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September impressed by one her fans

Petra Marklund aka September was impressed by a gift sent by a fan. The singer shared on her official account a cartoon caricature, were the lead character is a dog, who's drinking, and singing on eof Petra hits "Party in my head". I don't know if the fan gesture made Petra's to return on dance, but surly impressed her.
Right now the singer is preparing the new album, that will be launched this year, and will be in the same style like the previous - Inferno.

Petra Marklund says hi from Spain!

The swedish singer Petra Marklund aka September left behind Sweden for a trip on sunny beach from Malaga Spain. The singer together with her production team went there to celebrate holidays but also to work on her future album that will be launched in 2015. Petra decided Malaga because is beautiful place and she feels  inspired for the new songs.

Hi darlings !! How are you ?? it's been awhile since you didn't get any news from me. I'm still here! I 'm not dead! Now i'm busy working on writing songs.. I'm full ! Oh ! Really looking forward to playing music for you, although it will take some time to .. Now i'm Malaga New album soon.  I 'll keep you posted ! Big hugs ! Petra

Petra Marklund very happy about Allsang Tv show

Petra Marklund aka September announced on her Twitter that she was amazed by the collaboration as anchor on swedish television and she thank all the team who helped her in this season of Allsang.

Hello Guys! Now i set here among the bubbles and flowers and thinking: Oh my God! I did it! Wow what an amazing time i've had with you this summer.. And I'm very glad that you seem to have appreciated my singing to the Olympics, THANK my gang from STV. You're just  wow!! Now I draw the palms !!

"Goodbye Eurodance" says Petra Marklund

In a recent interview gave Petra Marklund aka September said that will end up with eurodance style this Fall when will  release the newest album.
For this swedish material the eurodance princess worked with Daniel Ledinsky Saska Becker and Jocke Berg (Kent).

Petra said :"I just want to do what I love. I'm very proud of this album. This record has been on my mind for quite some time so it feels great that it is ready now. "

September - From Top Ten artist - in the street!?

From Top Ten Artist in the street. The hot blonde, Petra Marklund was provoked by Swedish Television SVT to sing live in the street, and  was not only thing, also to collect some money for a cause....
The result you can see it in this video ...


JES is back on track with a new tune entitled "Can't stop", the tune was official released on November 7th and can be found on JES

September Petra Marklund just released last week the new video "Party my head" .The video was shoot on July 18th by Patric Ullaeus the one who made and the latest video.

Pandora was nominated at OE Music Video Awards with "Why" the song extracted from her recent material "Head Up High". Soon Pandora will release another track here it is a preview
Pandora - Head Up High by andersnyman

Neja's single "Walking on a dream" was choosen by Coconuda their tv spot, the tune will be included on "Sushi club reloaded" . Neja says "the ones who appreciated the first volume of "sushi club 133", cannot miss the "reloaded" version, enriched by the warm and sophisticated sound of the FBI band... "
The new material will be done before Christmas.

Eva Simons released her 3rd single an amazing track made with Apster and it's called "I Need More" preview of the new single can be seen here.

Lili Rocha it's brazilian native singer and "Gold In Your Soul" it's her recent single launched on August 2011 and for this single she collaborated with Steven Wolf.
"Gold In Your Soul" is enpowering song that advocates self worth and challenges listeners to find the confindence within. More details here

Me and my "September"

Last night Petra Marklund posted on twiter her latest video "Me and my microphone", a tune from recent material "Love Cpr" loved by  fans but also by international press..
The video was  simple made and was shoot on July 18th by Patric Ullaeus  the one who made and the latest video.
The  video  shows not - naked girls, like the music industry shows today,  just a simple one who shows that a girl can be a sexy by - simplicity  & natural beauty... in my opinion is amazing,  and will conquer the viewers for sure ..
 A natural girl will beat the one with plastic surgery by simplicity and talent...
"Me and my microphone" will be a hit if not on radio but on youtube for sure.. you decide

September did it again

September she has "Party in her head" because her new single "Party in my head" is #2 on Itunes dance charts in Sweden. The single was extracted from recent material "Love CPR". And is not only my opinion but for sure this year Petra will take all the Grammy Swedish awards.
September - Party In My Head (Coucheron Radio Edit) by Coucheron

News updates

Smile DK One of Smile newest memebers Cecilia gave birth to beautiful daughter on the 29 th of June. The news was shared on Facebook with her fans.

Gina G is doing very well her newest single "Next 2U" was released in UK, soon will be launched and the new version of the video who will promote that single. Gina G came back in 2011 after a long absence from dance scene with a new look and a fresh sound.

September On french fanbase was posted a news that September shot the videolcips for "Party In My Head" and "Me And My Microphone" on July 18th. The clips were again directed by famous videoclip director Patric Ullaeus.(thanks to KDJ).

Party in my head ....

September goes right to the top ! Petra's new album " Love CPR" is # 2 in Itunes Canada Chart, recently she release there her first song from that album "Me &My Microphone", back to Europe September is preparing her 3nd single "Party in My Head" right now is working on the new video that will be release soon.... another news about Petra is that was choosen by Pxpxi Co Sweden to be their image.

Dance News

September's album Love CPR will be launched in US on July 5th. The material can be found also on amazon US in mp3 and audio cd format, more details here

Dj Sammy made a remix for Fawni called "Ready When You Are", the single can be found here.

AnnaGrace just announced on her official twitter account that the new material will be ready for release this autumn.

Also Sharon May Linn confirmed that is working on her album with most famous dj's in the bizz, the material will be ready later this year.

Alexandra Prince said Yes

The half brazilian & half german singer Alexandra Prince said yes to her boyfriend Simon Ihmig. The event took place last weekend when Alexandra was conquered with a beautiful golden ring.
Alex "shared this event" on her facebook were she posted pics with the new Ms Ihmig.
Profesional speaking Ms Ihmig is very busy with her german project DURSTLÖSCHER, recently released a single called "Durstlöscher--Der N.D.E. Sound" more infos here

Liza Da Costa Captain Jack lead singer released with her project Hotel Bossanova a new material "Bossonomia" with 11 tracks wrote by Liza in her genre that she loves - jazz more details here.

September released in Canada her 2nd single "Me & My Microphone" from her recent european album "Love CPR".

Linda Rocco is preaparing a new single , the news was posted on her official facebook, the date and what genre will be the future single - we don't know...

Leila K From what i read on scandicpop the eurodance legend Leila K will be back with the new project Wallenberg, the tune is called "Legendary" and Leila will do the raps. The new tune can be found on soundcloud for free, more details here

Brooklyn Bounce are back with a collaboration with King Chronic Miss L entitled Cold Rock A Party, to be released on May 20th. Not really the usual style... The following month, they should release a antoher collaboration, this time with Maurizio Gubellini, entitler Bass, Beats & 5 Seconds. Listen to it here Buy it here (Info Karine Sanche)

Dance updates

Tiesto is ready for a new dance hit after a long break the # 1 club man is "Zero 76" his new single made in collaboration with Hardwell. A preview of the new single here.

Nexx the swedish dance group with "Syncronize Lips" is preparing a new material till now are done 8 tracks explained Rob on his Twitter account, the new material will be released later this year in Poland, Romania & Sweden.

September gets award after award after she got "a scandipop award" now was awarded by swedish magazine "Elle", her debut singles are  climbing  on itunes dance charts so Petra is ready to party in 2011 with her "dancing shoes".

United Passion the german dance project has a new member Carina and on beginning of February would start the recordings of their first single with the new member. The newe single will coming out at the Spring 2011. (thanks to Urs Stettler)

Sovrana Prod. is ready to release a great hands up single called "Come In And Stay", the single was made in collaboration with Dj Mill4anno, a preview can be seen here .

Maria Rubia after a long break from dance scene the hot blond and one of former Fragmas vocalists announced on her Twitter account that's is ready to party, Maria would start this month the record session of her new material who will be done later this year. Till  then  you can sing "Everytime you need me" :)

Eurodance News

SAIFAM project DJ Space'C's new single is entitled "Just The Way You Are" Buy it here

ATB will release his new compilation "ATB the DJ in the mix 6" on December 31st,2010. It includes his new single entitled "Twisted love". more infos here
Infos Karine Sanche

Kate Ryan launched on internet the preview samples of her forthcoming album who will be out in January/February 2011. more infos here.

LayZee( Mr.President) made a remake of his 90's hit "Up 'n' Away 2011" with Dj Othello the single will be out soon on all digital platforms and right now LayZee is on promotion tour in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Moldova. ( Thanks to LayZee himself)

No artist No tracks released  his new video "Say Bye" and a christmas song called "The night before Christmas". More details you can find here.

Sylvia Tosun was nominated on International Dance Music Award (IDMA) at 3 categories: Best Trance Track, Best Pop Dance Track, Best Break-Through Artist(solo) you can vote for her here.

Robyn released a new single called "Indestructible" the video can be seen here.

September Petra Marklund was nominated at QX Awards and her new single "Me and my microphone was chosen by UK press record of the year.

Above & Beyond The dj's behind of Oceanlab project released on Itunes for free their podcast "Trance Around The World #351 with Above & Beyond". Infos here.

Enigma released on his webiste a free track "MMX (THE SOCIAL SONG)", more details here .

Corona Steve Angello made a mash up of Corona's hit "Rhythm of the night", the mash up was played last night on Peter Luts radio show. A preview here.

After Mikrofonkåt comes Me and my microphone

After September success version of "Mikrofonkåt" –now comes the English version.
"Me and my microphone" is the name of the song that has already aroused great interest in England and America
- It is completely unbelievable! says Petra Marklund.

September's success with "So much the better" version of Petters' Mikrofonkåt "continues.
Sales in Sweden has passed the platinum, and the song continues to top the charts.
September thought to try now "Mikrofonkåt" in English –the new version it's called "Me and my microphone".
- “At first I thought it would be difficult to change the text into another language, but I figured I'd try anyway. And there was actually no surprise, it was really good! she says.

What is distinguishes in "Mikrofonkåt" and "Me and my microphone" in addition to the language and title?
- The theme is slightly different in English, it is not possible to translate word by word but I kept that emotion. Then I had rather do on a slightly different way, and try to get a little clever, and funny. I sing about me and my pickups are out in the world and sing and live flea, "said Petra Marklund and laughs.
The song topped the charts in several countries, and is also the first hit single from September's upcoming album "Love CPR". - The English record companies think it's great, and also from the USA, we have received good response. It is quite unbelievable, really fun! she says. Petra

"Me and my microphone" was release on itunes and soon will be available and o others platforms.

Article by Av Sofia Persson

Dance News

Dance Love Pop (Love Love Love Edition)

Agnes The Liverpool dance project Cahill made a remix of Agnes "Big Blue Wall" song who is included on "Dance Love pop" material. A preview here.

September released on itunes a english version of "Mikrofonkat" called "Me & My Microphone". The new track will be included on September future material who will be out next year, so don't forget September is back and is trying to resuscitate all the charts with her music!!

Brooklyn Bounce dj Denis Bohn released on digital platforms an album with Brooklyn Bounce remixes, the name of that material is "BB-Styles(Dj Edition)" and was released on December 12 under Mental Madness Records more infos here.

Eurodance News

Mr. President front lady T Seven is back with a new material and a new music project. Her project it's called JUDY & THE FISH TOWN COWBOYS and the single "How much is the fish" a cover after Scooter but in country style more infos here.

Carolina Marquez is preparing a new single for 2011, the tune will be made by Kylian Mash and Vanni Giorgilli.

Pandora said on her facebook account that it's working on the new material the launch and the name is unknown yet.

September Peter a swedish hip hop project made a cover after Petra huge success "Satellites" the video can be seen here.

Eurodance news

Cascada is recovering after the surgery, in few weeks Natalie will be on tour again promoting her single "NN".

Luciana presented last week, on american tour, a new song called "So Hot", will be her new single !? more here.

Robert Abigail the belgian dj who worked with Agnes & 2Brothers on the 4th Floor, is releasing a new single "City Where The Party's On".

September's new single "Resuscitate Me" is # 1 on Itunes dance charts.

Bad Boys Blue recorded new vocals for "Show Me The Way (Re-Recorded 2010)" which will be featured on the polish edition of "25".

Look Twice This week, Look Twice "Move That Body 2010" hit #2 in iTunes Dance charts in Sweden. We can help them doing better !

Eurodance news

September released her new video "Resuscitate Me" who was directed by by Patric Ullaeus. Watch here

Linn Maria Sonic Dream Collective lead singer released her new album "Mamma Bland Annat" (A Mom among other). Linn's describe it as: "A mixture of gratitude, happiness, devotion with a streak of melancholy and reflects myself" more infos about the material here .

Klubbingman launched a new compilation called "Welcome to the club". Thanks to Karine Sanche

Aqua In an interview for Danish Television, Nystrom Lene told that Aqua just finished recording a brand new album and that they had plans to release it next spring. The year, Lene is again the face for the new collection of the Danish jewellery Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.( Info by Karine Sanche)