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Fragma vs Ysa Ferrer

Ysa Ferrer join forces with Pariz Hilton for the new video "Handz up!" and the 2nd single from her album "Ultra Ferrer". The single was officially released on January 17th on all digital platforms and contains 8 tracks mixed by Gosh, Hindlo & Misha, for more details here.

Fragma Very hot and sexy can be characterized the new video from Fragma, "Oops Sorry" is the new material that i think is addressed to us 'cause the message is pretty clear "virtual space is conquer our life" and we forget how is to interact with people face to face.
The single was released this month and will be included on Fragma future material.

Magic Affair, Ysa Ferrer

Photo:Gonzalo Garcia

Magic Affair Franca Morgano is doing the preparations for the next year pres election of Eurovision song Contest. The german preselection will be  in February, and Franca won't be alone on stage with her will be Lady Mata Hari & Doc Beat. Eurovision song contest was won this year  by her local singer  Lena with Satellite.
Update: The name of the project it's called Glitzerhaus & Franca Morgano and the song "I feel it all".

Thanks to Franca Morgano

Ysa Ferrer The french singer and  an icon for french gays released her new album "Ultra Ferrer", the material contains 13 tracks and her masterpiece "French Kiss".

Helena Paparizou, Ysa Ferrer, T-Spoon

Helena Paparizou made a video called "An isouna agapi" , the single is from recent material "Giro Apo T' oniro( Deluxe edition) . The video can be seen here.

Ysa Ferrer announce the title of her fourth album, it's called "Ultra Ferrer" and will be released on September 27. You can listen the preview here.

T-Spoon The new members of T-Spoon are Raw Jawz & Blondi and they recorded and a new song with american rapper Akon, the single will be dropped out in September.

Nick Cold(Groove empire and United Passion) release his first solo single called "It's my life" and will be released on October 1st . You can listen the track here.

Dj Project, Ysa Ferrer, 2Unlimited

Dj Project Fresh news from Gino Manzotti & Dj Maxx alias Dj Project, the new single will be called Regrete(Regrets). This single will be included on Dj Project future album and is the 2nd song with the new vocalist Giulia (Ex Candy)who is also a very famous dj at One Fm Romania. A preview of the song can be listen here.

Ysa Ferrer After "Last zoom" came "French kiss" the new single from Ysa Ferrer, the song was released on June 8th. More infos here

2Unlimited Ray & Anita are ready to pump up the charts again with the new single called "Still unlimited". The tune was played for the first time on a live event in Holland, the date of release is unknown yet. Anita said that it's working with Ray at new songs for their new material. (Thanks to Tom)

Cappella, Loona, Regi

Greatest Hits

Cappella ZYX is about to release some new Cappella remixes on June 4th : U Got 2 Know 2010 and U Got 2 Let The Music 2010, both as maxi-vinyl (thanks to Volodymyr) Buy it here

Loona(Carisma Dj Sammy) You can help Loona chosing her next single on her homepage. There are two options, Vamos a la playa (cover of Miranda's hit) and a new track called Rebolation (thanks to Ivan). Listen to it here

Regi Penxten announced on twitt account that he was in his final week of mixing, editing and mastering his Registrated 2 album.

Infos made by Karine Sanche

Imaginaire Pur Reloaded
Ysa Ferrer gave us an exclusive interview more details here

Alex C, Hannah, Heidi Degn, Ysa Ferrer

Alex C will release a new single and the last single with Yasmin K(Yass) called "Dancin in like heaven (der Club ist die Macht)".
Yasmin it's working with Alex C from 2002 and now decided to start a solo carreer, but still produced by Alex.
The single will be released soon on all digital megastores.

Thanks to
Karine Sanche

Hannah the Estonian pop sensation released a new single "Shadow On The Wall" who enter directly to # 9 on UK Upfront Club Chart. The single will be available with all remixes on iTunes. For more infos check this page.

Heidi Degn Dj Aligator gave us an exclusive interview, you ca read the hole interview here

Ysa Ferrer it's a french singer and actress from France. She has released 3 albums and 13 singles, a lots were hits in France, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia.
Her latest album it's called
"Imaginaire pur" from this material Ysa released in October and Club FG hit "Last Zoom". More infos you can find here.