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Leila K's HELP!

It was a 90s diva she had many hits among the years but now i don't know the circumstances she is homeless.. I don't wanna know from whom fault, but this video shoot last week in Stocholm Sweden is scandalous. I just saw a women who's screaming for help... and guy i think is looking for fame is denigrates a public person, is not legally  and not right (if you have a brain in that case not) to shoot a video and then to laugh because is fun to see a women who's sick. What swedish authorities are saying !? They took romanian example!?  
I'm not perfect but i found this revolting  to drag  down a public person. Do you think is fun!? I'm not.

Alexandra Prince said Yes

The half brazilian & half german singer Alexandra Prince said yes to her boyfriend Simon Ihmig. The event took place last weekend when Alexandra was conquered with a beautiful golden ring.
Alex "shared this event" on her facebook were she posted pics with the new Ms Ihmig.
Profesional speaking Ms Ihmig is very busy with her german project DURSTLÖSCHER, recently released a single called "Durstlöscher--Der N.D.E. Sound" more infos here

Liza Da Costa Captain Jack lead singer released with her project Hotel Bossanova a new material "Bossonomia" with 11 tracks wrote by Liza in her genre that she loves - jazz more details here.

September released in Canada her 2nd single "Me & My Microphone" from her recent european album "Love CPR".

Linda Rocco is preaparing a new single , the news was posted on her official facebook, the date and what genre will be the future single - we don't know...

Leila K From what i read on scandicpop the eurodance legend Leila K will be back with the new project Wallenberg, the tune is called "Legendary" and Leila will do the raps. The new tune can be found on soundcloud for free, more details here

Brooklyn Bounce are back with a collaboration with King Chronic Miss L entitled Cold Rock A Party, to be released on May 20th. Not really the usual style... The following month, they should release a antoher collaboration, this time with Maurizio Gubellini, entitler Bass, Beats & 5 Seconds. Listen to it here Buy it here (Info Karine Sanche)

Pandora, Leila K, Sylver, Tiesto

Pandora's current single Kitchy Kitchy, collaboration with Bloom 06 (former Eiffel 65) is #10 in Sweden this week.

Leila K In 1998, Swedish channel SVT did a report about Leila K. The report is now available internationally on DVD, with English subtitles and 4 bonus videos.
Infos by Karine Sanche

Sylver after the TMF Award for the best album,"Sacrifice", Sylver have decided to launch a new single called "Music", the single will be dropped out next month and it's made in collaboration with John Miles.
(thanks to Dance Vibes & Karine Sanche)

Tiesto filmed a new video with Three 6 Mafia, Sean Kingston & Flo Rida for newest track "Feel it", the tune will be released next month in U.S.