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ESC team refused Jenny Berggren's help

The swedish singer and the lead vocalist of Ace of Base, posted on fb account a message were she revealed that was refused by Eurovision team to be part of the show.

Good to know? I offered my help to ESC but they didn't have a place for me. I would have kicked ass:) 
Next time:) Good Luck Sweden! said the artist

I'm sharing this because Jenny is not Kim Kardashian or  Paris Hilton who are famous because of the sex tapes and not because of their work. Jenny worked hard with Ace of Base group selling more then 30 millions copies worldwide and is not a "easy girl" who's looking attention with scandals.

Rory Hoy Vs Kitten & The Hip - Who's Gonna Pay For That

Tall house brings out this great track "Who's Gonna Pay For That" made with super talented Rory Hoy who teams up with Kitten & The Hip! The tune reflects very good the times we are living. The pack comes with 8 tracks remixed by  Pedro G, Rory Hoy.

 At a very young age Rory Hoy has already reached heights many artists work a lifetime to achieve.With 4 critically acclaimed albums, Award-winning film-maker, winner of 2012's Young Achiever of The Year in the Arts Category, praised by artists like Fatboy Slim, Afrika Bambaata, Mr Scruff, Craig Charles and Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest and that's just a small mention. Kitten & The Hip is the brainchild of Brighton based Ashley Slater (Freak Power) and Scarlett Quinn (singer / songwriter) who have collectively and individually had many years of chart topping hits and live performances including many high level festivals such as Bestival, Beatherder, Boomtown, Wilderness, Secret Garden Party and Glade so with this in mind you know this is gonna be a monster track, a big weapon for DJ's and essentail for any party!

The pack can be found on all digital megastores.


Confession is the recent single from pop singer Natalia Barbu, known in romanian after the hits like "Ingerul Meu", "I feel so good", "Let's jazz" (with this song tried to represent Moldova at Eurovison but unfortunately was not chosen but was the theme of italian show Stricia la notizia.
Now the moldavian singer is trying to conquer romanian public to vote foe her and to represent them on Malmo.
Natalia song is something new and fresh and i love it and i hope will be in semifinals from Malmo
More here

What U Waitin' 4 Ray !

Inferno by Petra Marklund  was awarded with a Platinum

The swedish singer Petra Marklund aka September did it once again! her material Inferno launched in 2012 was awarded last week with platinum. "Inferno" sold more then 500.000 units.  The news was posted by Petra on her FB account.

Layzee  Tonight

Mr.President lead rapper Delroy Renalls launched the new video "Tonight", a single made with german artist Cristobal.


Manu LJ a new single soon

Manu LJ the new sensation from Offlimits Production Italy is preapring a new single, the hot brunette revealed to us the title of her newest single, will be entitled "Tell Me Quando", and will be released later this year.


Savva a new collaboration

Dj Savva said on his official Twitter account that he finished a new song with Robbi. The tune will be released this month and will be called "Forgetting U". Let's hope that he will never forget us :)


What U Waitin' 4 Ray !

That is the new single from Ray Slijngaard 2Unlimited made in collaboration with The Dutchables. The tune can be found on amazon.


You raise me up

Silvy da Bie (Sylver) is releasing a song!! It's a cover after Josh Groban called "You raise me up". The song is played in Peters Pan show were the singer playes the role of"Tinker Bell the hole music of "Peter Pan The Never Ending Story" was composed by Matt Dunkley, one of the world's most famous film composers and arrangers who in the past worked on films such as Moulin Rouge, Black Swan, and Pirates of the Carribean. This British grandmaster also took "You Raise Me Up" and adapted to Silvie style.
"You raise me up" will be available on digital stores starting from November 27th, and if you want to see Silvy here are the places were you can buy the tickets at the show

Fragma without Damae

It's official Damae no longer represent the project  Fragma from September 2012 the news was posted by Fragma team on their official FB account.

Fragma seperated from Damae on the 01.09.2012. She will no longer represent Fragma in the live shows.

 Fragma team found a new singer but they didn't tell who she the moment they working at a new single and a new live show:

  Fragma will continue and are at present we working hard on new productions with a new singer.We are also planning a new live show with a new, innovative, modern concept.

Nicole Scherzinger was "HUGE DIVA"

In a recent interview gave to american web portal - TMZ, Kaya Jones said that "Nicole only sang most of PCD's songs because she REFUSED to share the spotlight."

 This comment came shortly after the VH1 documentary  Behind the Scene,  were Nicole said that she wrote and sang all the Pussycat Dolls songs..

 Kaya Jones also said that will prepare a new song where she talks about this fact:
 "I gotta finish a song about a certain person.... Hey the truth shall set you free :)" said Kaya Jones on her FB account