Morandi - Kalinka

After a long break, the romanian project made by Marius Moga(producer) and Randi (singer), are back with this version of "Kalinka".

This single marks the beginning of our new sound. We took the famous Kalinka song and gave it a fresh twist with a new disco beat. We plan to release more new songs, like this! Morandi

 So let's Kalinka !

No Time - Carine

Carine collaborate with Dj Sava this year, and is  known after that , and this days release her debut single "No Time". The song is very energetic with oriental influence, that makes you dream .... to holiday! Enjoy! #goodmusic

No Help - Inna

After a hot summer, popcorn queen - INNA came with an amazing tune entitled - No Help.
With a new look and a great video shoot in deserts from Maroc and in Los Angles, INNA wants to share a message that  even if your life is hard you don't need  "No Help". Life is like desert you need to achieve your destination without help.
"No help" is from next material material  "Yo", that will be release this Fall.

This Fall starts with "No help!" and continues with more music from my part, because I will release my album "Yo", and I am very excited of the result. I have worked a lot and I have put all my soul and all the energy in these songs, which I composed entirely. said INNA to DCnews.

No Help can be found soon on amazon and google play together with INNA's app.


European Summer Ranking 2018

                                   Listen here : 

20. Eleni Foureira - Fuego 
19.Dusky Grey - Joy Ride
 18. Deeplow feat Verena - Sun and Sky 
17.Baby K  - Da zero a cento

16.Alexandra Stan feat. Manuel Riva - Neversea

15. Kard - Ride on the wind
14. Mike Candys - Life
13. Nicki Minaj Feat. Ariana Grande - Bed

12.Paulina Rubio feat. Nacho - Desire

11. Era Istrefi - Oh God!

11. Da Buzz - Where my heart lies
9. Verona - Complicated
8. Yellow Claw feat. Rochelle - Waiting
7. Swotek feat. Starley - Down Easy
6.Yasiris feat. Ilinca - Hasta mañana
5.Karmen - Lock my hips
4.Kenn Colt feat. Luciana - Shine a light
3.Chimera State feat. Kim Sanders
2. WATF feat Terri B! - Take me away
1. INNA - Me Gusta

Sil impressed by Sylver fans.

I think every artist wants, fame and appreciation from the public, it was the case of Belgian group Sylver when they play last night on  gig in Belgium. The public sung all Sylver songs... Sil was amazed. Registered & Protected