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It's official, are coming back

It's been almost 17 years since their last collaboration as Double You William Narine  just confirmed that he will reunite with Sandy Chambers or show that will take place on February 24th in Italy.
William Narine the lead member confirmed that news.

 Yes is true I and Sandy will sing together on 90 Wonderland next month as Double You  feat. Sandy.

Both artists went on different way professional as solo artists William  Narine and Sandy Chambers. Let's hope that will be a long collaboration and the guys will release new songs as Double You.
If you want to see them live, here you can't find more details


666 is back

666 No not the antichirst, Thank God, just the dance project produced by Thomas Detert und Mike Griesheimer. The new single is called "Sexy Loca" and will be released in July on all digital platforms.

2Unlimited "Nothing to loose" the most attending single from Ray & Anita will be released in August and will be included also the Chew Fu remix, the tune will be the soundtrack of movie ‘Amsterdam Heavy' (Thanks to Cesar)

Mr.President lead rapper Delroy Rennalls just announced that 3 new songs are ready for release. One for a club project pornJunkie called "I Want To.." 2nd for Dj Alexej Othello a remake of Up 'N Away and the third it's summer song with a new artist Kendrick called 'Summertime' all tracks are due to release in July on all digital platforms. (Thanks to Delroy)

Double You William Naraine's album Life was released in Brazil under Double You. Tracklisting differs a little bit : it includes the new song Let You Go and some more bonus remixes from different singles.( Info KDJ)

Dj Bobo it's in the studio working on his album, a new song was done and it's called "HOT" .

Sash! new single will be entitled Mirror Mirror and will be featuring vocals by singer Jean Pearl. Video and single are planned for July. ( Info KDJ)

2 Brothers on the 4th floor Renee Philips just said that a new single from 2 Brothers will be released probaly next year.

X-Perience present a new track entitled "We Will Live Forever" from their forthcoming album that will be released later this year. ( Info KDJ)

Experience Of Music's Progressive World is now available for pre-order. Re-release will be on July 22nd. Buy it here ( Info KDJ)

Gina G is back for a quick "Just a little bit"

The Australian eurodance singer is stuck in time cause she still looks amazing i don't know what's her secret but she thought to come back this days after 6 years of break with a new material.
Gina G aka Gina Mary Anne Gardner came with a new single called "Next 2U" which will be soon released worldwide, and today on Joy Radio Australia will be the premiere of the new tune.

Soundlovers aka Nathalie Aarts is preparing a new single release with Kim Lukas, the new tune will pe performed on Luca Zeta private party this June and it's called "Breathe Again".

Love Inc Simone Deny lead singer recently was asked if she thinks to do a remake of Love Inc hitsingle "Superstar". Simone "If my fans want that song why not".
Right now canadian diva is working on her future material that will be released soon on all digital megastores.

N-Trance lead singer Kelly Llorenna is shooting a video with Freak Asylum, the material will be released next month and can be seen on Clubland TV.

Double You aka William Naraine is releasing his first video "If i could fall" and will be released soon on armanda tv channel.

Dance Updates

Technotronic "Pump up The jam" Technotronic hit single was remixed by Dimitri Vegas and was included on Club Rotation compilation this year.
The new single can be buy it here .

Blank & Jones released a new compilation called "So80s (So Eighties), Vol. 4 " and will be launched this summer more details here.

E-Type Marlene Strand (from reality show Idol) et 23 year old lyricist Elin Svensson aka EllyEve will be E-Type's new chorists on his next tour. Thanks to KDJ

Double You new material will be called "Life" and includes also the singles "If Could Fall" and "Definitely Sure". You can grab it here.

Eurodance News

Kate Ryan's new single will be out next year on Jan/Feb, Kate Ryan confirmed on her official twitter account.

Sylver Great news for Sil ( Sylver) the video "Love don't come easy" will be release and promoted in UK by Dance Nation TV. The video gather almost 100 000 views on youtube.

September Petra has a secret recently was discovered on amazon the 1st album signed as Petra Marklund, the material was release in 98' and was called "Teen Queen".

Double You's new single will be called "Definitely Sure" a pop track who sounds like Bobby Mcferrin hit "Don't worry be happy". Thanks to Dance News.

Kim Sanders is working on her future material who will be out next year. The genre of the new material will be Jazz.

Lyane Leigh E-Rotic lead singer and Dani D are taking part to a musical show dedicated to Abba. Lyane is playing the role of Agnetha. more here

Alan Alvarez, M'Black, Double You

Alan Alvarez is a dj from Oviedo, Asturias Spain from the age of 6 he studies music at age 15 he become a professional dj. Alan says about him “ I display my talent through my work , and I’m very obsess of what I do .. to find the perfect sound and perfect tune” Alan.
"Just fuck the dj" is one of Alan Alvares singles who can be found on all digital megastores. For more infos about this great dj here .

M'Black behind of this project is Matt Schwartz gulity of Narcotic Thrust & Deepest Blue, and now launched a new dance project who pump up in the charts: #22 Billboard dance airplay, #2 Airplay (Internet radio), #9 Radio airplay (Dance).
"Heartbreak" it’s a superb song, reminds me a little bit of Armin van Buuren work, vocals are made by Nicol and can be found here.

Double You released the a new single entitled If I Could Fall. He is still working in Brazil with his collegues Gino Martini and Tom Hopkins (Thanks to Dance Music News)Info by Karine Sanche

Claudia Cazacu, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Double You

Claudia Cazacu the romanian Dj, has been selected by ID&T as one of 20 short listed acts to appear at the massive 2010 Trance Energy event. You can vote for her till November 28th here

Kirsty Hawkshaw launched 2 materials the first one an Independant ambient compilation entitled Ice Elation and the second one called "Out Full album" for more infos about this material check this page.

Double You recorded a new song entitled If I Could Fall. It exists in 2 versions, no release date is available yet (Thanks to Dance Music News & Karine Sanche)

Double You , Bob Sinclair, Whigfield, Alexia, Hermes House Band, Dj Cosmo

Double You aka William Naraine released his newest solo single for 2009. Its called Last Train To London. It is a perfect dance track which brings him back to the roots. I can say that this song sounds revolutionary today.The modern electro beat is mixed with revival synths and bassline similar to his first hits Please Dont Go and We All Need Love.The result is a new version of his original style. Excellent! In the last years Double You recorded many tracks together with different artists like DJ Ross, DJ Meme, Don Cartel, Tom Hopkins and Gino Martini, but we hope that a new album endly will come out...

Paul Van Dyk The world famous DJ from Berlin - Paul Van Dyk released a new single. Its a remix of the classic trance anthem For An Angel . The new version is super modern and it dives very bravely in the deep waters of the electro sound. Its climbing very well now to the top of the club charts. Here are the mixes :

Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel 2009 ( Paul Van Dyk Club Mix)
Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel 2009 ( Spencer and Hill Remix)
Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel 2009 ( Dan Stone Remake)

Bob Sinclar is back! This summer he rocks the discoteques again with powerful dance hits. And it all begins now with the new single Lala Song. Its with a special guest appearance of Master Gee & Wonder Mike from the original 79' Rap Band Sugarhill Gang . Amazing !!! Bob's world tour 2009 is on and the next gig is on Thursday 30th April at Culture Club, Gent (Belgique). More news

Yves Larock The brandnew single of Yves Larock is out. The club hit is called Listen To The Voice Inside and it features again Steve Adwards. This track comes out of the new album Rise Up which included also the hits Rise Up, By Your Side and Say Yeah.

Infos by Music Express

Whigfield Naan (Sannie Carlsson, more well-known for being Whigfield's frontlady) was featured on D-bag's new single Up To The Boy. Info by Karine Sanche

Alexia she recorded for Global One Music a track with Andrea Dianetti the song is called "Come Nessuno"( Like no others) and will be released May 18th 2009.

Hermes House Band the party band from Holland are releasing their new album 'Rhythm of the Nineties' under Universal Music label,on the album are included and the tracks "Please don't go" & "Rhythm of the night" ..
For more infos check Official page

Dj Cosmo after Tiesto, Armin van Buureen and others, Dj Cosmo started his own radio show called "Cosmology" brodcast worldwide live: all Monday 17.00-18.00 CET on, all Saturday 18:00-19:00 on,all Thursday 3:00 pm (GMT) on, all Sunday 5:00 pm (GMT3) on / Chile, 2:00 pm (EST) Mexico, 6:00 pm Argentina, 8:00 pm (UTC,GMT) U.K, 9:00 pm (CET) Espana weekly on

2Brothers on the 4th Floor, Diva's of Dance, Double You, Love Inc

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Whats going on with 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor today? First of all they will perform live on May 31th in Evenementanzaal in Delfzijl and on Oktober 3rd in Assen, Holland.
DesRay herself is still singing old classics with her band under the name DesRay & Friends. She likes soul and jazz music and performs live hits like Beautifil Day, All Night Long, Time After Time and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Her next concert will be on May 3rd in Gooiland te Hilversum. DesRay had also recorded two dance tracks I Want It All (by Queen) and Respect (by Aretha Franklin) and still takes parts in the bands Diva's Of Dance and Killer Queen .
D-Rock's latest collaboration is with the house project Soul Migrantz with whom he released two hits :Calling Chicago and Socialize.

Diva's of Dance The Diva's Of Dance (Anita Doth, DesRay and Linda) will keep on singing in 2009 again. In the last few years they had a huge success in Holland with the hits Deeper Love, Lost In Music and Falling Into The Groove. Nevermind that the divas still have arrangements with their old bands or with their solo careers they decided to keep the project alive.The new Idea is to make concerts together with their rapper partners and singing the biggest eurodance hits. So this year we will have Anita & Ray, DesRay & D-Rock and Linda & Shamrock on the scene. The next concert of the divas and co. is planned for May 12th 2009. More infos.

Double You
DJ Ross aka Rossano Prini have made a brand new hit together again with Double You and its a remix of the old hit Please Dont Go (DWA). The track DJ ROSS VS. DOUBLE YOU – Please don’t go 2009 (Dj Ross Club Mix) was released in DJ Ross' last Cd Compilation - The Bomb. This is the name of his italian radio show. The last hits of this duo were To The Beat and Change. More infos

Infos by Music Express

Love Inc A great comeback former vocalist Love inc , Simone Denny is back this year with an hot single called “Luv Sick”, the track was co written by the amazing Inaya Day and Simone.
What can I say about the song it’s an amazing dance tunes ready to kick the European dance charts …. Simone Denny once again proved that with this track is time to comeback on dance scene…. World watch out after "You’re superstar" is coming “Luv Sick” with Simone Denny & Jean Maxwell
The song can be listen here

The second single will be “Your love” Simone done for this single and a video… the words are nothing I will let you to find yourself that amazing track… by the way if you like the song you can leave and a comment on youtube Simone will answer it!
"Your Love" will be released on May 11th..

Thank you very much Simone Denny