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Infernal no albums in the near future!?

On Infernal FB was posted a message by the management regarding of new materials. The team explained to their fans that would be no albums, but are working on new songs right now are busy with the tour schedule who'll start this summer in June 5th.

Albums is not something you should expect from us i some time, but new music is emerging... But we have a LOT of work in front of us getting the summer tour rolling, before releasing new stuff. said the team on their FB account

Infernal is a danish dance project who made their debut in Denmark in 1997 with  "Sorti de L'enfer" but the international success came with the song "From Paris to Berlin", and their latest single it's called "Can't Go Back".


The new single of Infernal

The danish eurodance project Infernal revealed the name of their new single. The name will be "Can't Go Back" and released on all digital megastores soon...

"Since we revealed the release of a new single this fall, many been asking: What's the name of the single?!? Well, the name you should be looking for in your local online music store is: "Can't Go Back" said Infernal 

Also Lina and Paw mentioned that a promotion tour will start in November for those who want to see them live.

 "In the context of our next single, we take start our club tour in Nnovember in the whole Danemark 20-25 club gigs in 5 weekends!" said Lina

Love is All by Infernal

Like they said on their official website Lina Rafn and Paw Lagermann posted the new version of "Love is all", this new version is more different from the one released in 2010 ... but not soo nice like the first one.. preview of 2012 here

Dance Updates

Nadine is a famous romanian singer and tv presenter, after her trip in US where "she found herself" the singer came back to Romania to release another material. The new single is called " Let it rain" and was produced by George Hora - on studio 66 - Soon a video will be fallowed
Lina Rafn Infernal lead singer left his band collegue for a short periode, to try something different and was not her first experinece as Lina Rafn, in 2002 released with Green Court "A Silent Heart". Now in 2011 launched "Yo yo" her new single who was released on danish itunes store on August 29. Yo Yo - Single - Lina Rafn

Sugababes are back with a new single "Freedom", the tune was presented for the 1st time on T4 on the Beach. Overloaded - The Singles Collection - Sugababes

Dance Updates

Infernal woowed everybody with the new single "Speakers On", a tune made in collaboration with Kato.

Kim Sozzi released the new single "Little bird" and will be available worldwide on 31 May.

Kim Leoni is in studio working on her first album, the new material will be released later this year. The news was posted on her twitter account.

AnnaGrace & Jelle join forces for Dance 2 Life United, a charity project, the tune will be played on radio 538 tonight. more details here

Melody Castellari ( DEAR, Jessica Jay,Sundee, Lady Violet) is the image of italian hair salon Temptation Hair Look.

Alone Together

"Alone Together" is the new single form danish eurodance project Infernal, the most remarkable tune from the newest material "Fall from Grace" a material which announced the comeback of this amazing act. "Alone together" will be released on all digital platforms, so prepare for a new look from Infernal and a new single..

Infernal a new look

Lina change her look what do you think!? This new transformation it's for "Fall from Grace" promotion .

Infernal, September, Whigfield

Infernal Paw & Lina released yesterday 27th September the new Infernal album called "Fall from Grace". The new material can be found on various online music stores.

September Petra announced o her Twitter account the name of her new song,  it's called "Only Girl" and will be included on her new album.

Whigfield released with Pochill a new song "Discipline" a chill out track who will be released on beatport, a preview here.

Infernal, Kristine W, Alex Gaudino,Nadia Ali, Snap!,

Infernal were nominated on Mtv Europe Music Awards for the Best Danish Act, you can vote for them here. 

Kristine W will release a "Best of" material with all her # 1 hits, the album includes 15 tracks like "The Power Of Music", "Feel What You Want" and many others and will be dropped out this month on all digital megastores.

Alex Gaudino After a fruitful collaboration with Cristal Waters and Dhany from Benassi Bros, the italian dj Alex is ready for another hit, but this time with a new vocalist called Maxine. The tune was launched on June 21  and it's called  "I'm in Love",  more infos here.

Nadia Ali( IIO lead singer) launched a new compilation called "Queen of Clubs Triology Ruby Edition". Nadia also gave voice to Armin van Buuren new single "Feels So Good" a song who is from Armin new album "Mirage" and will be dropped out on September 14, infos about the single here.

Snap! Penny Ford (Snap! lead singer) it's very angry because some unkown artist stole her name and is doing shows in Europe.
Penny says : There are two ladies one who goes by Janine Love, and the other by Lady Love (They could be the same person) but they are going around Europe booking gigs as me!! That is stealing ladies and shows your lack of intergrity. It is also ILLEGAL mind you." Penny
Penny said she would sue their promoter if this masquerade won't stop.

Camille Jones, Infernal

Camille Jones The danish singer release a new single called "I Am (What You Want Me To Be)" a song writen by Camille Jones, Åsmund Boye Kverneland, J. Schröder and launched under Ministry Of Sound Germany, this month.

Infernal alias Paw Karl Lagermann & Lina Rafn Sørensen finally finished the new material who contains 12 tracks and it's called "Fall From Grace".
Lina in a recent interview says about this material:

"We are experimenting with the sound and the direction of the album. The only thing we know is that we want it to be a little less feathers & sequins and a bit more jeans &  T-shirt’ish. I don’t know how that sounds. We only know what feeling we are trying to create." Lina

The album will be official released on September 27th on all digital megastores. More infos here ( Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Dj Aligator, Infernal, 2Unlimited

Kiss My B-ass

Dj Aligator aka Ali Movasat is ready for a new release, after his huge success with his debut album "Payback Time" in 2001, Ali wants revange, with a new super song in collaboration with Jinks, called "Gi' Det Til Dig". The tune will be included on Ali's future album who will be launched later this year. "Gi' Det Til Dig" was dropped out on 24th May 2010 on iTunes. More infos here

Electric Cabaret

Infernal Lina Rafn & Paw Lagermann finnished their first single from Infernal's next album, the song is called "Love is All" and was officially released on May 10. The single will be fallowed and by an video.

Get Ready

2 Unlimited Ray & Anita did it again, because the single "Get ready for this" was used in the new box office movie "Tooth Fairy"

Caramell, Aqua, Infernal, Cascada

Caramell A game for iPhone and iPod is currently being launch. Called 'Caramellagirls', it is based on Caramell's hit.Watch it here.

Aqua's "Greatest Hits" album was the 3rd best selling in Denmark in 2009 and have now sold double platinum. Their single "Back To The 80's" was the 3rd best selling track in Denmark in 2009 and the 8th most played track on Danish radios in 2009. (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Infernal's single "Electric Light" was the 3rd most played track on danish radios in 2009. (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Cascada's single "Evacuate The Dancefloor" has sold gold in Denmark (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Milk Inc won the MIA Award for best dance-electro for the third year.

Infos by Karine Sanche

Infernal, RIO, Kristine W

Infernal are working hard on their forthcoming album. Lina is pregnant and should give birth to her baby around March 2010.

Tony Dyer was planned to performed with his current project RIO at the World Music Awards 2009 in Monte Carlo one week ago... but the event was postponed to May 18th 2010.

Infos by Karine Sanche

Kristine W released a new material for holidays, the material includes 6 tracks plus an unplugged version of Kristine's hit “Wonder of it All” featuring Jim Brickman. The material can be found here

Aqua,Christiane Eiben, Infernal

Aqua After their success with "Back to 80’s" , Aqua have just released their second single from their "Greatest Hits" album called "My mamma said" a ballad who is the most saddest songs ever about death , once again Lene & Co prooves that it’s not only a bubblegum band and this new style feet’s them very well.Along with this single they release and a cool video directed Rasmus Laumann.

Thanks to Aqua website.

Christiane Eiben(Dj Bobo,SAY,Loft) will be back on music scene in December with Seven Up band her new project. You can see her live on 20 December on Stadthalle Göttingen, 15 Clock Clock & 19:00 CET.

Infernal Lina & Paw are back in studio preparing the new tracks for the future Infernal material. Lina said on Infernal website: "So far I think we have like 50 tracks stretching from only a bassline to fully produced four minute tracks with breaks and details and all the little things that make music interesting."
The new single will be ready in the spring and the album in the fall next year.

Eurodance News

Regi Penxten released his new Regi In The Mix compilation, a double CD including all the hottest dance tracks of the moment (and of course the new Milk Inc and Sylver tracks).

Kelly Llorenna's Dress You Up had reached number one in the upfront club chart and she will soon be releasing a new single with Love to Infinity project.

Cascada There are rumors telling that Cascada's next single from the new album could be entitled Dangerous, as the album advert featured a small clip of the video for Dangerous, though nothing has been confirmed, as there have been several videos produced for future singles.

Infernal's album "Electric Cabaret" reached platinum status. They went back to studio to start working on the following album. Concerning the style of the future album, all they know is that "we want it to be a little less feathers & sequins and a bit more jeans & T-shirt’ish", as they announced on their official website.

Prezioso feat Marvin's new single is entitled Happy Flight (The Never Ending Story). It was included on the new compilation Prezioso In Action, released in May.

More news here.

Hadise The Turkish/Belgian singer Hadise released her third album from her career called "Fast Life", the material was released in May and includes 12 tracks and the hit single "Living in Dreams(Düm Tek Tek)" who reached the final and finished fourth on ESC 2009 from Moscow.
Hadise released and a Turkish version of this album called "Kahraman".

Elize lunched her new album called "More Than Meets the Eye", the material includes hits like "LoveSick", "Hotstuff","Can't You Feel It" and her new single "Get Up (Do It Now)".
The album was released 26th June 2009 and can be found here

AnnaGrace This week AnnaGrace is # 1 in Official USA Billboard Dance Airplay Chart & #1 Music Week’s Upfront Club Chart in the UK, and his second success after "You make me feel" who also was in this top.

Tiesto, Infernal, Masterboy

Tiesto did a new remix of Calvin Harris smokin’ new track called "I'm Not Alone". Calvin Harris will be the special opening act at Tiesto London Victoria Park concert.
Tiësto premiered the remix in front of 40,000 people at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and featured the track in Tiësto's Club Life podcast #105, which became available on April 6th.
You can subscribe to Tiësto's Club Life podcast here.

And you can get tickets and more information about London's Victoria Park Show here.

Infernal's next single will be entitled "Redefinition". The video was shot in New York. They will perform their new single at the Danish DeeJay Awards 09 where they are nominated in 2 categories.

Masterboy The new Klubbingman (Tommy Schleh) single will be out on May 15th in Germany, and as digital release worldwide. Discover it on Once again, Trixi sings the vocals (thanks to Joseph).
Infos by Karine Sanche

Acting Lovers are planning to release their re-worked album Hot in april 2009 (thanks to Energizer)

The Eurodance Club concert of 18th April in Mainz was cancelled. There is no known date yet for a replacement concert...

Infos by Karine Sanche

Infernal, Basic Element, Karma, Kate Ryan, K-Pital

Infernal the single "Downtown boys" was nominated at DDJA 2009 awards. Infernal will do a big concert in May 6 , the show will be recorded on the future DVD called like the show "Live DVD Electric Deluxe Edition." The DVD will be released at the end of 2009,the concert will include and a little acoustic concert at the begining of the show.
Tickets of the show can be found here Info Eurodanceblog

Basic Element if you missed the premiere of the recent video from Basic Element i just found it with the help of Dj Duck.

Karma their new single it's called "When i stop". The single was released in Croatia in January 2009.
Info Eurodanceblog

Kate Ryan participate at the event "The Staying Alive Foundation's" Worldwide ambassador of the foundation is Kelly Rowland. The event took part Wednesday the 25th of March in The Body Shop Meir - Antwerp Belgium.

K-pital Miki (former vocalist) will be Friday April 3 on Tv show from Pro Tv 19:30 CET called "Dancing for you". More infos here
Info Eurodanceblog

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