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Alan Alvarez, M'Black, Double You

Alan Alvarez is a dj from Oviedo, Asturias Spain from the age of 6 he studies music at age 15 he become a professional dj. Alan says about him “ I display my talent through my work , and I’m very obsess of what I do .. to find the perfect sound and perfect tune” Alan.
"Just fuck the dj" is one of Alan Alvares singles who can be found on all digital megastores. For more infos about this great dj here .

M'Black behind of this project is Matt Schwartz gulity of Narcotic Thrust & Deepest Blue, and now launched a new dance project who pump up in the charts: #22 Billboard dance airplay, #2 Airplay (Internet radio), #9 Radio airplay (Dance).
"Heartbreak" it’s a superb song, reminds me a little bit of Armin van Buuren work, vocals are made by Nicol and can be found here.

Double You released the a new single entitled If I Could Fall. He is still working in Brazil with his collegues Gino Martini and Tom Hopkins (Thanks to Dance Music News)Info by Karine Sanche


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