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Thea Austin not a Snap ! member anymore

Thea Austin is not allowed anymore to perform as Snap!, the news was shared by the singer on her personal FB. :

  Greetings FB family and friends. Peace, love and blessings to all. Note: I have recently been informed that I am no longer permitted to perform as SNAP, due to trademark law. I have to respect the law. I can no longer book performances as SNAP. Anyone wishing to book me has to adhere to this information and book me as Thea Austin or other creative ways to help the agents and audiences understand the shift. Please change the language in your advertisement of my performances as a potential law suit could come my way. If anyone has suggestions, please submit. Lovingly yours ~ Thea 
The hole incident started when the producers found out that Thea is performing without permission .

Penny Ford the original singer of the project came with this statement: The law says you CANNOT use it in ANY form... It is intellectual property and as Thea worked on a project for SNAP... she was never considered a member..... sorry..

Fans already took Thea Austin part, and said that is a revenge between the singers.

Penny Ford involved in a voluntary work

                                                    Source: Penny Ford  Facebook
Lead singer of Snap! Penny Ford was involved in a project called Internationales Kinderhaus in Frankfurt. Penny was known as the kinder lover and confirmed immediately the invitation of Kinderhaus.

Attended a dedication for the Internationales Kinderhaus here in Frankfurt... Great time with the kids for a great cause in Frankfurt. Americans Represent!!! Big shout out to Kerry Reddington for the invite...

Penny Ford will attend also the invitation of  the biggest eurodance event  I love the 90s - The Party together with Jacky from Culture Beat and Astroline  more infos here

Snap! ready for attack!

After Penny Ford who announced to re start the collaboration with Michael Muenzing & Luca Anzilotti Snap! producers another great news was presented this year at Justin Timberlake Benefit Concert, Turbo B lead rapper appeared on stage with Thea Austin after 19 years of break..., this must a reunion !? Who knows ....!? Only one news was confirmed - a new single from Turbo B! part called "I can make you dance"!

Luciana,Sylvia Tosun, Snap!

Luciana Her single "I like that" pulsates with new remixes in US music market, the remix pack is called "I Like That (ant Brooks Remixes)"  and was released out on August 29, the most amazing part of "I like that" it's the fact that the video promotion was made with low buget and now hits  the  charts all over the world.

Sylvia Tosun  delivers a new single "World Keeps Turning" a song from her new EP "Above All". Sylvia once again shows that classic music and dance music can be combinate and from this "chemical reaction" can arise a great EP. The material was made on Sea to Sun Records where co-owns with producer/songwriter Anton Bass. "Above All-EP" can be found here.

Snap! Penny Ford lead singer gave an exclusive interview to, where talks about the Snap! and how "The Power!" was born.

TRANERGY EXCLUSIVE Interview with Penny Ford (First Singer of "SNAP!") from Tranergy on Vimeo.

Thanks to Lars

Infernal, Kristine W, Alex Gaudino,Nadia Ali, Snap!,

Infernal were nominated on Mtv Europe Music Awards for the Best Danish Act, you can vote for them here. 

Kristine W will release a "Best of" material with all her # 1 hits, the album includes 15 tracks like "The Power Of Music", "Feel What You Want" and many others and will be dropped out this month on all digital megastores.

Alex Gaudino After a fruitful collaboration with Cristal Waters and Dhany from Benassi Bros, the italian dj Alex is ready for another hit, but this time with a new vocalist called Maxine. The tune was launched on June 21  and it's called  "I'm in Love",  more infos here.

Nadia Ali( IIO lead singer) launched a new compilation called "Queen of Clubs Triology Ruby Edition". Nadia also gave voice to Armin van Buuren new single "Feels So Good" a song who is from Armin new album "Mirage" and will be dropped out on September 14, infos about the single here.

Snap! Penny Ford (Snap! lead singer) it's very angry because some unkown artist stole her name and is doing shows in Europe.
Penny says : There are two ladies one who goes by Janine Love, and the other by Lady Love (They could be the same person) but they are going around Europe booking gigs as me!! That is stealing ladies and shows your lack of intergrity. It is also ILLEGAL mind you." Penny
Penny said she would sue their promoter if this masquerade won't stop.

Real 2 Real, Nadia Ali,Sharon May Linn, Shaun Baker, Snap!, Favretto

Real 2 Real "I like to move it" the hit single from 90's of Real 2 Real was covered by Strictly Rhythm , the single includes remixes from Sidney Samson, Harry Choo, Nicola Fosano & Klaas. The song was also covered by Dj Aligator feat Dr.Alban in 2002, Crazy Frog in 2005,Jens O & Madagascar Gang. Strictly Rhythm single can be found on all digital megastores and will official released on July 16th. More infos here.

Nadia Ali release a new single called "The Notice" in collaboration with Chris Reece, a nice summer hit which has a great video, the single includes remixes by KhomHa, StoneBridge & Sunn Jellie. Recently Nadia Ali gave an interview were is revealing her music secrets. You can read the interview here.
Infos about the single "The notice" you can find here.

Shaun Baker Great news from Maloy(former Captain Jack vocalist in 1999) and Shaun Baker, the single "Power" was released in UK in May. The single "Power" was released in Europe in 2007 made the peak positions in various dance charts in Germany,Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. “Power” also led the German dance download charts in 2007 now is trying the dance charts from UK.

Sharon May Linn who is behind of eurodance projects Blizzard and Sharon S projects, and she wrote "Destination Unknown" the summer hit sung by Crystal Waters & Alex Gaudino, is back with a new single "Push Me" a song wrote by Linn and produced on Dvision label, more infos here.
Sharon was born in Holland and she started her music career in Italy in the eurodance project that i talked earlier , in 2005 release with Alex Gaudino "Little Love" who was received well in Sweden, Italy after that came "Without You" and "Show Me The Way". More infos about this artist here

Snap! "Rhythm is Dancer" was used by movie producers from "Cop out!"

Favretto new single will be called "Circus".

Smile Dk, Dj Bobo, Snap!

Smile Veronica and Hannah will launch the album "Party Around the World" in China and in Japan, also are curently working in studio at "Make up Collection 2010" an material who includes all Smile Dk bubble hits.

Dj Bobo presented on Ultimate Chart Show from RTL the new single "Superstar". The tune will be dropped out on 5th February.

Snap! Thea Austin was also invited to Ultimate Chart Show to sing Snap's! hit "Rhythm is a dancer".

Tiesto, Suzy Thunder, Snap!

Tiesto will release another single from his newest album Kaleidoscope , the track is called "Escape me" and the vocals are made by C.C. Sheffield from L.A.

Also you can still send your remixes of ‘Knock You Out’ , the winner remix will be played in Tiesto shows, for more infos check this page.

LayZee (Mr.President) launched a contest for Dj's & Producers who wants to give a try to make a remix of Layzee second single "Catch me". If you want to get in and show what you got send an email here info@​​​diezel-​​​records.​​​com.

Suzy Thunder New remixes of "Big' song can be found and download for free here

Snap! just released on 19th October an "The Power(Greatest Hits)!" album who includes a collection from the biggest dance outfit of that decade, more relevant than ever. You can win a copy of that album here

Sandy Chambers An unknown dj from Spain made this mashup of Sandy Chambers single "This is me".
The result is this ...

Velvet, Snap!

Velvet aka Jenny Marielle Petersson will release a new single called "Take my body close". The single is included on her newest album called "The Queen". For this tune Jenny made and a video who already is played on Swedish music channels.

Snap will release a new remix, after they close the deal with the UK record company Hard 2 beat, the producers thought to release "Rhythm is a dancer ( U can Feel it)".
Also Dj Sash entered in Hard 2 beat family, Sash said that will release new singles and a new material, more you can find here

Snap!, D.O.N.S, Ray Slijngaard

Snap! just sign up with UK's record company Hard2beat, the one who represent September, Basshunter, Lasgo & AnnaGrace, soon will release some new remixes of ‘Rhythm Is A Dancer’, ‘The Power’, ‘Exterminate’, ‘Do You See The Light’ and more mammoth classics which kept raving throughout the 90s...
More infos here

D.O.N.S If you want to know more about this dj, or if you want to know how was the collaboration with Teri B!.
You must read this exclusive interview gave by D.O.N.S to Dj Mag Magazine.

Ray Slijngaard (2Unlimited) after his appearance at I love the 90's and 538 concert with Anita Doth, Ray has a new surprise, his next single will be a collaboration with UK's singer Rachel Stevens ( one of the vocalists from S Club 7), the song is called 'Come In Out Of The Rain' and it's cover after Wendy Moten classic.
The track will be released soon...

Thanks for the info to Krassik

News: We love the 90's, Snap

Eurodance Another event with eurodance artits will open his doors on 15th November in Konig Pilsener Arena Germany.
On the show u can see: Loona, Aquaquen, Snap & Thea Austin, Haddaway, Daisy Dee,Dr. Alban, Culture Beat & Sash.
More infos about this event HERE

Snap! Lunched his new single "Jumping".
The single can be buy it from HERE

Infos brought by Karine Sanche

Martin Sloveig release hsi second single "I Want you" the single it's from his new album "C' est la vie".
More infos HERE

News: C&C Music Factory, Mauro Picotto, Snap, September

C&C Music Factory Amber join forces with C&C Music Factory vocalist Zelma Davis and did a cover of a song from '79 "No More Tears"

Amber si-a unit fortele cu vocalista trupei C&C Music Factory,Zelma Davis pentru a lansa coverul din "79 "No More Tears"
More Infos on this video:

Mauro PicottoMauro Picotto decided to launch Meganite in 2002, the event has become a phenomenon and this year returning to Ibiza for its fifth successful year at Privilege, the World's Biggest Club.
This album showcases a live mix of exclusive cuts culled from Mauro's superb Alchemy label and a CD of classics, remixes and new tracks from Mauro's illustrious career. This is where Mauro is in 2008 on the cutting edge of electronic wizardry fused with pulsating infectious gyrating badass grooves. Including the tracks Komonster, Shark, Dubai, The Kite, Contaminato, Evribadi, Codice Morse and many more. Meganite and Megatunes, a perfect harmony.
2CD is out now from all good record stores.
Order your copy online HERE and get a 20% discount. (use promotional code MAURO101 when finalizing your order).

Mauro Picotto si-a lansat un dublu Cd Meganite and Megatunes album contine cele mai cunoscute remixuri ale lui Mauro.
Daca doriti sa-l comandati o puteti face HERE si ve-ti benificia de 20% reducere.

Snap Penny Ford will do an concert this weekend on Moscow.

September rumors tell that the next single from Petra will be "Because i love you"

Se pare ca noul single al Petrei va fi "Because i love you"

Snap Is Back!

Stirea conform ca Penny Ford si Turbo B vor canta impreuna in Danemarca la showul "All 90's" este confirmata.
Dupa aproximativ 20 de ani Penny Ford va canta impreuna cu Turbo B in trupa care a consacrat-o.
Show-ul poate fi urmarit pe 31 Mai in capitala Danemarcei mai multe amanunte depre acest eveniment aflati dand un click pe Bannerul All 90's

Alex un baiat din Suedia s-a decis sa faca o trupa, genul abordat este eurodance.
Puteti descoperi noua piesa "I'm Burnin" si sa o downloadati gratis pe siteul
thanx to EUROKDJ