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Heidi Degn interview

Who is Heidi Degn?

Heidi: Well - Heidi Degn is a 32 year old female from Denmark/Scandinavia - soon to become a mother for the first time. I live in Copenhagen, but originally from a town on the Danish west coast called Esbjerg. I work at Universal Music Denmark were I do PR, but my way into the business is through singing.. started out getting signed in 1998 with my old band Beepop,- we released two albums. After that I did backing singing on Danish "Stjerne for en aften" - like "Star Search" - and have been singing since and still do :)

Are you an actress too ? Can you spoke a little bit of that experience ?
Heidi: No I'm not an actress, but have been doing small bits here and there, in a commercial, and more recently as an extra on a new Danish tv series "Manden med de gyldne ører" which will start on DR2 Nov 1st. (Danish television). When I was younger I did school musicals, as everyone else I guess ;) I think it's fun and challenging though, and would love to do more.

If you had to choose between been an actress or a singer what will be ?
Heidi: I couldn't live without singing, and I know that I will always in one way or another be singing.. that's the case with most musicians I believe... they can't live without it ;) But as I'm getting older, the film business seems more and more interesting in all areas..

In 2007 you participate at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and you compete with Me & My , how was to share the stage with them?
Heidi: Pernille and Susanne from Me & My are great girls... I have talked to Susanne on a few occasions since, she's so much fun, and a talented song writer..

Who wrote the song “On top of the world” ?
Heidi: Lars Halvor Jensen from Danish producer success Deekay and Lasse Lindorff (GL Music) we wrote the song together.. they are two of my good friends and Lasse was in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix the year after me with the song "Hooked on you", and I did backing for him :)

Do you write your own songs ? You write and for other dance projects ?
Heidi: No I don't write my own songs, I used to… when I was in Beepop, but I simply haven't got the time anymore, and my biggest interest is in the actual singing. I don't write for dance acts either, they have other writers, I just perform it :)

Can you tell how did you met Dj Aligator team ?
Heidi: I met Ali in 2004 I think.. I came to his studio in Malmö/Sweden to sing a demo for another project that he produced, and he called me up a while later and asked if I would sing vocals on "Close To You" on his last album, and then I did another one recently for the new album - a cover song called "Shine" - check out the video on youtube

I think the most popular song on youtube is the one you made with Aligator “Close to you”, it’s one of my favorite too, who wrote that song and why this song doesn’t have a video ?
Heidi: A Danish song writer named Linnea Handberg wrote the song, and actually as far as I know the German label thought about making a video.. Ali and I did actually speak about it being one of the most listened to songs on youtube, and it was never even a single, I don't know why really?!! It's from 2005, but I guess a good song never becomes irrelevant.. huh!?

Now you came with another song “Shine” .. can you spoke a little bit of the song, has a story ?
Heidi: "Shine" is a cover song of a 90's trance team... I'm not sure what they're called "Space Brothers" or something.. I read somewhere on youtube, that the song is about twins being separated so one could live on.. a tough story if that's the case, very emotional..

When will be promoted and in other countries ? It’s the only song you collaborate, on Dj Aligator’s new album ?
Heidi: It's the only feature I'm on yes... Ali is releasing through Disco Wax/Warner here in Denmark, and I know the single is out and on the dance chart, but I'm sorry to say that I don't know the international plans.. you'll have to ask Ali :)

Are you thinking to release and other songs with Dj Aligator ?
Heidi: I don't know - if Ali asks me I might ;)

If you could go back in time what would you change ?

Heidi: I would change my statement about not ever being in the Melodi grand prix as an artist again... I wasn't pleased with my performance in 2007, so I said to the press that I wouldn't be in the competition again, but looking at it from a distance, I think I would do it again if the right song comes up... I will definitely be doing backing if anyone wants me on board any time ;)

Were you into 90’s Eurodance music, and if you were, did had an favorite artist or band ?
Heidi: Eurodance is not my favorite genre, I'm more into straight pop music or urban... even some rock music... but of course I listened to the hits in the 90's - being young and going out a lot in the 90's, I listened to the major hits with Snap, 2-unlimited, Venga Boys etc. But a favorite is hard to choose... I did love and still do Everything But The Girl's big hit "missing" - don't know if that goes under the category 90's dance?!

If you had to characterize yourself in three words what will be ?
Energetic, curious and conscientious

Are you thinking to participate again Dansk Melodi Grand Prix ?
Heidi: As I wrote earlier, I regret stating that I wouldn't ever again, so the answer must be yes if the right song for me comes up :)

What you hate the most ?

Heidi: Wauw... a big question... I think I hate narrow-mindedness in general.. think we should be better at accepting each other as we are... pass on the positive things in life, and we will all feel better :)

A message for our readers and for your fans ?
Heidi: Hi guys... thanks so much for showing the interest in my singing and in the Eurovision in general... I'm blessed to be able to work with what I love the most.. music !
Hope to meet some of you some day, pls. don't hesitate to join me on facebook :)
Take care...
xxx Heidi

Thank you

Alex C, Hannah, Heidi Degn, Ysa Ferrer

Alex C will release a new single and the last single with Yasmin K(Yass) called "Dancin in like heaven (der Club ist die Macht)".
Yasmin it's working with Alex C from 2002 and now decided to start a solo carreer, but still produced by Alex.
The single will be released soon on all digital megastores.

Thanks to
Karine Sanche

Hannah the Estonian pop sensation released a new single "Shadow On The Wall" who enter directly to # 9 on UK Upfront Club Chart. The single will be available with all remixes on iTunes. For more infos check this page.

Heidi Degn Dj Aligator gave us an exclusive interview, you ca read the hole interview here

Ysa Ferrer it's a french singer and actress from France. She has released 3 albums and 13 singles, a lots were hits in France, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia.
Her latest album it's called
"Imaginaire pur" from this material Ysa released in October and Club FG hit "Last Zoom". More infos you can find here.