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Circus by Solid Harmonie

A few posts ago i talked about the return of Solid Harmonie. Beki Russo, Melissa Graham  and Elisa Aaron are finally back with a new single. The most surprising part is that the girls are coming with a new style of music dance and Circus confirm it.
The new single was released under belgian label Bip Records and was wrote by Melissa Graham

Beki Russo : Yes, we are very happy about the "new baby".It's a song with a strong message and it's addressed to all our fans old and new ones. Melissa wrote this track

Right now the SHe team is promoting the new single Circus in Holland and in Belgium

SHe on We love the 90's

The british girl group Solid HarmoniE are ready to attack the stage of We love the 90's this summer. The news was shared by the band on their Twitter account.

We are so proud to announce that Solid HarmoniE performs at We Love The 90's party on 30th of August.

SHE was formed in 1996 by   Rebecca Onslow, Melissa Graham and Mariama Goodman  who latter was replaced by Elisa Cariera, because she joined the RnB group Honeyz.
The group had 5 singles charts and just one album with the bands name released in '97. The songs were wrote by the one and only swedish producer Max Martin responsible of Ace of Base, Dr.Alban, Jessica Flocker, Britney Spears.
In 2000 the band split because of some issues of their contract with the label.
2013 was the good news shared by one of the lead members Melissa Graham that is thinking to comeback with the girls with a new material.
On August 30th Solid Harmonie will be on We love 90s show with 5ive, Dune,Urban Cookie Collective and 2Unlimited.