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Beneath The Lights

"Beneath The Lights" is the amazing single from Molly Smitten. It's been a while since Molly didn't show a new stuff, and last month the singer announced a new song -"Beneath The Lights". The tune was made with swedish project DrEAM BeATS who worked with big artists such as: Donna Summer, Alcazar, BWO, Agnes, Aqua.
Molly Smitten was known after the collaboration with dance project Stunt,  with them dig a great work releasing great dance singles like:  "Raindrops", "I'll be there", Fade like the sun".
In 2011 the singer said that it's time to take a break from Stunt , and in 2013 came back with "Beneath The Lights" and she really wants to conquer european tops.
Molly said on her twitter account that is very excited about this collaboration and very pleased of the result.


Overload it's called the new single from Julissa Veloz, a powerfull dance track with strong synths and beats who will be out on october 30th. The tune was wrote by Julissa and soon will be fallowed by a new material. The story of this track ...
Overload came about as a fun, festival track. Julissa wanted to write a record that everyone in the dance music scene could relate to, the feeling of your entire body being overwhelmed when you see your favorite DJ or Performer, when you hit “Overload”.
What means for Julissa this new track ...
This new track is the beginning of a major change in Julissa’s music. Her records will all be different, fun and soulful with a rebellious edge keeping her fans guessing about what’s coming next!
Overload can be pre order here.

Helena Paparizou posted on her FB account that a new single will be soon released on October 19th. The song was recorded with greek singer Natasa Theodoridou and it's called "Lathos Agapes" (Wrong Loves)and was written by Giorgos Theofanous and Thanos Papanikolaou. 

Molly Smitten Stunt lead singer came with a new song called "Lost Generation" preview here

Schiller a new single

Schiller After the collaboration with french singer  - Anggun, the german composer Christopher von Deylen is preparing his future single called "Pale blue eyes" written by Lou Reed/Velvet Underground and will be made in collaboration with Andrea Corr. The tune will be soon available worldwide.

Stunt lead singer Molly Smitten-Downes just finished some new songs from her future material, the songs can be listen on soundcloud. Molly was the member of british dance project Stunt till 2010 when she decided that Stunt is not what she dreamed. Preview of the new songs here.

S*E*X Appeal The new single from ex E-Rotic vocalist Lyane Leigh - "Poison called love" the ep will be released on September 2nd and will be included on the forthcoming album "Russian Roulette". Lyane i think she need a pro team to show how talented is...

No more Stunt

Molly songwriter and lead singer of UK's dance project Stunt, said on her official website that is putting away in a closet the project who made her famous.
Molly explains : "Right now i'm concentrate over my solo project that has the music industry buzzing".
Molly last single as lead singer of Stunt was "Fade like the sun" a single who had a lot of success on Dance Nation tours.
So next year will wait her solo material and will see if would "buzz music industry".

Stunt, Robyn, Reset, Armin van Buuren

Stunt aka Molly Smitten Downes is back with a new single called "I'm Alive", made in collaboration with Micky Modelle & Breeze, the song it's on this month compilation "Hardcore Till I Die 3" and can be found on itunes.

Robyn release her new single "Hang with me", the tune is from newest material Body Talk Pt.2, infos about this material you can find here.

Reset after all these years of silence Stig E Antonsen, Camilla Alvestad (Lead Vocal) & Thomas Borgvang (Solid Base)bring back the project Reset, the new single it's called "Just Say Yeah" a song submitted at this year contest Eurodance Web Awards 2010, you can vote for them here.

Armin has joined Paul Oakenfold and Paul van Dyk to make "Remember Love", an homage to the 21 victims and visitors of the 19th edition of the world-famous Loveparade event. All proceeds will be donated to charity.
Armin explains: “For the first time an Englishman, a German and a Dutchman teamed up and became united in the studio, creating a track that I hope people will love and treasure. Our purpose was united in the sense that we wanted to pay homage to those whose lives were lost, and to have their memories live on in the spirit of our record.”
The tune can be found here.

Stunt, Manian

Stunt or Molly Smitten-Downes, who in 2008 released the song with dj Sash "Raindrops( Encore en fois)" with a lot of success, the tune conquered the top ten charts all over the Europe, now Molly thought it is time to release another single called "Fade Like a Sun", the tune was dropped out on 4th December with a great video, and can be found on al digital megastores.

Manian Europe's most prolific producers join forces with Darren Styles (the brightest star on the hardcore in UK)and te result is this track "Outta My head" released on 24th November in UK.