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Samira a new material

The eurodance singer Samira Besic known after her collaboration with Maxx , is back in studio with her team from Clic. 
Samira is very enthusiastic about the new tunes of the project,  who are made with Rafal Kaiser who was also responsible of last one material Clic.
The new album will be out later this year and it's a combination of rock, pop, jazz. More infos

Samira Besic a new song !?

                                     [Photo Samira website]

The german singer with  bosnian roots Samira Besic is coming.. it seems on dance scene. The rumor was spread by the singer herself posting new photo shoots showing that is ready for dancefloor. 
Samira was known after the collaboration with Maxx on the song Get away but also from The rain and It was him who were huge hits in Europe. 
2014 it seems to be the year when eurodance has again the chance to hit the charts, i'm the one who is spreading the news but the biggest  italian producer from DWArecords.
So for ..Samira is the perfect timing to show us her amazing vocals .....

Samira & Clic

The voice of 90's mega hit "Get Away"(Maxx) Samira Besic is coming in 2012 with a new project called Clic. The half bosnian artist told us that 2012 will be a great year for her, because she started a project that she always dreamed - an alternative pop project - called Clic.

Samira says: "We just got back from the Parachute Pony Studios here in Berlin and we had a great, great time there.
We've recorded a selection of our songs,and we all are very excited, motivated, and cannot wait to be on stage soon... said the artist.

The new material under the name of Clic will be out later this year.... more infos here
Till then you can enjoy this masterpiece called "When I Look Into Your Eyes" and released in 1994.

Dance News

"Show Me The Way" is the new single from American singer/songwriter/producer, JES. She kept the same line but the collaboration with Allure gave to this single a strong vibe.

Andain is a San Francisco-based duo with a musical approach at electronic music, the band was formed by Josh Gabriel, songwriter/vocalist Mavie Marcos, and guitarist David Penner. In Europe Andain blowed the dance charts with "Beautiful things" and "You Once Told Me", and after a long silence came with a new single called "Promises".

Above & Beyond single it's called ‎"Thing Called Love" and made in collaboration with Richard Bedford the tune can be found on amazon.

Lori Glori (Intermission, Dj Bobo) has a new single called "Jump" made with TUKLAN & FIRETIME, a preview of the new single here.

Samira Besic Maxx lead singer finally decided that it's time to bring out a new material - a dance track, the news was posted on her official facebook account but the name of the song was not confirmed yet.

September , Samira, Magic Affair, Blumchen

September the new single from September was released in Uk.
The single can be buy it from HERE

Samira(Maxx)finally after 10 years of silence. Samira decided to joined forces Markus Engel and released this wonderful dance track "DEFINITION OF LIFE". The single can be found and listen HERE
Thanx to this info to Samira

Dance Floor An exclusive interview with Franca Morgano & Ak Swift can be read here, also you can read an exclusive interview with ex E-Rotic vocalist Lyane Leigh.

Blumchen here it is the interview from Sat1 WeckUp show. Enjoy it!

Thanx to crazysexymarvelous

The news was copy from Eurodance Blog

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