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La Bouche, Pardisio, Alexia

La Bouche is still touring, even without Melanie. They will be in concert in Chile in June .
Lane said that it’s working at new material for La Bouche the release of new material will be next year.

Paradisio released Bailando me dices adios which is a remake of the original Bailando, featuring a new female vocalist (thanks to Ivan).

Alexia just gave an interview to Sicilian television and she spoke why she choose to sing in italian!?… Alexia said at that period in 90’s, everyone asking “Who is this girl? Can sing for real ? or the girl it’s a studio product !?” (At that time Alexia sold 5 millions of copies ) and then thought to wrote a song in Italian and to participate on Sanremo festival …
Also Alexia said that would do a tour in Italia and her future single will be an collaboration with Bloom 06( Eiffel 65) the track will be called “We the power” and the release will be this summer. The track can be found on her newest album with collaborations "Alexia & Co".

Thanx for the infos to Karine Sanche