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Mylene Farmer, Liz Kay , Jes, E-Type, Regi, Kate Ryan, September, Niki French

Mylene Farmer what can i say about this artist has more fans then Madonna !? and that but this news is more likely:), after her last single lunched for holidays "Appelez mon numero" , Mylene thought that is the time for a new release in her characteristic style, the song is called "Si j'avais au moins revu ton visage" and it's single who makes you think at "Saw series"...
The single it's already played on NRJ Hits...

Liz Kay after Una & Atb, Liz Kay made a cover of the song "You're not alone "(Olive). The song was recovered also by Atb in 2002 and Una last year.

Jes The queen of chill-out is on th road you can request on your town with a simple click HERE

E-Type is working in the studio for a new material who will be released at the end of 2009.

Regi will do an concert on 28 February called Regi In the Mix and his friends on Arena Hasselt. More infos here

Kate Ryan On the 6th of February 2009 will be on MIA's (Music Industry Awards). Kate Ryan is nominated in 3 categories: Best Female Solo Artist, Best Song (Ella Elle L'a) and Best Video (Ella Elle L'a). You can vote until the 26th of January on Mia (1. Make your choice 2. Confirm ("bevestig") by registration 3. Validate by email)
Info Kate Ryan Website

September released on 14th November a new material called "September Gold". On that album are all her success with 2 acoustic versions of "Cry for you & Satellites".
More infos here

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Niki French After Indra, Niki French is trying her success in the play "Sleeping Beauty" at The Theatre,Chipping Norton,Oxfordshire.