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Jelle van Dael 2nd vocalist working on a new material

Jelle van Dael the singer of Belgian project Lasgo, spent her time in studio on New Years Eve for new songs.

2018 is coming !!!! Got Some great Things coming op .. working on them till The last hours of 2017... ➕ 🌟Party hard , drive safe !!!!!! 🌟 said the singer

Jelle release new singles as solo artist and Lasgo fans were been asking if the artist is going to leave project, but not are just project made in parallel .

The new material will be released later this year.


Lasgo is turning back

Maybe is just a speculation of my mind, but after the circulation of so many news about this belgian project - Lasgo i will share the 5 reason that makes me believe that Lasgo is coming back:

De Grietjes

  1.  Evi Goffin and Dave McCullen is now back together. 
  2.  Dave McCullen is right now recording in the studio, but he didn't mention for which project  is working.
  3.  Evi Goffin  was replace from music project De Grietjes by Sil from Sylver.
  4.  Lasgo didn't release new tunes , and Peter Luts has no intention, because is working on in his own project.
  5.  Jelle van Dael the actual singer  of Lasgo  release a solo single.

If is just a theory or a speculation i'm not the first who launch this kind of theory's, but the difference is that i have infos who prove me that i'm right ...

Lie machine Jelle Van Dael

No is not a goodbye from Lasgo, is just a project that Jelle Dael wanted for some time, to release a solo single. And Lie Machine was born, a song that everyone can relate to:
Everybody will be disappointing because i choose this genre, but will understand the meaning of the song 
Typical beats were largely absent in the song, but there's been replaced by a ballad with a lot of pop influences.
Lie Machine can be found world wide on all digital platforms

A new material from Dave McCullen !?

Dave McCullen Lasgo and Ian van Dhal just confirmed that right now is working on a new album. Dave McCullen as known after the collaboration with belgian trance project Lasgo together with Evi Goffin(lead singer of the project) who recently become his wife, and Peter Luts. In 2006 Dave and Evi left Lasgo and now is working on new material. The title of the material and when will be finished is not yet established.

Lasgo family has a new member

                               Source: Facebook

Evi Goffin now is the 3th time  mom, yesterday the singer gave birth to healthy boy in Sint Augustinus Hospital Belgium. Near to the singer was the father Dave McCullen who was very impressed by the moment. 
Evi said that the birth was all right without any problems the baby  took 10, and shared the momemt with her fans  

My new baby, i am a mom full job! And then you realize why he is the love of your life . said Evi Goffin

Evi Goffin a new project!

It's been known that Evi Goffin is back on music with The Chicks project, but also known the fact that the belgian hot blond is living a love story with her Lasgo colleague Dave McCullen. Recently Dave posted on his official FB a photo with Evi pregnant, a shoot taken from belgian  radio family.
For many of you who really don't know who are Evi Goffin and Dave McCullen, both started in euro trance project LasGo. Evi and Dave left the project in 2006 after the release of Hold me now. 

Lasgo reunite

I've been talking in my blog about Evi Goffin and Dave MacCullen, who are working togheter but was wrong news, because thanks to Gerwin Schoeman, i discovered that Evi and Dave are living a happy love story.
This story it seems started from 2012, when those two reunite for a music project, and Cupids played his cards.
Evi and Dave never hide it that relationship, many pictures with them were posted on Fb accounts. And now,  Dave and Evi it seems they've been aspecting a new family member.

The news of the family member was shared by the belgian producer on his official account saying:
 My new project, release begin of August

It's been a good year for Lasgo

It's been a good year for lead singer Jelle van Dael (Lasgo). The singer announced  on her twitter account that she's really happy of the year that is almost gone, she had a lot of projects in 2013 and this week she had finally the time to buy a car that she's really like. (It's a korean car)

I'm really happy that finally i got the time to buy this week a car that i love very much. said Jelle

About Lasgo the singer is writting songs but right now the producer Peter Luts is really busy with his own project, and we don't know when new things from Lasgo will come out.
 Their latest release was Feeling Alive, launched last summer.

Lasgo reunited

Dave MacCullen one of the former member Lasgo had a happy day with her dear friend  Evi Goffin. I really don't know what those guys I've been talking, because i'm not yet from NSA:) but for sure it's future collaboration between them.
The meeting was capture by Dave's phone and shared on famous  social network  

Peter Luts or Lasgo!?

The producer of belgian projects Pearl,Lasgo, Ian Van Dhal, AnnaGrace, - Peter Luts is back with a new song, that from my point sounds  more like a Lasgo track then Peter Luts project,the only difference is just that was made under that project and the vocalist is Eyelar the singer  who participated on Holland Tv Show -The voice.
 Turn Up The Love it's a must be on your list the only thing i don't like the project that Peter decided to release it, maybe someday this song will be recreated with Evi Goffin on vocals and time will decide when!

Lasgo another collaboration

                                              Photo from Lasgo Official

It seems that the collaboration with english artist Taylor Jones was a good one because Jelle van Dael said on her official twitter account  that is doing a new song with Taylor Jones.

"Late night songwriting with my bro Taylor Jones" said JelleVan Dael

The title and when will be released the new single was not yet revealed. Lasgo recent release was a rework of their 1st single "Something" made with David & Evi Goffin who left the project in 2008 because of some conflicts with the management.

Lasgo with Evi Goffin, Peter Luts & David McCullen sold more the five millions of their albums Something and Far away.

1st version
New Version 2013

Remakes and fakes

Everybody this days  in this industry of dance music are trying to get a hit, i don't know what kind of hit but you can reflect at what i wanna say...
In lack of inspiration many producers are trying to conquer the tops with covers and remakes, i wonder why !? for a quick success without hard work!? hmmm
That's why they disapper   after the release of  "hit". And exemples are many: Show me love from Robin S,  Rhythm Is a Dancer Snap!, What is love - Haddaway, and the most recent one are Something from Lasgo
and Saturday Night from dance diva Whigfield.

Think and reflect music don't do it  if you want one hit wonder work hard and be one who has lots to say in this industry.

Whigfield feat. Carlprit - Saturday night

Lasgo feat. Taylor Jones where are you Evi and David to see this?

Sorry if you didn't get my replay emails that means i didn't liked the songs you've send me.... ;-) If you are one of them i will promote you :) or try on 'nother dog who likes your "bone" you throw

A new song Lasgo !?

Jelle Van Deal Lasgo shared with her fans that she took a break on Dominican Republic, but she also feels very inspired to wrote songs.. 
"Songwriting in the sun.. Yep, the dominican sun is doing a great job! Getting inspired ...Olaaaaaaaa" said  Jelle
That means a song Lasgo wrote by Jelle !? Who knows!? 

Jelle producer - Peter Luts it's very busy this days promoting his new single "One more night"....and Jelle's twitter status confirms that she must do her self the lyrics for Lasgo new song.... we see!!
Lasgo latest release it's called "Can't stop " but without any video to promote the single...

Can't stop Lasgo

The beligian producer Peter Luts and Jelle van Dae aka Lasgo are preaparing the new single of the fall called "Can't stop". The news was posted by Jelle on her FB account.
 "Can't stop" will fallow the summer hit "Sky High", and let's hope that will be a WoW because the Q listeners said that sound of the new Lasgo looks like the sound of Sylver.
 Lasgo was the adventure who changed Jelle life for fans not but i believe that Jelle would do the best and will release another masterpiece with Peter Luts. The new single "Can't stop" will be played for the first time on

Old team from Lasgo is back!

The ex lead singer of flemish dance project LasGo - Evi Goffin is coming back this year with a new material, the news was posted by Evi on her official Fb account, but she didn't gave any clue about the future single: what is the title !? or when will be release!? 
The only thing that we now is the tune will be made with Sad Suzy(her current music project), and soon will be fallowed by a video.
This news came one week after Peter Luts release single -"Everyday", maybe it's pure coincidence we don't know.... but we know that Dave McCullen one of the last LasGo members comes with a new single too. It's called "Calling your name" and will be released this month.
So the hole "Lasgo team" now are fighting to conquer the flanders public, and the international tops with their own projects ....

Dance Updates

‎PowerFrancers "Pompo nelle case (Pump up in the speakers)" from PowerFrancers also gather 3.200.000 views, the project is supported in Italy by MTV Italia director Luca De Gennaro, M2O radio and by the Italian pop star Luciano Ligabue..

AnnaGrace(Ian van Dahl former vocalist) is in studio working on her future material.

Lasgo Jelle from Lasgo said in a recent interview that it's pregnant and the new Lasgo material will be done next year.

Scooter just released last week the new video "David Doesn't Eat" right now the team are in promotion tour. preview of the new video here.

Dj Bobo just release a new video called "Everybody's Gonna of dance" and will be included on the future material. The first who will buy the EP will get for free unreleased DJ BoBo Song "Heaven". "Everybody's Gonna of dance" will be released on November 11 ( Thanks to Karine Sanche) Preview here

2 Unlimited Nothing 2 loose will be called Ray & Anita's newest single. The ep will be available soon woldwide via itunes! Preview here

Unique 2Finally Jade Davies Unique 2 lead singer released her 1st video called - "Taking Over" the tune can be found on all digital megastores. Preview of the new video .

On Youtube was posted also a new song from her will be the future single !? more here

Offlimits said on their official FB account that Sannie & Annerley are working both on some new tracks. The release date is not yet known.

Experience of music made a remix for dutch project Shrink Reloaded called "Beat of Zen 2k11", the tune will be included on the compilation "HouseNation 2k11" that will be release this December.

Dance Updates

Lasgo is shooting the new video "Here With Me" in LA, the new single will be played this week on MNM Party DJ Booth!

Pandora just announced on her facebook account that is filming her new video from "Head Up High' which song is... didn't tell!! The new material can be found here.

LayZee team up Raquela with Keith Kemper for USA Japan Aid charity event, SV Entertainment will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the American Red Cross Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund. You can buy it here(Thanks to LayZee & KDJ).

Hanna Look Twice and Smile DK vocalist just launched a new bubblegum pop song called "Bubblegum Dancer" , so Hanna is going solo !?

Regi is working on compilation Regi In The Mix vol. 10. He also announced the first infos about Milk Inc's upcoming video.( Kdj)

Aqua revealed the new songs that will be included on their new album "Come and Get It, Viva Las Vegas, No Party Patrol, Dirty Little Popsong, and F… Me Like A Robot". The new album was originally scheduled to be released on the 14th of June, it is now planned to be released the 5th of September. A new single will be out very soon, approximately for the beginning of July. (Thanks to KDJ)

Dj Bobo new material will be called "Viva Las Vegas", and will be available soon on all digital megastores.

Ameerah, Peter Luts

After her huge hit "Sound of missing you", the belgian pop idol, Ameerah it's ready for another success but this time with Madcon, the new single is called "Freaky Like Me" and was launched on August 30 and it's # 1 on Norway Charts.

Peter Luts(Lasgo)announced on his twitter account that his new single "I can't Fight This Feeling" it's done and will played next Friday on his Radio Show.

Lasgo, Franca Morgano, Aspen, Sabrina

Lasgo Along with recordings for Lasgo new material who will be completed this Fall, Jelle former vocalist is doing a Tv show on Belgian Televsion JIM called "Daily 10" and it's from Monday to Thursday 12.00 & 18.00 CET. More infos about the show here

Franca Morgano lead singer of eurodance act Magic Affair just finished her solo material, and includes songs of diffrent genres from pop, soul & rock mixed with love and passion and of course the amazing vocals by Franca. You can preorder the material here .

Aspen Another 90's cover was bring out by belgian dance act Aspen. "Dub Be Good To Me" the hit single released in late of 90's by British band Beats International, was covered by Aspen and released under Toco International. The song can be listen here.

Sabrina The single "Call Me" featuring Samantha Fox was released all over Europe more infos here

T-Spoon, Kim Leoni, Lasgo

T-Spoon are back but they change their style and they replace Linda Estelle & Shamrock, in the announce on their website the producers are looking for new members to replace the old team and they found not one but two female singers and a rap artist. They release in this new formula 5 singles for more infos check the site  

Kim Leoni after her "Emergency" call now she wants "L'amour Toujour I''ll fly with you" ,Gigi D'Agostino hit single from 2001, the remix  is made in collaboration with Brisby & Jingles and comes with a Black Toys remix mixed with  Kim's Leoni fresh style. A preview can be listen here.

Lasgo Jelle(vocalist)  posted on her facebook account the name of  new Lasgo single, the  single is called "Tonight" and was allready released on itunes  but official date will be on June 21. For this new single who will be included on the Lasgo future album they made also and a video more infos here .