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Leticia Passion Fruit

Leticia (Passion Fruitt) released this days a new single called "Fiesta Pistolero", the tune can be found on itunes. Leticia Spormann was born in Cuba and in 1990 moved to Germany to make a music career there she meet Passion Fruitt producers to give voice and like other many projects Leticia was not choosen to be the face .... only the voice ...
"Fiesta Pistolero" was made in collaboration with Mauro and was released on itunes on September 6th. More details here.

Passion Fruit, Guru Josh Project, Ak Swift

Leticia Pareja-Padron the one who was behind, and the voice of Bubblegum Dance group, Passion Fruit, release a new version of the hit "The Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song 2010". The single was oficial release on April 6th and it's from Leticia solo album "Summer feeling". The tune can be found here.

Guru Josh Project It's been along time from Guru Josh Project last release, now they are back with "Frozen Teardrops 2010" the tune made with Lauren Rose and release on beatport on August 10 on Club Sessions compilation.

Ak Swift lead rapper of eurodance act Magic Affair will start a tour in Europe, more details about the show you can find here .