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S*E*X Appeal, Samantha Fox, Pandora

S*E*X Appeal Lyane Leigh E-Rotic lead singer gave an exclusive interview to where she explains how she started the story with showbiz, Lyane owns with her brother 3H Records, Lyane explains "that it's very difficult this days to have the same success like you have in 90's, it's very hard to adapt on market full with people without talent and with nothing to tell thru their music, music is like fashion today you in and tomorrow you're out you must adapt the old with new trends, but  are also  and few artists who made it without a promotion team take a look of Luciana (Bodyrox) or Pandora.
Recently she released on the Amazon a material with her 90's hits called "Peeping Tom Reloaded" and now is working on the new material who will be out next year. The interview can be read here

Greatest Hits
Samantha Fox RedDance covered Sam's hit "Nothing Gonna Stop Me Now" the single was also covered by german singer Daniela Katzenberger and can be found here .

Pandora announced on her facebook account that she will attend a charity event who will be called Sister's International charity for abused women.
Anneli also went "through this" and now is supporting the women who also passing through this tragic stories.
The show will be in Citychurch of Stockholm on December 2nd.

Samantha Fox, Channing, John Dahlback

Samantha Fox is really busy lately after the collaboration with Sabrina Salerno, Sam did another one but this  time with Blue Finger and D'Tech alias 4 Strings and the result is "Forever" an amazing track who was dropped out on beatport on June 8th 2010. For more infos here

Channing release her new single called "You've Got Me Out", The single will be included on her latest 'Majesty' album who was launched on June. More infos about this artist you can found here.

John Dahlback announced on his twitter account that his new remix "Pride ( A deeper Love)" was release on beatport more infos here . His new material is called "Mutants" and was released in May. More here

C&C Music Factory, Samantha, Luciana

C&C Music Factory Former member Freedom Williams comeback on dance scene with a new single, Freedom was in dance group C & C Music Factory and also worked with Linda Rocco on the Masterboy US Album from 2006, the tune it's called "Party Time" and was released on in 2009 in December o all digital megastores. The song can be listen here.

Samantha is a hot swedish blond who is trying her success in US. The new single "U- Turn" was released on Itunes by Robbins Entertainment. Samantha is also a member of the famouse "censored" magazine Slitz "So Burn Mother fucker burn", the single can be found here.

Luciana began the video shoot with David Vendetta at the new single "Make boys cry", the video will be out at the end of this month. Pics from video shoot can be seen here .

Lasgo, Samantha Fox

Lasgo Jelle the new vocalist posed for the Belgian magazine P-Magazine. You can see the photo shoot here.
Also the belgian readers can see and a material with her where is talking about the new Lasgo's album.

Samantha Fox did it again, after Sabrina, Samantha has recorded a new single with Marc Mysterio, the tune is called "Tomorrow it's another day" an can be found on . The single was released on 9th September and will be included on Sam's new material who will be launched next year. You can listen the single here

Ann Lee you can discover this great artist in a exclusive interview gave for Eurodance Blog & Eurodance Encyclopedia the interview was made by Tavi Meran. Special thanks to Ann Lee & Letizia Pignagnoli from Off Limits Production.

Sabrina Salerno & Samantha Fox, Hadise

Sabrina Salerno & Samantha Fox It's not a match! just an collaboration of the disco diva's from 80's, yeap, you see it right!
Sabrina Salerno will record a song with Samantha Fox, a cover after Blondie hit "Call Me" the track was the soundtrack of the smash movie "American gigolo" with Richard Gere.
Finally the dream of the disco fans will come true to see this divas working together, the video will be shoot on Sabrina garden at the end of August and will be "explosive",the single will be released in September.

Hadise her next single will be called "Fast Life".
The track is included on her recent album with the same name "Fast Life". More infos here

September , Samantha Fox, Regi, AnnaGrace, Lasgo

Hi there !!
Finally i decided to wrote something on this blog:-) because i have some great news ...
I leave Rihanna & Chris Brown to resolve their problems but not with violence like they did on the night of Grammy's more details about the story HERE .
Let's began our trip first stop will be:
September aka Petra Marklund posted a video with a message for her fans on Valentine's Day..

Samantha Fox is back this year with a new material called "Angel with Attitude" more infos about the album you can discover on her official myspace.

Regi begin his show "Regi Dance MNM" at the newest dance Belgian station MNM (ex. Radio Donna).
You can't listen him every friday from 20:00 cet live, by the way last last night dropped, on his show, the new single from AnnaGrace.

AnnaGrace after her success with "You make me feel" Anna and her producer Peter Luts decided that is the time for a new single called "Let The Feelings Go".

Lasgo After the success of 'Out Of My Mind' (23 weeks in the Flemish Ultratop) Lasgo is
ready for another smash: 'Gone'.
Singer Jelle went all the way to LA to shoot the video... "
You can watch the video shoot here

Info by Karine Sanche

Sabrina Salerno, Samantha Fox, Alex Gaudino, Crystal Waters,Elize, Geo Da Silva

the "Sexy Girl" from 90's lunched her video "ERASE REWIND" a cover of The Cardigans success, the song is included on her album with the same name lunched on 3th October.
Let's hope that this song will be part in Playlist's of Italians Music Televisions..:)

Thanx for this info to Karine Sanche

Samantha Fox lunched a new song in 2008 called "Midnight Lover", a nice pop dance with oriental influence ...and was release in June 2008.
The new album will be release next year.

Alex Gaudino After his success with "Destination Calabria" & "Watch Out". Gaudino break the charts again with his new single called "I'm The Dj", the song is #2 in Club Chart after of week of release..

Crystal Waters the "Gipsy Woman" lunched her first single after a long break, the name of the single is called "Never Enough" and will be release on 8 December 2008, the song will precede her new album who will be ready next year...

Elize lunched her new single called "Hot Stuff" ( Donna Summer's success from 70's).The single was release on 4th September.

Geo Da Silva The Romanian Mc sign with Ministry Of Sound Germany label..
The next single will be called "Like The Flipper" and was performed for the first time on romanian show "Duminica in familie"(23.11.2009).