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Get the tickets to Tropics

It's the message that dutch eurodance project - TSpoon tries to get attention. After a long long break Linda Estelle and Shamrock join again but this time for a new track named  "Ticket to the tropics". The song is not what i expected but i enjoy the fact that Linda and Shamrock are back as T Spoon. I still miss the times of "Sex on The Beach, Summer love, Sexy Lady, Message of love, Part of my life", and i expected some new songs but updated to this times.  And "Ticket To the Tropics" is just a new song just it. Video here

Belgian singer Kate Ryan launched a  new single called "Love United", a tune made as an anthem for this edition of  World Outgames 2013. The teaser can be listen here.


Sharon Doorson one of Twenty 4 Seven vocalists released her debut album entitled "Killer", and also was release the video for this album. Preview here  


Terri B! invites all new dj who has a gift of mixing sounds to prove their talent in a remix contest. All you have to do is to remix "Hands to the sky". The winners will be annoucned on eurodance blog and on Terri's official website.

Erika will be back

Erika Another comeback this year will be from Erika's part, the italian dance singer and Tristano De Bonis( Magic Box) sister, will be back with a new material . The first appearance was on November 31 at Odissea. Antoher news is that - her single "Save my heart' was included on Eurodance Web Compilation.

Alexandra Prince said in a interview that she is planning to have a 2nd baby soon, but she will keep doing and producing music. Her next single should be a collaboration with Supafly inc.

Sylvia Tosun gave an interview to Fashion news were she spoked about her future projects: "a new material soon with David Vendetta and Alex Sayz".

Nadia Ali new single it's called "Call my name" and it's made with Sultan and Ned Shepard and was included on Queen of Clubs Trilogy: Diamond Edition (Extended Mixes).

E-Type signed a contract to have his songs broadcasted on French and US radios. Does it mean a comeback in these countries ? He was a guest in the TV show 'Rum för en stjärna med Simon & Tomas' last Monday on TV3. This days E-type is filming his new video "Back 2life".(Info KDJ)

T-spoon Shamrock (T-spoon rapper) teamed with John Macraven under the name A.Lua'Sol on the single "Make Me Happy". (Info KDJ)

New staff from Twenty 4 Seven, T-Spoon, 2 Unlimited

2010 was without doubt an year of comebacks, Ray & Anita(2 Unlimited)gave the start with the new single "In da name of love" and soon was fallowed by other eurodance acts such as 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Twenty 4 Seven & T-Spoon.

Twenty 4 Seven In a recent interview gave to ParisGay, Stay C lead rapper explains about this comeback:
"I never planned to return into showbizz. But Ruud van Rijen asked me several times and also did I feel the artist in me wanting to get back on the stage. I love to perform and I feel like a fish in the water once I’m on stage with a mic in my hand. Of course the revival is an important reason as well. But we are working on a new album now, so even without the revival we would probably be back. " says Stay C
So in 2011 a new single will be on the away with Captain Hollywood and also a new album from the band who continues to say "Is it love".

T-Spoon Remy de Groot T-Spoon producer gave an interview to ParisGay were he said why he choose 3 acts with the same name T-Spoon.
Remy : We have the past, present & future, the past is T-spoon Reloaded with Shamrock & Linda, the present is the fresh young talented T-Spoon with Raw Jawz & Blondi, and The future is T-Spoon Dj Squad, for every generation there is something to enjoy about T-Spoon."
A new song will be launched in 2011 by T-Spoon with Raw Jawz & Blondi as the  new members.

2 Unlimited In a recent interview gave to Ape Magazine Anita and Ray explains that next year it is possible to use in gigs the name who made them who they are 2 Unlimited.
Anita : "We partly made that name what is, so why wouldn't be allowed to go and get to work with it again."
Ray also revealed then ame of their second single that will be soon released, it's called "Nothing to loose" and the new album will be fallowed in 2011.

Helena Paparizou, Ysa Ferrer, T-Spoon

Helena Paparizou made a video called "An isouna agapi" , the single is from recent material "Giro Apo T' oniro( Deluxe edition) . The video can be seen here.

Ysa Ferrer announce the title of her fourth album, it's called "Ultra Ferrer" and will be released on September 27. You can listen the preview here.

T-Spoon The new members of T-Spoon are Raw Jawz & Blondi and they recorded and a new song with american rapper Akon, the single will be dropped out in September.

Nick Cold(Groove empire and United Passion) release his first solo single called "It's my life" and will be released on October 1st . You can listen the track here.

Lou Bega, Angie Be, Ace Of Base, T-Spoon,BWO, Technotronic

Lou Bega After along silence Lou Bega came back with a new single called  "Sweet like cola" i don't know if the song it's about the famous drink, but for sure will be heard this summer. This single will be released on July 23th in Germany and August 3rd in Europe, the song will be fallowed by an amazing video. more infos here

Angie Be last year winner of Eurodance Web Awards is preparing a new single, the song will be called "Forever" and will be released this July. "Soundwaves" her latest single is still climbing on italian club charts and on Uk dance charts. A "snack" of the new single can be taken here (thanks to Karine Sanche

Ace of Base are back but they change their members, the new formula is Ulf, Jonas and 2 new vocalists Clara and Julia who replaced Malin & Jenny.

T-Spoon Jean Shy (T-Spoon former vocalist) is working on her first single with the project BluEssence. The single will be out later this year. Jean Shy was one of the first vocalists in T-Spoon project till '95 when was replace by Linda Estelle.

BWO(Bodies without organs) took a long break on their official website was posted a message were is revealed the real reason: "Martin became a dad, Marina is working for her art galery and planning a reformation of her very first synth band called PAGE and as we all know Alexander is preparing the venue of his new electro-rock band called Gravitonas !" Official BWO website.
The latest single is called "Kings Of Tomorrow"  and was launched only on Scandinavia itunes, and was included on th album "Big science" released in 2009.

Technotronic release the single "Pump Up The Jam", the hit single released from "89, but now was launched as a vinyl and contains remixes from Peter Luts(Lasgo),Funkerman & Sem Thomasson. The single was played on Peter Luts radio show MNM Dance, more infos about the single here.

T-Spoon, Kim Leoni, Lasgo

T-Spoon are back but they change their style and they replace Linda Estelle & Shamrock, in the announce on their website the producers are looking for new members to replace the old team and they found not one but two female singers and a rap artist. They release in this new formula 5 singles for more infos check the site  

Kim Leoni after her "Emergency" call now she wants "L'amour Toujour I''ll fly with you" ,Gigi D'Agostino hit single from 2001, the remix  is made in collaboration with Brisby & Jingles and comes with a Black Toys remix mixed with  Kim's Leoni fresh style. A preview can be listen here.

Lasgo Jelle(vocalist)  posted on her facebook account the name of  new Lasgo single, the  single is called "Tonight" and was allready released on itunes  but official date will be on June 21. For this new single who will be included on the Lasgo future album they made also and a video more infos here . 

Thea Austin, T-spoon,

Dian SoloIts obvious today, that the ecological problems of our planet become more and more complicated and important for our future and especially for the future of our children. Public consciousness and warning about these problems are the first big step we all should take. Thats why we would like to introduce you to a new bulgarian musical project, that aims to make that first step in the communication, that seems to be crucial for our future the communication between people and the nature.

The concept of One More Time is to voice the ecological problems and global pollution through music, and get involved as many people as possible on that concept. The musical style of the song is a reggae-based dance/pop music and it has already been supported by one of the biggest radio stations and DJs in Bulgaria. Many specialists also suggested that the song could become the big summer 2009 hit in Bulgaria.
Info Toco International

Thea Austin made an collaboration with the belgium band Natural Born Groovees,NBG consists of Jaco van Rijswijk (the producer of Danzel) and Frank van Herwegen (a.k.a. DJ F.R.A.N.K., a.k.a. Frank Ti-Aya),the song it's called "Bad Bad Baby" and was released this month.

T spoon released their hit single "No time no waste" but with new "clothes".
The dutch eurodance group very faimous for their hits like "A Part Of My Life", "Mercedes Benz" ,"Sex on the beach","Message of Love" & "Summer Love" thought that it's time to release a "new song".
"No Time no waste 2009" can be found in all digital megastores and includes remixes by Spic n' Span & Etienne Overdijk .
More infos here