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Franky Gee part 11

"Dream A Dream" did not have the success expected, anyway they released a second single featuring the Gypsy Kings : "Get Up", second pre-release from the forthcoming new album "The Captain's Revenge". The only performance together worldwide, took place on the the 17th July 1999 on the biggest German TV-show "Wetten, dass..." in the bullfight arena in Mallorca and the last one with Maloy.

Update:  The single "Dream a Dream" was included on a Les Mills Body Pump training program choreography in 2000.

 (Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Franky Gee part 10

After the departure of Liza da Costa from the group Frankie & Udo took a break, and in '98 found a new singer Maria Lucia Lozanes aka Maloy. Among other musical experiences, Maria had previously done some backing vocals for the project Le Click.
The first single launched was "Dream a Dream " with a futuristic video shoot in studios from Berlin.

Franky Gee part. 9

The second single release was called "Togehter and forever" from the album "Operation dance" and the last album with Liza da Costa as vocalist, the higher position in tops was # 9 in Finland # 30 in Austria. The action of the video happens in Las Vegas and was directed by Mark Glaeser.

Franky Gee part. 8

Liza & Frankie announce their new single at the begining of '97, was called "Holiday" cover after Madonna's 80's hit and was presented on German Charity Event. "Holiday" was shoot in Frankfurt, Germany by Mark Glaeser.

Charity Event

Holiday video

Franky Gee part. 7

The last single from The mission was "Little boy", the video was shoot in a old military barracks. Captain Jack with Liza, Frankie and the dancers were becoming not just an image or a song were more of that The original Captain Jack. The single entred in Top 10 in Holland but was not so succesfull like other 3 singles.

Franky Gee part. 5

"Drill instructor" was the 2nd single from the album "The Mission" and Frankie with Liza started an extensive tournee in Germany in the Summer of 1996, in which they promoted their third single "Soldier, Soldier".

Franky Gee part. 4

The group has earned 19 gold and platinum records throughout Europe. Fans of the Konami arcade game Dance Dance Revolution know them from the numerous songs that, through the Dancemania series of albums, have been used in the game series. The group's music was also featured in other Konami music games such as beatmania and Dance Maniax.
After Captain Jack single Frankie shoot another video for "Drill Instructor".Frankie came with the idea to make of a dance track based on a drill routine and "Drill Instructor" was born. That idea became his style: songs about peace and love in the style of a military regime.

Franky Gee part. 3

In spite of attire they sing about love and peace, with sound of army drill commands and a nice dance beat. Captain Jack is far from being a militarist group. They explained that they were soldiers of a dancefloor and their weapon was groove. They only joked about the real army. "When soldiers are doing drill, they move rhythmically and are very energetic. If you would place them in the dancefloor and start play the music, they would do quite good" they explain. In their opinion, "soldiers are good ravers but they do not know about it". Beside that, Liza simply liked uniforms.
With the group were three cute dancers :Yvonne, Sandra and Sabine. At the very beginning Franky was not performing on stage neither on first single "Captain Jack". One of his friend Durban was performing, lipsyncing over Franky's raps. In December of 1995 Durban left, and Franky decided to start performing. Thanks to Karine Sanche

Franky Gee part. 1

Franky Gee (his real name is Francisco Alejandro Gutierrez) was born in Havana, Cuba in 19th February 1962. He is 1,74 m tall and weights 80 kg. He and their parents immigrated to US and settled in Miami, Florida. His father Alejandro was a builder. His mother was named Ofelia. He had 3 sisters and brothers named Roberto, Mary and Carry. He wanted to become a pilot and even had studied aeronautics in College in Miami. Because of the strike the college students were forced to serve three years and Franky did not like the idea and dropped the school. His parents were not rich and he had to find a job. The easiest way was to join the army, so he did. His memories from this time is not the nicest one. He was later sent to Germany and in 1988 he was released from the duty. He decided to stay in Germany. At the beginning he worked as an insurance agent than become a broker in Frankfurt (Germany). He did not like the job, even if he was well paid. After a job as a restaurant owner, he became a DJ and started producing a dance music with his friends. He released the single "Oh Well under Westside". He also took part to a band named Black Russian. He was previously married and has three children.

How Frankee meet Captain Jack producers it's another story ...

Thanks to Karine Sanche