Chris Malinchak and Kiesza - 'Weird Kid'

Kiesza disappear from media attention but, between 40 shits garbage of youtube, I found this masterpiece release a few months ago by Kiesza, who she is a real fan of 90s dance music. So, I thought to give some help. :)

Kiesza made this song together with Chris MalinChak saying that" she always been the "Weird Kid" The one that doesn’t quite fit the mould. I laugh at the wrong time. I can never quite deliver a punch line. I’m awkward, I’m clumsy, and am equally as extroverted as I am introverted. I can’t remember names but I can remember an entire encyclopedia of random facts on demand. I think out loud. And I question my brain on a daily basis as much as I question myself. But I know I’m not the only Weird Kid out there... so this one’s for all of us. "
 The song can be found on all digital platforms, so sit back and enjoy #Goodmusic 🎶
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Kim Sanders the new La Bouche vocalist

                                           Photo: Kim Sanders official

After a few resuscitation of La Bouche, Lane MCray member of the project asked Kim Sanders to join him in some concerts in Europe. According to eurokdj the previous singer Sophia,  is getting married and the concerts must be honored.

Lane Mcray : Sophie is off for a couple of months getting married and honey mooning so meanwhile Kim is covering some shows.

Kim Sanders was also the background singer of this project in 90's , so is not so unfamiliar with the project, especially that Melanie, was her dearest friend.
The first concert will be in Istanbul Turkey on December 15th.

Evelyn is back in studio

Recently Mike Candys posted on his official account a big news about his next project. The Swiss known after "One night in Ibiza", "Together ", 2012, "Summer Dream" is back in studio recording with the Voice - Evelyn a new single.
Mike didn't mention when will be release, and the title of his next single... more news soon.


The winner of Eurovision Song Contest, cause she was the winner, came with another HIT, entitled "Tómame". The song is addressed to Spanish speakers , and was wrote by the same writer who signed "Fuego" - Alex Papaconstantinou. If "Tómame" is gonna be bigger then "Fuego" who knows .... In my opinion yes .😈🔝


Ra is not only the name of the Sun god, also the new single of INNA who is coming this days with a new video.
According to images posted by the singer, the video will be one with lot of girls from models agency without a story... just a promotion of beautiful girls but also of new single from popcorn Diva.
Ra can be found on all digital megastores, and on INNA's 6st material YO,and written in Spanish, entirely by her. Registered & Protected