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Tania Evans, Dr.Alban

Tania Evans performed at Nightingale Club in the UK a few monthes ago. Here is a video showing her singing Mr Vain along with a rapper called Dondeman (thanks to Karine Sanche & Klems).

Dr.Alban made a song for DJ m:ret-zon called "Summerday", the tune was wrote by Dr.Alban and m:ret-zon and was released on 15th May. The track can be listen here

Abigail Bailey, Tania Evans, Bad Boys Blue, Anorah

Abigail Bailey has been one of the scenes most leading vocalists since she stormed the charts in 2005 when the massive club anthem Herd N Fitz " i just cant get enough" was released through Eric Morrilios Subliminal label. Abigail is also responsible for writing the top lines to Changes for Chris lake and MYNC projects "something on your mind" Soul Central "time after Time" along with many more releases on Toolroom,MOS Stealth AATW Ego Defected GNAF Pacha Records.
In 2008 join forces with Tom Novy & Armanda Records and made a dance toon called "Runaway". My fav. version is Jerry Ropero edit.

Tania Evans ( Former Culture Beat vocalist) will be back!..She is recording some new music stuff ( soul, blues and dance music). she is planning a tour across europe and russia for 2009 to perform the culture beat classics and of course very new songs. (thanx to Cesar)
Bad Boys Blue On 17th October 2008 Thinkpozit (Rebeat Music) released brand new compilation of Bad Boys Blue titled "The Single Hits (Greatest Hits)"
The tracks on the material are:

1. L.O.V.E. In My Car 4:01
2. You're A Woman 3:57
3. Pretty Young Girl 3:40
4. I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) 4:04
5. Kisses And Tears (My One And Only) 3:54
6. Love Really Hurts Without You 3:45
7. Come Back And Stay 4:06
8. Gimme Gimme Your Lovin' (Little Lady) 3:58
9. A World Without You (Michelle) (Radio Edit) 3:36
10. Don't Walk Away, Suzanne 3:48
11. Lovers In The Sand 3:45
12. Hungry For Love 4:30
13. Lady In Black 3:46
14. A Train To Nowhere 3:53
15. How I Need You 3:37
16. Queen Of Hearts (7" Mix) 4:12
17. Jungle In My Heart (7" Mix) 3:56
18. I Totally Miss You (7" Mix) 3:57
19. Save Your Love (7" Mix) 4:00
20. A Love Like This (Radio Edit) 3:46

Anorah(E-type) lunched her website