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Nana Hedin, 2 Fabiola, Alexia

Nana Hedin (E-Type,Dr.Alban)is struggle with cancer you can support her even if you live outside of Sweden. More details here

2Fabiola after a long break from eurodance scene, 2Fabiola is ready to release another single called "Release Your Soul" the tune can be found here

Thanks for the infos to Karine Sanche

Alexia will be guest artist on Luca Jurman album "Live in blue note Milano". The tune that Alexia is featured is called "Signed sealed delivered I’m yours".

Nana Hedin, SweetBox, Suzy Thunder

Nana Hedin a sad news !
Nana Hedin after at a routine control, her doctor discover a tumor on her tongue. Nana started the treatment with cytotoxin , and will see how will affect this treatment her singing .

Nana Hedin was born on the 24th of May 1968 in Eskilstuna. She started singing at the very early age of 3.
In 1992 she started to work with Dr Alban on his tours around the world. After that become the new E-Type vocalist..
Nana did the backing vocals of Dj Bobo - World In Motion, Britney Spears, Celine Dion & A-Teens'. If you live in Sweden you can help her (Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Sweetbox launched the new album called "The Next Generation" after Jade Villalon's departure from the group to make a new project with Roberto "Geo" Rosan called Eternity 8,the Sweetbox producers found a new vocalist, Jamie Pineda 18 years old.
The single released from the new album it's called "We can work it out!"

Suzy Thunder The single "Big" this week is # 9 in Iceland charts.