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Aqua,Christiane Eiben, Infernal

Aqua After their success with "Back to 80’s" , Aqua have just released their second single from their "Greatest Hits" album called "My mamma said" a ballad who is the most saddest songs ever about death , once again Lene & Co prooves that it’s not only a bubblegum band and this new style feet’s them very well.Along with this single they release and a cool video directed Rasmus Laumann.

Thanks to Aqua website.

Christiane Eiben(Dj Bobo,SAY,Loft) will be back on music scene in December with Seven Up band her new project. You can see her live on 20 December on Stadthalle Göttingen, 15 Clock Clock & 19:00 CET.

Infernal Lina & Paw are back in studio preparing the new tracks for the future Infernal material. Lina said on Infernal website: "So far I think we have like 50 tracks stretching from only a bassline to fully produced four minute tracks with breaks and details and all the little things that make music interesting."
The new single will be ready in the spring and the album in the fall next year.