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Robyn Monument

Swedish pop star Robyn is ready to land on the moon, this is the theme of her newest video directed by Max Vitalli and Jefta van Dinther choreographer.
The video is been included on her mini album #DoITAgain a material that was the influences of Royksopp. The transformation of this artist is really spectacular from cheesy pop in her first material in 98, very Electric in My truth she kept the fire burning  until now when she reborn like phoenix in the new material #DoITAgain.
an the motto of this artist is I do what i want and not what they want... and if you are her fan you might be familiar with this because this message is omnipresent in her works.

previews from the video

 Robyn described this video : There is light and darkness colliding and it’s all being served on a lit up platter to encapsulate this ceremony we are partaking in. It has been influenced by the iconic imagery in 70’s sic fi comics that we grew up with....

Robyn - Do it again

Pop diva Robyn came with a track made in collaboration with Röyksopp a song about that moments in live when you are to about to quit and  Do It Again.

Eurodance News

SAIFAM project DJ Space'C's new single is entitled "Just The Way You Are" Buy it here

ATB will release his new compilation "ATB the DJ in the mix 6" on December 31st,2010. It includes his new single entitled "Twisted love". more infos here
Infos Karine Sanche

Kate Ryan launched on internet the preview samples of her forthcoming album who will be out in January/February 2011. more infos here.

LayZee( Mr.President) made a remake of his 90's hit "Up 'n' Away 2011" with Dj Othello the single will be out soon on all digital platforms and right now LayZee is on promotion tour in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Moldova. ( Thanks to LayZee himself)

No artist No tracks released  his new video "Say Bye" and a christmas song called "The night before Christmas". More details you can find here.

Sylvia Tosun was nominated on International Dance Music Award (IDMA) at 3 categories: Best Trance Track, Best Pop Dance Track, Best Break-Through Artist(solo) you can vote for her here.

Robyn released a new single called "Indestructible" the video can be seen here.

September Petra Marklund was nominated at QX Awards and her new single "Me and my microphone was chosen by UK press record of the year.

Above & Beyond The dj's behind of Oceanlab project released on Itunes for free their podcast "Trance Around The World #351 with Above & Beyond". Infos here.

Enigma released on his webiste a free track "MMX (THE SOCIAL SONG)", more details here .

Corona Steve Angello made a mash up of Corona's hit "Rhythm of the night", the mash up was played last night on Peter Luts radio show. A preview here.

Eurodance News

Cascada Natalie just show up with a "new video call" for her fans, saying that will be ready to sing next year and to attend to all the gigs ... right now her schedule is visiting her doctor and home. Also Natalie confirmed that the new album will be done and ready to release at the beginning of 2011. Till then you can enjoy "NN".

Robyn was  nominated on Grammy Music Awards  with "Dancing On My Own".

Loona's next single will be a collaboration with Movetown entitled "El Cucaracho". It should be released in the beginning of 2011.(Info Karine Sanche)

Dj Project Gino Manzoti just release with the new dance sensation Ella Rose the video "No U, No Love", you can watch it here

Kim Sozzi new single "Rated-R" will be official released on December 6th.

Body Talk - Robyn

Body Talk [Explicit] [+digital booklet]

Robyn is one of top 10 Swedish pop/dance artists who's not fallow the "fashion wave" because Robyn is not the typical pop puppet. So her music is influenced by artists such as Prince,  Neneh Cherry & David Bovie and this pop genre gives to Robyn the opportunity to mixed the pop with modern styles , like her new material released under Konichiwa Records, her own label, called "Body Talk".
The record it's a combination of tracks from Body talk 1 and 2 but also and some new ones like this song "Call your girlfriend" who will be released like the album on November 22.

3 Call Your Girlfriend by Jon_ALi

Stunt, Robyn, Reset, Armin van Buuren

Stunt aka Molly Smitten Downes is back with a new single called "I'm Alive", made in collaboration with Micky Modelle & Breeze, the song it's on this month compilation "Hardcore Till I Die 3" and can be found on itunes.

Robyn release her new single "Hang with me", the tune is from newest material Body Talk Pt.2, infos about this material you can find here.

Reset after all these years of silence Stig E Antonsen, Camilla Alvestad (Lead Vocal) & Thomas Borgvang (Solid Base)bring back the project Reset, the new single it's called "Just Say Yeah" a song submitted at this year contest Eurodance Web Awards 2010, you can vote for them here.

Armin has joined Paul Oakenfold and Paul van Dyk to make "Remember Love", an homage to the 21 victims and visitors of the 19th edition of the world-famous Loveparade event. All proceeds will be donated to charity.
Armin explains: “For the first time an Englishman, a German and a Dutchman teamed up and became united in the studio, creating a track that I hope people will love and treasure. Our purpose was united in the sense that we wanted to pay homage to those whose lives were lost, and to have their memories live on in the spirit of our record.”
The tune can be found here.

Sonic Dream Collective, Novaspace, Verona, Ace of Base, Robyn

Sonic Dream Collective Anders Wågberg Sonic Dream Collective member and on of Betty N'Boop producer, came back on music scene after a long silence with a new project and a new song, called Patronic and Natten Änglar "8(Night Angels 8)". The song can be listen here.

Novaspace aka Jenny Marsala and Felix J. Gauder, the famous eurodance producer of E-Rotic, Masterboy and Fancy, release the 4th single and the video "Close your eyes". The video was shoot on Ibiza last month.

Verona the Czech duo made by Markéta Jakšlová vocalist and Peter Fider producer, released a new song called "Up to the stars". Verona is famous band from Czech Republic known for their hits like "You got to move on", "Stay with me" and "Do you really wanna know". Recently the project  had an promotion tour in China. More infos here 

Ace of Base aka Ulf, Jonas and the new vocalists Clara and Julia made a song called "Mr Replay" the date of release is unknown yet. You can listen a preview here

Robyn gave an interview to Dummy site were is explains the turn that she take from classic pop to dance, the interview can be read here.

Future Breeze release in February a remix of their hit from '97 "Why don't you dance with me". You can listen the song here 

Robyn, Sylvia Tosun, Luciana, Wendel Kos

Body Talk Pt 1

Robyn The hot pop singer-songwriter release a new single called "Dancing On My Own", the tune has an amazing beats mixed with nice vocals. "Dancing On My Own" will be release on June 13th. The tune is included on "Body Talk pt 1" an diffrent material who be fallowed with other parts.
Robyn explains why is choosing to release this kind of materials:"I think this splitting a full album up into different releases is, in a way, how people listen to music as well. It’s more about songs now." "But for me this is not an EP or a lesser version of an album. It’s an album, but it’s maybe not the normal length." says Robyn.

Right now the hot blond it is on tour in America with Kelis.

Push N Pull (Feat. Sylvia Tosun) (Friscia & Lamboy Club Mix)

Sylvia Tosun is in studio recording with Tom Lord-Alge new songs for the new upcoming EP who will be ready later this year till now are done 2 tracks.

Luciana (Bodyrox) just signed with U.S. label Experience Sounds/Geffen/Interscope to release "I like that" in USA, and the new single with Bodyrox "Shut your mouth" is climping on tops.

Restlessness (Wendel Kos Edit)

Wendel Kos aka Ewout Wendel Kosis one of the biggest Dance Music producers from Holland released on April 13th in collaboration with Bastien Laval a great summer dance song called "Restlessness". For more infos about this producer here

Luciana, Robyn, D Bag, Sylvia Tosun

Luciana was nominated on Winter Music Conference at four categories:

1. Best Underground Dance Track - I Like That / Luciana
7. Best Electro/Tech House - I Like That / Luciana
25. Best Music Video - I Like That / Luciana
30. Best Artist (Solo) - Luciana

You can vote here.

Robyn you ca download for free a remix of Robyn's song "Change of Heart", here.

D Bag is a electro project from Off limits production, the new single from this project is called “My Borther Was A Rockstarter” rated by Steve Aoki and Congorock and supported by Foamo. For more infos check this page.

Sylvia Tosun her single "Push n Pull" climps at # 3 in on Billboard Club chart and on UK's Music Week Club Chart is # 10.

N-Trance, Robyn, Dj Jean, Sylver, Claudia Cazacu, Dj Bobo, AB Logic

N-Trance The guys finally decided to upload the unreleased album from 1997 entitled 'The Mind Of The Machine' to itunes & other download sites with two new tracks, ' Free Running' & 'The Earth Is Dying ' to complete the album & tried to produce the tracks in a similar style that recorded in 1997.
More infos about the album check HERE

Robyn the swedish pop girl lunched an acoustic EP called "The Cherrytree Sessions" available NOW at Borders stores and the following retailers:
On the EP you can find also LIVE acoustic performances of "Be Mine," "With Every Heartbeat," and "Bum Like You"!

Dj Jean an exclusive interview with Dj Jean you can read here

Sylver released the new single called "I hate you now".

Claudia Cazacu the romanian dj who made it to be promoted by Tiesto released her single called "Earproof" .. More infos here

Dj Bobo On DJ Bobo's official website you can vote for DJ Bobo's next tour's title. More details here

AB Logic a great interview made by Klems to Marianne Festraets (AB Logic vocalist) can be read here

Thanx for this infos to Karine Sanche

Helena Paparizou, Robyn, Cascada, Belle Perez, Eurokdj News

Helena Paparizou will prepare a repackaging version of the album "Vrisko To Logo Na Zo" with the title "Vrisko To Logo Na Zo:Deluxe Edition"
The material will be lunched on 22th December 2008, also Elena is working at a new english material who will be release on Spring 2009.

Robyn was nominated at 51st edition of Grammy awards 2009 for the best dance album "Robyn".

Cascada the new single from Natalie "Faded" riched #12 in the US Top 50 Club Chart.
The single will be release in Germany next year
Thanx for the info to crazysexymarvellous

Belle Perez lunched in November her new single "You" from from her "Holiday On Ice Show".

Eurokdj News

Annagrace (former Ian van Dahl) is #7 in the US Top 50 Club Chart.

Rebeca's new single is entitled Se Me Olvidó (thanks to Abelito)

On Fun Factory's official Myspace, you can discover a new track : Fun Factory's Theme 2009 (thanks to Eva Sipkova)

Sani's (Aikakone) song for Eurovision will be Doctor Doctor . You can hear a sample here. It's also a dance.

YoungFire just released their new single, Lonely from their highly anticipated CD, Euro-Fire coming out later this month. Visit to listen (thanks to Young Fire staff).

The Italian compilation Dance Hit Mania is full of excellent original dance tracks by unknown projects available on Juno Download (thanks to Thomas Hromadka)

Alex's new single Put Your Hands Up was released on December 7th, available from their official website online shop. It will be released worldwide in January.

Aqua has now confirmed they are working on new material. No releasedates yet, but late in 2009 is most likely (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

KLM Music Ft. Whigfield just entered the danish dancechart as #14 with their updated version of Saturday Night (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Photos with the Eurodance event We love 90's can be seen Here

Infos send by Karine Sanche

September, Kate Ryan, Robyn, Luciana

September Petra was nominated with Schiller at Grammy awards 2009 Best Dance Recording.
Schiller was nominated also:
Time For Dreams | Schiller With Lang Lang
Time For Dreams | Schiller With Lang Lang
Zenit | Schiller With Klaus Schulze
Tired Of Being Alone | Schiller With Tarja Turunen
Porque Te Vas | Schiller With Ana Toroja
Infos from
The event will take place in LA on February 8th...

Kate Ryan Finally the new album "Free" from Kate arrived and in Romania.
More infos about the album you can find HERE

Robyn lunched her album and in Romania known for her success like "Show me love" from '97 "Keep the fire burnin", "Every heartbeat", "Handle Me" ..
More infos here

Luciana(born Luciana Caporaso in 1977 in London) is a English pop singer and rapper she is of English and Portuguese parentage.
"I've been making music for a few years now (I'm a showbiz 21!). My career for me really started with the band Shooter and the song 'Life's A Bitch' which many of you still get in touch with me about, and which did ok in the States. Came home from America and took some time to decide what I wanted to do next - started listening to the artists like the Rapture, Gary Numan, and Goldfrapp (amongst others)".Luciana

In Europe is well known with the band Bodyrox and Taio Cruz. After this collaboartion finally decided to produce her own album called " Featuring Luciana"
The tracks from the album are:
1. What Planet You On? (feat. Luciana) [Original Club Mix] - Bodyrox
2. Famous (feat. Luciana) [Vocal Club Mix] - Super Mal
3. Party Animal (feat. Luciana) [Vocal Club Mix] - Mark Knight
4. London Punk (feat. Luciana) [Vocal Club Mix] - Michael Gray
5. Pretty Young Things (feat. Luciana) - Kurtis Mantronik
6. I Wish U Would (feat. Luciana) [Martijn Ten Velden Vocal Club Mix] - Martijn ten Velden
7. Trouble (feat. Luciana) [Original Vocal Mix] - The Force
8. Bigger Than Big (feat. Luciana) [Vocal Club Mix] - Super Mal
9. Ride (feat. Luciana) [D Ramirez Vocal Club Mix] - Portabella
10. Yeah Yeah (feat. Luciana) [D Ramirez Vocal Club Mix] - Bodyrox
11. Sat Night, Sun Morning (feat. Luciana) [Original Vocal Club Mix] - Max Linen & Nick Clow
12. What Planet You On? (feat. Luciana) [Martijn Ten Velden Mix] - Bodyrox
13. Come On Girl (feat. Luciana) [Radio Edit] - Taio Cruz

Elo-Kin a product of Danzel Records, lunched her first album called "Remixing it Up!!".
More infos about this artist you can find here