Nina an activist

The european dance legend - Nina Gerhard, was today in Frankfurt for a marsh against nationalism who's conquer nowadays the european states, and the result is that hate against people who are indoctrinate by weak politicians, that one solution for better living is hate  against people who are working hard for a better future, because some politicians are forgetting that are in parliament, and won 30.000 euro monthly to fight, for their citizen. But in many cases in any parliament   are elected people who  have no value in life, no culture, just the money one... and their own interest ! That was the cause in which was involved Nina this weekend, for a better life for everyone!

                                                         Photo: Nina Facebook

A new project for Yasmin Knock

Known as the vocalist of Alex C, Yasmin K known as Yass release this days a new project called YassU.
More infos here 

Zara Larsson release a new song

The "sister" of September - Zara Larsson release a new single entitled "Don't worry about me". 

ATC are coming back

Alex C dance project ATC also known A Touch of Class is coming this days on dance scene, with the help of dj R3hab.
Their 2000 hit "Around the world " was remixed  by the dj, and gather immediately  popularity over the dance radios but also on Youtube.
ATC was very famous dance project in 00's releasing hits such as: My heart beats like a drum, Thinking of you, Set Me Free, Why oh Why, or I'm in haven, and over millions of units were sold. Many of that period compare them as the copy of Vengaboys, but their style were very unique.

Niki Haris is releasing a new material

Known as the Madonna's backing-vocalist - Niki Haris  is releasing this days a new material entitled "Lift thine eyes".  The album was wrote by Niki and contains 11 tracks.
Niki was also one of Snap! vocalists releasing with them 2 tracks Exterminate and Do you see the light, and last year release with her friend Donna de Lory an EP.
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