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2NE1 without Park Bom

According to allkpop website, Minzy, CL and Dara will attend 2014 SBS  show Gayo Daejun but without the lead singer Park Bom, who took a break for herself according to the official YG statement.
Park Bom is not participating in any other domestic schedules. She is currently taking time to self-reflect. 2NE1 cannot put on a stage without member Park Bom...
Also according to the same website it is not yet confirmed whether or not they'll perform as 3 members on stage.
The hole incident started when korean tabloid was harassing Park Bom with untrue news about her addiction to medical pills. The incident was happen when Park Bom was filming for reality tv show  Room mate ,and the singer decided to leave the reality show.
more details about the scandal here:

Is also known the fact in Korea if a kpop idol is involved in scandal is the end, but the european artists doesn't know  how is to be in a kpop idol shoes. So be thankful everyday for what you receive and treat others with respect.. who knows one day you may need their help ;)

2NE1 hit US market

Korean pop group 2NE1 hit US market. After PSY another korean act gets the attention of american public and it's not a boyband but a girlband.
2NE1 hit the american market with I am the best,   a song who reached in Billboard chart directly on #1. And according to their official account  'I Am the Best' continues making impressions in America as it begins picking up spins on stateside radio.

Park Bom involved in a drug scandal

Leader of kpop group Park Bom was involved in a drug scandal by newspaper Segye Ilbo, according to korean times, Segyo Illbo reported that customs authorities caught Park trying to import 82 pills of amphetamine ― a banned drug in Korea ― through international shipping in 2010. The article went on to question why prosecutors let her off the hook by suspending her indictment. 

Is well known that korean press is hunting their superstars on the wrong foot and a scandal is the end of a kpop idol.

Park Bom  has strongly denied drug smuggling accusations brought up against her by Segye Ilbo and CEO YG Entertainment Yang Hyun made a personal statement  in defense of his artist Park Boom :

“As fans may already know, 2NE1’s Park Bom grew up in the United States before her debut and had dreams of becoming a soccer player. During one soccer match, she witnessed the death of a teammate on the field, after which she fell in a slump, with the extreme trauma and the depression that followed. For several years afterward, she received counseling and treatment, taking medication prescribed to her by a university hospital in the States.

After that incident, Park Bom was unable to continue soccer, and that was when she first came to Korea to audition for YG. I remember that day vividly. The reason I remember her from among the many auditions is that she said, ‘If it’s not with YG I won’t become a singer.’

She didn’t make the first audition, and she came back the next year, where she was eliminated again. After three years of public auditions, she finally finished in first place, and because of that, I have a special memory of her.

The reason why I’m telling you all of this is because the first time I saw Park Bom was 11 years ago. However, it was only four years ago, after speaking with her father, that I found out of her old dreams of becoming a soccer player or of her traumatic experience as a child. As much as this is something even her fellow 2NE1 members did not know, that’s how much I didn’t want to put Park Bom through the recollection of those memories again.

While it’s become a situation where I have no choice but to reveal this, Park Bom had, until four years ago, continuously taken medication prescribed to her by an American university hospital. Due to a busy schedule, she was unable to return to the States for some time, and in the process of having her mother and grandmother receive the medications through post for her, it was stopped at customs, as amphetamines are banned in Korea.

Thankfully, the hospital provided medical records and prescriptions for the investigation, and the case was wrapped up with no further issues.

2NE1 is busy with their world tour schedule right now, and I hadn’t seen Park Bom in a while. But last night, I saw Park Bom crying all night, because of the reports that were released, and was conflicted on whether to talk about something from her past that Park Bom wouldn’t want to bring up.

I sincerely apologize for the concern that this has caused.

We will be back soon with more positive news. Thank you.

2014. 07. 01


Yang Hyun Suk"

According to Korean times Park's agency stoutly defended the singer, revealing that she had been legally prescribed amphetamines to treat her depression when she lived in the United States. 
After arriving in Korea to begin her career as a singer, Park felt that the medication prescribed by local doctors didn't work as effectively. Park's mother then asked a relative living in the U.S. to obtain amphetamines through Park's old medical records and send them to Korea.

Is nothing new under sky because many famous american artists and actors are taken drugs like vitamins because of the stress and effort. But a scandal like this in Korea is unpardonable and can affect serious the career of the artist involved in Park Boom case the end of 2NE1.

Park Bom recently is shooting for a reality show on SBS called Rommates. 

UPDATE: Park Bom left the production of reality show Roommates, yesterday was broadcast the last episode with Park Bom on it, even the production made a statement about Park Bom, that is no problem, many scenes with Park Bom were cut from the show, and many fans complaint about this fact on SBS.

2ne1 All or nothing

+2NE1  the Korean brandare back with a new single All or nothing and the promotion of the video is already done and release on principal social networks. I admire all korean thinks because are made with responsibility and everything must be perfect. The same think happen with german projects in 90's and the management were criticizes because of their aggressiveness, exactly like in  army.  
But if you want to succeed  you must do like the book and +2NE1 is doing in their next single All or nothing  four aliens girls trying to conquer the earth.
Let;s hope that will be  more successful then Missing you and will have success like Falling in love and I am the best.

2ne1 ready for another turn..

CL, Park Bom, Dara and Minzy aka 2ne1 are ready for another turn. The korean girl pop group posted on their official FB that a new single is ready to release, it's named "Falling in love" and will be release worldwide on August 7th.
2ne1 started their career in 2009 when YG Entertainment took the 4 girls under their management and was a great choice . The sympathy that i have of this project is because is done everything professionally and the result can be seen on 2NE1 videos and appearances.
For the single the girls approached a commercial look, and i can wait to see their new video for more infos check   

2ne1 and WillIAm

Park Boom and CL from +2NE1 worked on album Will Power. The girls can be heard on "Gettin' Dumb" and on "Take the world on".
Will I Am material will be launched on April 23, and the english material from +2NE1 later this year.

2ne1 in US

2NE1 is in America! The girlshave confirmed that they are in L.A. in studio preparing their first english material but they didn't tell when will be ready..

 "It was thought we worked so hard two of our staff worked overnight we are sleepy and tired but in the end we got some time to celebrate  Dara's birthday . " 

CL, Minzy and Bom took some free time to celebrate Dara's birthday who was very happy of her gifts but also was more touched by the hundred millions messages from 2NE1 Fans.

"I want to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday. I'm sooooo touched!!! Love u all!!! :)"
Dara thanked on 2NE1  Facebook

I Love You by 2NE1

The 4 cuties: CL,Bom,Dara and Minzy aka 2NE1 came with a lovely dancepop song in The Saturdays style called "I love You".

The girls is preparing their american debut with an english album, on this album 2NE1 is working with the best of the best Will I Am who was impressed but the talent, popularity and the professionalism of girls.
Because behind of them stands an army of managers, PR's , and each singer from the group has her own manager, and they meet only on concerts, recording session, and material releases to avoid this way the backbiting...and cat fights.

2NE1 it's an South Korean product that only brings not only beauty but also quality... and i'm a fan of quality and not of quantities and 2NE1 demonstrated that...

"I love you" was released on July 5th worldwide and we wait and the english version of this single. more details on YG Entertainment