massive Tunes, DJ Analyzer and many more! Buy it here.

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