Miho ex Sweetbox a new release

The 4th vocalist of sweetbox - Miho Fukuhara release a new song entitled "Joy" only available on Japan. Miho says about this track:
"I've spent my 10th anniversary in music and this track "Joy" represents "Music" and the "Key of life" . 
Miho with the rapper LogiQ Pryce formed SweetBox and they release also an album... but unfortunately they choose separate ways .... 

Christina Bianco celebrate 16 years of Cash n Go

Christina Bianco from Pandera celebrate a few weeks ago 16 years of Cash N Go her actual project. 
Christina was the studio vocalist of euro reggae project Pandera with them she release Hits like: "I love you baby" , "Joy and Fun" , "Summer felling", "In my dreams", "We've got the power" to name a few and were very popular on Eastern Europe.


Nina "I didn't disappear nobody was interested of my work"

Nina from #CaptainHollywood #Intermission just recently confessed that she didn't disappear from music scene.... she had plenty of songs... but nobody was interested to promoted them. Now she open a record studio entitled StudioBox. 
Nina Gerhard gave in the 90s her voice to many eurodance projects but was known after the collaboration with Captain Hollywood, and Intermission,and she release an album "Dare!" which had so much impact in 90ies

J'adore - La Bouche

Natascha Wright release an album with La Bouche covers, the name is J'adore La Bouche and can be listen on Spotify. Right now the singer is shooting the video for "Be my lover ". Natascha is known after the collaboration with HADDAWAY and Lane Mccray. 

Spotify here 
Video Here

Sorry 4 U

Ramona Nerra born in Romania but known after the participation in reality show The Voice of Germany, and Romania, but many of you are familiar with her voice from ATB hits "Never give up" and "In out of love".

This year she came back with amazing track entitled "Sorry (4u)" write by Ramona, Dr. Mako and MNDay.

"Sorry" was based on a real story, that Ramona wanted to show to others as an example of what to do :

If you are in toxic relationship  the only way is to Go, and learn to respect and love yourself. And the best revenge is Success. 

Sorry (for you) was release on all digital megastores  here  , and video here.




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