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Photo: Andain Official

Andain release their forthcoming lp called "You Once Told Me"

"It's the first time I've seen the album put together. It was a bit surreal to see it all. Can't wait for you to see and hear it finally." said Andain
The new material will be official release on September 24 you can pre order "here"

Dance News

"Show Me The Way" is the new single from American singer/songwriter/producer, JES. She kept the same line but the collaboration with Allure gave to this single a strong vibe.

Andain is a San Francisco-based duo with a musical approach at electronic music, the band was formed by Josh Gabriel, songwriter/vocalist Mavie Marcos, and guitarist David Penner. In Europe Andain blowed the dance charts with "Beautiful things" and "You Once Told Me", and after a long silence came with a new single called "Promises".

Above & Beyond single it's called ‎"Thing Called Love" and made in collaboration with Richard Bedford the tune can be found on amazon.

Lori Glori (Intermission, Dj Bobo) has a new single called "Jump" made with TUKLAN & FIRETIME, a preview of the new single here.

Samira Besic Maxx lead singer finally decided that it's time to bring out a new material - a dance track, the news was posted on her official facebook account but the name of the song was not confirmed yet.