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Another collaboration for the king of eurodance..

                                         Photo: Dj Bobo official
Dj Bobo said that his new collaboration will be with swiss dj Mike Candys.
(They said that the real artists are the modest ones but is not the case of  Mike Candys who treats his fans like shit after one success he things that can rule the world can someone brake his bubble !?)
Anyway the news about that collaboration  was posted by Dj Bobo on his FB, his latest collaboration was with discodiva Kim Wilde for "I believe", the name of new single will be revealed soon...

Dj Bobo and Kim Wilde

                                           Source : Dj Bobo Facebook
Yes is it true Bobo will collaborate with the princess of discopop Kim Wilde on his album.
Bobo was charmed to work on this collaboration with Kim, and he can't wait  to share this new amazing song  with fans  at the beginnig of 2013...

Dance Updates

‎PowerFrancers "Pompo nelle case (Pump up in the speakers)" from PowerFrancers also gather 3.200.000 views, the project is supported in Italy by MTV Italia director Luca De Gennaro, M2O radio and by the Italian pop star Luciano Ligabue..

AnnaGrace(Ian van Dahl former vocalist) is in studio working on her future material.

Lasgo Jelle from Lasgo said in a recent interview that it's pregnant and the new Lasgo material will be done next year.

Scooter just released last week the new video "David Doesn't Eat" right now the team are in promotion tour. preview of the new video here.

Dj Bobo just release a new video called "Everybody's Gonna of dance" and will be included on the future material. The first who will buy the EP will get for free unreleased DJ BoBo Song "Heaven". "Everybody's Gonna of dance" will be released on November 11 ( Thanks to Karine Sanche) Preview here

2 Unlimited Nothing 2 loose will be called Ray & Anita's newest single. The ep will be available soon woldwide via itunes! Preview here

Unique 2Finally Jade Davies Unique 2 lead singer released her 1st video called - "Taking Over" the tune can be found on all digital megastores. Preview of the new video .

On Youtube was posted also a new song from her will be the future single !? more here

Offlimits said on their official FB account that Sannie & Annerley are working both on some new tracks. The release date is not yet known.

Experience of music made a remix for dutch project Shrink Reloaded called "Beat of Zen 2k11", the tune will be included on the compilation "HouseNation 2k11" that will be release this December.

666 is back

666 No not the antichirst, Thank God, just the dance project produced by Thomas Detert und Mike Griesheimer. The new single is called "Sexy Loca" and will be released in July on all digital platforms.

2Unlimited "Nothing to loose" the most attending single from Ray & Anita will be released in August and will be included also the Chew Fu remix, the tune will be the soundtrack of movie ‘Amsterdam Heavy' (Thanks to Cesar)

Mr.President lead rapper Delroy Rennalls just announced that 3 new songs are ready for release. One for a club project pornJunkie called "I Want To.." 2nd for Dj Alexej Othello a remake of Up 'N Away and the third it's summer song with a new artist Kendrick called 'Summertime' all tracks are due to release in July on all digital platforms. (Thanks to Delroy)

Double You William Naraine's album Life was released in Brazil under Double You. Tracklisting differs a little bit : it includes the new song Let You Go and some more bonus remixes from different singles.( Info KDJ)

Dj Bobo it's in the studio working on his album, a new song was done and it's called "HOT" .

Sash! new single will be entitled Mirror Mirror and will be featuring vocals by singer Jean Pearl. Video and single are planned for July. ( Info KDJ)

2 Brothers on the 4th floor Renee Philips just said that a new single from 2 Brothers will be released probaly next year.

X-Perience present a new track entitled "We Will Live Forever" from their forthcoming album that will be released later this year. ( Info KDJ)

Experience Of Music's Progressive World is now available for pre-order. Re-release will be on July 22nd. Buy it here ( Info KDJ)

Dance Updates

Lasgo is shooting the new video "Here With Me" in LA, the new single will be played this week on MNM Party DJ Booth!

Pandora just announced on her facebook account that is filming her new video from "Head Up High' which song is... didn't tell!! The new material can be found here.

LayZee team up Raquela with Keith Kemper for USA Japan Aid charity event, SV Entertainment will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the American Red Cross Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund. You can buy it here(Thanks to LayZee & KDJ).

Hanna Look Twice and Smile DK vocalist just launched a new bubblegum pop song called "Bubblegum Dancer" , so Hanna is going solo !?

Regi is working on compilation Regi In The Mix vol. 10. He also announced the first infos about Milk Inc's upcoming video.( Kdj)

Aqua revealed the new songs that will be included on their new album "Come and Get It, Viva Las Vegas, No Party Patrol, Dirty Little Popsong, and F… Me Like A Robot". The new album was originally scheduled to be released on the 14th of June, it is now planned to be released the 5th of September. A new single will be out very soon, approximately for the beginning of July. (Thanks to KDJ)

Dj Bobo new material will be called "Viva Las Vegas", and will be available soon on all digital megastores.

Dance News

DJ Bobo has stood for nearly two decades in the spotlight and is never tired in a recent interview gave to german television Sat 1 explained what are his future plans and tour dates more details here

Dj Aligator After his latest release "Kiss My B-Ass" in 2009, Aligator is ready for another dance hit "Starting Over" from his forthcoming album. The new tune was written by Ali Movasat & his producer Daniel Kandi and will be released soon on all digital megastores. Recently Ali made a remix of Inna's mega hit "Hot"

Whigfield Guess who's back ...the Guinness-dance-star Whigfield came with a Cool song and a cool look!! "C'est Cool" is the new single from eurodance diva Wiggy aka Sannie Carlson, preview of new hit here

Benny Benassi new single is called "Electroman" made with american rapper T-pain, and it's from the album with the same name where Dhany was invited to make a song.

Aqua hit single "Barbie Girl" was covered by Marie Serneholt (A-Teens) and Bluwax

Lou Bega's commercial single Sweet like Cola entred this week on Ultratop 50 Belgium at #45.

DJ Bobo, Simone Denny

Dj Bobo is ready to fly up in the charts with a new single, it's called "Volare" a cover of Domenico Modugno and will be released worldwide on March 11th.(thanks to KDJ)

Simone Denny Love Inc lead singer is back in our attention with a new single called "With You" made in collaboration with James Bradshaw, the tune will be soon available on all digital megastores.

Offlimits manager Letizia Pignagnoli gave us an exclusive interview were she explain how the things are in this industry, you can read the hole interview here.

Whigfield new single "To Feel Alive" is out now and can be buy it here.

Tune in here for more eurodance songs Club 97 Radio it's your favorite eurodance station ... see ya there  

Eurodance News

Mario Lopez finally release a brand new single called "Always &; Forever 2K10" a nice dance track who was drop out on September 24 more infos here .

Micheal Mind Project is "Delirious" not him just the new single who was launched on November with Mandy Ventrice & Carlprit and  has a great video more infos here.

Natural Born Groove's producer Frank Tiaya released a new single called "Discotex", infos here.

Dj Bobo's single "Together" was covered by Sifam project Marton and can be found on itunes.

Fragma  just announced on her facebook account the release date of her new single "Oops Sorry", the tune will ready next year in January.

RIO is preparing a new single but we don't know if Tony will be involved, the tune will be called "Like I Love You" and will be released under Kontor label.(Thanks to KDJ)

Eurodance News

Peter Luts is nominated for "Best Dance DJ" by the French magazine OnlyforDJ's. You can vote for him here.

DJ Bobo and Roger Federer took part to the Charity tennis match "Match for Africa", broadcast last December 21st on SF2 and a few channels all over the world. Here they are, trying to record a Statement in Swiss german for the Event infos here

Infos KDJ

Edward Maya is making the new video "Desert Rain" pics from shooting here

If you are curious to know how was the atmoshere on We love the 90s Christmas Edition you can find all the infos that you need here

Dj Sammy, Karma, Aqua, Dj Bobo, Waldo's People, Ace Of Base, Peter Luts

Dj Sammy made new song for his future material, the date of release is unknown yet. The new song is called "Animal" and was made with writer/producer Jean-Baptiste (known for being songwriter for the Black-Eyes Peas). More infos about the single you can find on Sammy official website.

Karma the successful dance act from Umag, Croatia, release a new song called "Party Do Zore (Party Till Dawn)"The single can be listen here.

Aqua Soren former member of Eurodance-pop group Aqua, release the single "Legendebørn", the song is from his solo material called "Alt gar op i 6"

Dj Bobo release on youtube a homemade video called "Roll Up" , a nice summer song from Dj Bobo recent album "Fantasy".

Waldo's People Marko Reijonen & Karoliina Kallio alias Waldo's people release a new video called "I wanna be a rockstar", you can see the video here. His latest single "Back again" is # 10 on Itunes dance charts.
"I wanna be a rockstar" was released in Finland on May and soon will be launched in US by RCA Records Label.

Ace of Base Jenny Berggren it's working at her solo album, the material is expecting on September 15th.

Peter Luts in recent interview said the new Lasgo album will be ready for release this fall on September. Now Peter is busy with Tv show Looking for a Pearl, a show who was created to find a new vocalist for his new dance project.

Alexandra Prince, Natural Born Grooves, Dj Bobo, Milk Inc, Jam & Spoon, SoundLovers

Alexandra Prince Great news Alex finished filming her new video "So alive", the  new tune made in collaboration with Syke'n'Sugarstar the video will be out this month. "So Alive" was played last night on Peter Luts radio show MNM Dance.

Natural Born Grooves are back or  half  of them,  Frank Ti-Aya (Aka Dj F.R.A.N.K) release a new track called "Missing" the Everything but the girl hit also covered by No Mercy in "96 and this year by belgian singer Jessy. A preview of Frank new remix can be listen  here 


Dj Bobo's new single will be called  "This is my time" the tune was released as a promo single. "Superstar" the 1st single from "Fantasy" album was released this month in Europe, right now Rene is on tour to promote the album "Fantasy".

 Higher, Faster, Further, DJ BoBo! This is the slogan for the new "„Fantasy" show . A giant, as high as a 5-storied building will be the new stageset and therefore the center of this spectacular show. A dynamic production, a powerful performance, as well as the most modern special-effects and very complex light-technique will set a new benchmark in the music-entertainment. Enchanting costumes, new songs of the upcoming album (release on January 29, 2010 ), as well as 20 DJ BoBo hits will make "Fantasy" to a spectacular top-class experience. "Fantasy" is making a long harbored dream come true for DJ BoBo: I`m so looking forward to this sensational stageset and all the talented artists, dancers and musicians coming on tour with me. Welcome to my fantasy!" ( info from

The single "Superstar" includes a Premium single and a poster more details here 

Milk inc  new single will be called "Chasing The Wind" and for the single they shoot also and a video in Spain. Milk inc won the MTV networks Cool Brand Award for Coolest Band in Belgium, you can see them live on stage on September 24th on Eclipse show 

Jam & Spoon Plavka former  vocalist made a song with J. Nitti called "Surrender", the song was dropped out in April on itunes under Armin van Buuren label Armada music. 

 SoundLovers Nathalie (former vocalist), Vivian B (Da Blitz), Kim Lukas join forces to form Bandance and they release a single called "Guiding Star", a tribute song dedicated to King Of Pop M.J. All the incomes will go to San Paolo Hospital Mailand. The tune will be out on June 25th and can be found here.  

Klubbingmann,Regi,Cascada,DJ Bobo, Alexia

Klubbingmann (Schleh Tommy) just released his new mix compilation Welcome to the Club 18 Buy it here

Penxten Regi is honourary citizen of city of Houston-Zolder (Belgium)

Cascada This week, Natalie from Cascada has been busy shooting a new videoclip in Canada. For which song ? We'll probably know more very soon...

DJ Bobo released a Greatest Hits album in Chile (thanks to DJMarkito). The 5 secret concerts will be 5 showcases held in Germany, Switzerland and Austria at the end of February. You can win tickets by buying the maxi CD or the digital release of the new single Superstar. A 64-pages magazine entitled "Ein Leben zwischen Fantasy und Wirklichkeit" will also be released at the end of the month. More infos on his official website. Buy it here

DJ Mikey O'Hare released some new remixes, among them a remix of Ice MC's Think About The Way, Valentino Brand New Place and Dr DJ Cerla Everybody Pom Pom. Don't miss them ! Listen to it here.

Alexia's new album should be released in April 2010.

Infos by Karine Sanche

We love the 90's, Cascada, Dj Bobo

We love the 90's Lineup of We Love The 90s concert in Antwerp was revealed :Magic Affair, Brooklyn Bounce, LayZee, Captain Hollywood and Snap! will be on stage. More infos here

Cascada are nominated in 3 categories of the International Dance Music Awards : Best High Energy/Euro Track and Best Pop Dance Track for Evacuate The Dancefloor, and Best Artist (Group). IDMA 2010 will take place next 25th March in Miami. Vote for her here.

DJ Bobo announced that some secret concerts would take place in Germany, Switzerland and Austria...Also launched the new video Superstar you can see it here.

Infos by Karine Sanche

Smile Dk, Dj Bobo, Snap!

Smile Veronica and Hannah will launch the album "Party Around the World" in China and in Japan, also are curently working in studio at "Make up Collection 2010" an material who includes all Smile Dk bubble hits.

Dj Bobo presented on Ultimate Chart Show from RTL the new single "Superstar". The tune will be dropped out on 5th February.

Snap! Thea Austin was also invited to Ultimate Chart Show to sing Snap's! hit "Rhythm is a dancer".

Taleesa, Anita Doth, DJ Bobo

Taleesa During her appearance on the stage of Italo party 2009, Taleesa announced that a new single was on its way...Photos with her from that event can be seen here

Anita Doth confirmed during an interview that her and her former 2 Unlimited partner Ray are working on a new single you can watch it here (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite)

DJ Bobo The release of the new DJ Bobo album Fantasy was posponed to February 26th 2010. It will include 13 brand new songs as well as a Greatest Hits Megamix on a special double CD. You can already pre-order it and receive it signed by DJ BoBo on the date of release. A "Making Of"-DVD of the forthcoming Fantasy-Show is also on its way, you can buy it here

Infos by Karine Sanche

Read the newest interview with Sylvia Tosun (Deadmau5 & Kaskade)here.

Dr. Alban, Dj Bobo, C C Catch , Captain Jack, Scooter

Dr Alban is currently working on a single with Cisko Disco (aka Max Farenthide). No info about the title or the release date yet.

DJ Bobo Discover the trailer for DJ Bobo's Fantasy tour making of... and a foretaste of the future album since the background music is made of instrumental versions of the new songs. (Thanks to DJ Bobo France) Watch it here

Rednex A new Rednex single is coming up, it is entitled Devil's On The Loose. The video was recorded in a barn in Sweden.

CC Catch recorded a brand new single entitled I Believe, described as a modern electro house track. She performed it during the show Forbes Club 2009 (Thanks to Dance Music News) Watch it here

Captain Jack One more unreleased Captain Jack track was released digitally on Juno Records : Dam Dam Dam (Is The Rhythm Of Magic) (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Scooter 's new single will be a re-recorded version of The Sound Above My Hair. The video was shot in and around the Wernigerode castle in Germany. Premiere will take place on November 13th. The single itself will be out on November 27th (Thanks to Denis ''DJ Hooligan'' Zhabkin)

Infos by Karine Sanche

Dj Bobo, Kate Ryan

Dj Bobo The new single will be called "Superstar", the video will be shoot in EuropaPark, for this video Bobo it's searching for 1000 dancers.
The new single will released next month and the new album will be ready next year. (thanks to Karine Sanche )

Kate Ryan was invited yesterday on belgian television eén where she talk about her new album "French connection", also she played live, her new single "Évidemment".

Experience Of Music After 2 years of silence, Experience Of Music are back with a new voice, Kitty, and new dance tracks. You can listen to a sample of Summer of Freedom on their MySpace-site (thanks to Frank Winkelmann). (Info by Karine Sanche)

Dj Bobo, Kim Leoni

Dj Bobo composed a song for the Prosieben tv show Germany's Next Showstars, the track is called "Take me to the top". On June 18 at 21:21 CET on Dj Bobo official website will be posted:
- the name of the upcoming tour 2010
- the tourdates of the upcoming tour 2010
- the presentation of the new gigantic stage of the upcoming tour 2010
- at the same time we are starting the ticketsale for the upcoming tour 2010

Thanx for this info to Karine Sanche

Here is the trailer

Kim Leoni is a young, charismatic, half Indonesian half Dutch performer living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Thanks to her parents, Kim spent her childhood living on three continents – Asia, Europe and North America. While living in Miami, Kim joined a dance troupe and gained experience dancing and performing in clubs throughout the state of Florida and beyond. Kim attributes her love for dance music to the percussive sounds of Indonesia, and her love of dancing and performing to the first dance steps she learned on the streets of Miami. When Kim returned to the Netherlands she found herself a target of interest of several modelling agencies, which led her to a short-lived career as a model. However, finding her initial modelling career unappealing and dull, she returned to her first love - music, performing with a local pop band and gathering her first studio experiences. In August 2006, a chance meeting with her current producers (at a birthday party of a mutual friend, where Kim gave an impromptu singing performance!) led to the first collaboration – the song called “Again”, an impassionate tale of a stormy relationship “based on a true story”.

Her second single, “Medicine” shot into the Top 10 of the dance/DJ charts around Europe at the beginning of this year. December 2009 sees it storming into the US Billboard Dance Airplay Charts in Number 9 and climbing.
The next single will be called "Emergency" who will be released next month her producers are already working with Kim on the first Kim Leoni album who will be lunched this year.

Dance Tunes Radio Now i think i will give the answer about the player from this blog !
I try it to bring the Sensation party and here live ... the only thing you can do is to log on daily to this blog and i will buzz you when is the next party broadcast live!:)
I wanna say thanks for the help to Franklin van Buren

Ice Mc, N-Trance, Milk Inc, Lasgo, Abigail, Dj Bobo

Ice Mc after a long silence Ice Mc came back on music scene with a new track called "Could you be loved". The track si made with the greatest singer Katherine Ellis guilty for Freemasons succes "When you touch me".
The track can be listen on Ice Mc myspace.

Photo N-Trance website

N-Trance find a new vocalist her name is Lynsey-Jane Barrow. The N-trance team said: "The re-invention of N-Trance continues in 2009 with Lee Limer & Lynsey-Jane Barrow. Lee Limer the original dancer & showman from the infamous stage performances back in the early 90’s , and….. T-1K, the original MC & Rapper who performed on tracks such as ‘Set You Free’ & ‘Turn Up The Power’".
N-Trance are performing now in the UK.

Milk inc i have an announce from official Milk inc website, for all the people who pay it the tickets of Milk Inc concert from March 20th. The Full Live Show at the Brabanthal at Leuven will be postponed till December 19th, 2009 and all sold tickets for the show on March will still be valid at the show on December 19th, 2009.

Lasgo "Gone" was choosen by Radio 538 their dancesmash hit. The new song still goes up in tops this week on UltraTop is # 5 and on MNM dance chart still # 1.

Abigail Zsiga is back in 2009 with a new single "Forever Young" the song is club track and it's on the CD Compilation "Big Muscle Of The Rhythm". The track was produced by DJ Bill Bennett and is a cover version of "Forever Young" originally by "Alphaville". Abigail will be releasing "Forever Young" as a single with remixes by various international DJ's in early 2009. Abigail will be touring in early 2009 with a new line-up, new songs and a very new sound. The track can be order here
More infos here

Infos EurodanceBlog

Dj Bobo has announce for his fans ...